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Recap / Dragons Riders Of Berk S 5 E 3 Follow The Leader

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While Fishlegs is the interim leader of the Dragon Riders whenever Hiccup and Astrid are out on patrol, he has trouble making the others respect his authority, leading to him discovering an underground community of Albino Night Terrors that wants to make him their leader and won't let him go.


  • Art Shift: Fishlegs' dream sequence is almost entirely in 2D animation. The only thing still in 3D is him.
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  • Call-Back: The riders have to ward off the Albino Night Terrors with sound the way Gobber taught them in the first film.
  • Cool Sword: Fishlegs finds an ancient sword covered in runes in a cave. He doesn't know what it means, but he and Hiccup agree that it's really cool.
  • Dream Sequence: Fishlegs dreams about Hiccup becoming Chief of Berk and thus naming Fishlegs the new leader of the Dragon Riders.
  • Loud of War: The cave Night Terrors are sensitive to loud sounds, and Fishlegs uses to fight them off.
  • No Respect Guy: Hiccup and Astrid (barely) have the ability to command the team. Fishlegs does not, with Snotlout and the twins laughing when he tries to give them orders. The crux of the plot is Fishlegs trying to find a team that respects his leadership.
  • Red Herring: A lot of attention is given to the sword and writing Fishlegs finds in the cave and he spends a good amount of time being fascinated by the question of the origins of both, giving the impression they hold some information or secret he and Hiccup will uncover that will be important later. Nope — neither of them are ever mentioned again.
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  • Suddenly Voiced: In Fishlegs' dream, Gothi suddenly talks about how attractive he is.

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