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A sinister force is causing changes throughout history: key events in the life of Goku, and the battles that he fought, are being altered for the worse. Trunks, a member of the Time Patrol, along with the Supreme Kai of Time, enact a bold plan to save history: gather the Dragon Balls, and make a wish upon Shenron for an ally with the power to set history right.

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    Saiyan Saga 
Upon being brought to Tokitoki City via the wish to Shenron, the Future Warrior is attacked by Trunks. After a brief sparring match, Trunks explains that he is a member of Time Patrol, an organization dedicated to protecting history and correcting any attempts to alter it. In the Time Vault, housed in the Time Nest, which houses scrolls depicting events from throughout history, Trunks shows one such alteration being made:

Raditz is pinned down by Goku as Piccolo launches his Special Beam Cannon. Raditz, however, gains a sudden increase in his power, allowing him to break free from Goku's grasp. Goku is hit by the Special Beam Cannon and killed, and Raditz kills Piccolo immediately afterwards.

Such a change to history could prove disastrous to the universe, thus Trunks tasks the Future Warrior with going back in time and setting history back on track.

As Raditz fends off Goku and Piccolo, Gohan breaks free from the space pod he was being kept in and launches himself headlong at Raditz. A sudden spike in power allows Raditz to evade Gohan, and he counterattacks immediately. Thankfully, the Future Warrior arrives in time to protect Gohan, and teams up with Goku and Piccolo to wear down Raditz until Goku can hold him in place for long enough for Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon to hit them. Goku and Raditz die as a result of the attack, as the history of their battle dictates.

    Return of the Saiyans Saga 
Later, another alteration to history emerges: in it, Vegeta and Nappa receive a power boost while in their Great Ape forms, and as a result, kill all of the Z-Warriors before Goku can arrive. When Goku does arrive, he is at a decisive disadvantage...

The Future Warrior arrives as the Z-Warriors are contending with Nappa's Saibamen, which not only also received power boosts, but also came in stronger variations. The Future Warrior manages to fend off the Saibamen: even though Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu die, their deaths are part of the history of the world. Nappa eventually steps in and kills Piccolo, and the Future Warrior fends off the super-powered Saiyan, protecting Gohan and Krillin until Goku finally arrives.

Nappa is eventually felled by the Future Warrior, and when the fight between Goku and Vegeta turns in Goku's favor, Vegeta transforms into a Great Ape, his power further increased by mysterious means. The Future Warrior manages to subdue Vegeta long enough for Krillin to sever his tail with a Destructo-Disc, halting Vegeta's transformation and weakening him enough that he can be defeated.

Krillin prepares to kill Vegeta as he retreats, but the Future Warrior intercedes: Vegeta must survive in order for history to be corrected.

Upon returning to the Time Nest, Trunks introduces the Future Warrior to the Supreme Kai of Time, the deity who oversees history, and her bird companion Tokitoki. The Supreme Kai of Time explains that two time travelers are the source of the changes to history, but who they are and their reasons for altering history are, as of yet, unknown.

    Ginyu Force Saga 
Another change in history emerges, this time from the battles that took place on Planet Namek: in it, Captain Ginyu manages to perform a body-swap on Vegeta and kills him. With the vast reserves of power in the Saiyan prince's body, and the Ginyu Force by his side, Ginyu manages to overwhelm Goku and perform a body-swap on him, then kills him with a Kamehameha.

The Future Warrior appears as Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin are ready to square off against the Ginyu Force. Goku eventually arrives and helps to turn the tide of battle in favor of his allies, but Ginyu is poised to perform his body-changing attack. Jeice, however, accidentally knocks the Future Warrior in front of Goku, causing Ginyu to mistakenly swap bodies with the Future Warrior. Goku figures out a way to use this unfortunate happenstance in their favor: the Future Warrior, in Ginyu's body, could sneak into Frieza's spaceship and retake the Namekain Dragon Balls.

Aboard the spaceship, the Future Warrior teams up with Gohan and Krillin to take the Dragon Balls while fending off Frieza's soldiers and Guldo. Goku and Ginyu (still in the Future Warrior's body) eventually arrive near Frieza's ship, and when Ginyu attempts a body-swap on Goku, the Future Warrior intercepts the attack and returns to their body. Ginyu later manages to swap bodies with Goku, but at this point, history is back on track. Goku manages to retake his body not long after, and when Ginyu attempts to swap bodies with Vegeta, Goku tosses a Namekian frog into the path of the attack, trapping Ginyu in the frog's body and spelling the end of the Ginyu Force.

Before the Future Warrior can return to the Time Nest, however, they are confronted by the source of the changes in history: Towa, a sorceress from the Demon Realm, and Mira, an artificial warrior of her creation. They are attempting to make changes in history and steal energy to allow them to conquer and unseal the Demon Realm. The Future Warrior and Mira duke it out, but Mira concludes that the Future Warrior is too weak, and he and Mira retreat.

    Frieza Saga 
Towa soon creates another change in history: she powers Frieza up so he attains his Final Form early. Frieza goes on to kill Piccolo and Krillin, and is about to do the same to Gohan. Goku rescues his son from certain doom, but he hasn't had enough time to recover from his injuries from fighting Ginyu...

The Future Warrior arrives as Frieza blows his top following the Namekian Dragon Balls losing their power and his hopes for gaining eternal life being dashed. During the battle, Frieza skips through his transformations and attains his Final Form. Goku arrives after recovering from his injuries, and attacks Frieza with a Spirit Bomb, setting history right again. From there, it's a simple matter of helping Goku weaken Frieza, who is getting a power boost from time alterations on top of his 100% Final Form, for long enough for the Namekian Eternal Dragon to be summoned.

Towa and Mira's absence from the battle, however, is puzzling. The Supreme Kai of Time starts to think that others with the power to alter history are at play...

    Cell Saga 
An alteration in history results in Cell gaining a massive power boost in his fight against Gohan. With Goku and the other Z-Warriors dead at the hands of a super-powered Hercule, and Gohan unable to attain Super Saiyan 2, Cell manages to defeat Gohan...

The Future Warrior arrives as Hercule tries, in vain, to fight Cell. Before Cell can kill Hercule, the Future Warrior knocks him out of the way and squares off against Cell. Hercule soon gains a massive power boost and continues to try to fight Cell. As Goku and Cell duel, the Future Warrior fights against Hercule, who is a key person in history and whose death could prove disastrous. Eventually, Hercule is rendered unable to fight, and Gohan steps up to fight Cell.

Cell then creates Cell Juniors to fight against the other Z-Warriors, in the hopes of enraging Gohan enough to transform into a Super Saiyan 2. Towa intervenes, giving Gohan a massive power boost and transforming him into a Super Saiyan 2. Trunks manages to pinpoint Towa and Mira's location, and he and the Future Warrior square off against them. Eventually, Towa calls for Mira to retreat, having gotten enough power from their interference in the Cell Games for the time being.

Towa's departure causes Gohan to lose his Super Saiyan 2 form as Cell, who had attempted to self-destruct and destroy the Earth, failed due to Goku's sacrifice, and returned, more powerful than before due to his near-death experience strengthening his Saiyan cells. The Future Warrior fights alongside Gohan and helps him destroy Cell once and for all.


    Android Saga 
After returning to the Time Nest, another alteration in time appears: Future Trunks returns to the future, only to be killed by Androids 17 and 18, who overpowered and overwhelmed Trunks. Since Future Trunks would've gone on to join the Time Patrol, this causes Trunks to begin to vanish in front of the Supreme Kai of Time and the Future Warrior.

The Future Warrior goes to Future Trunks's timeline and helps him destroy the Androids, but their efforts prove insufficient: Time Patrol Trunks is still being erased from history. Towa taunts the Future Warrior, telling them that she made another alteration to time. As all hope seems lost, a mysterious figure appears before the Future Warrior, promising to help them save Trunks. He sends the Time Patroller to the source of the alteration, but not before leaving a brand on their hand...

Future Trunks has just returned to his timeline, only to be attacked by Cell, who not only received a power boost from Towa, but managed to absorb Androids 17 and 18, attaining his perfect form. The Future Warrior arrives in time to help Trunks and destroy Cell, thus ensuring Time Patrol Trunks's continued existence.

The matter is resolved, but the Supreme Kai of Time is troubled by the mysterious figure who aided the Future Warrior...

    Majin Buu Saga 
History is altered such that as Goku fights against Majin Buu as a Super Saiyan 3, Buu gains a power boost that allows him to duplicate himself and overwhelm Goku. Towa's interference could prove troublesome: since she was the younger sister of Dabura, who served under Babidi and was killed by Buu, she could seek revenge.

The Future Warrior goes to the battle to stop Towa and Mira. They fight against Mira, and this time, manages to completely destroy Mira, forcing Towa to retreat. With Towa and Mira out of the picture, the Future Warrior goes to aid Goku. Trunks manages to convince Buu to stop destroying and killing for long enough for Goten and this timeline's Trunks to master the art of Fusion.

Upon returning to the Time Nest, the brand on the Future Warrior's hand begins to give off a menacing glow. The Supreme Kai of Time manages to remove the brand and contain the explosion it sets off. The Supreme Kai of Time recognizes the brand as the mark of the Demon God Demigra, who appears before the heroes and demands Tokitoki. Trunks attacks him, but Demigra was only projecting an image of himself from his prison within the Crack of Time.

Millions of years ago, the Supreme Kai of Time fought Demigra, defeated him, and sealed him in the Crack of Time. Demigra, however, has gained the ability to manipulate time, and has been using his powers to erode the seal on his prison, so that he can escape. His power manifests as another alteration in time, one where he possesses Piccolo and forces him to kill Goten and a young Trunks while Super Buu gains a power boost during his fight with Gohan and destroys the Earth.

The Future Warrior arrives at Kami's lookout and fights against Piccolo and Demigra. They are able to save Piccolo from Demigra's control by attacking him until the spell broke. Demigra is forced into retreat, and the Future Warrior brings him to aid Gohan against Super Buu. During the battle, Super Buu suddenly transforms into Kid Buu, and destroys the Earth. Almost everyone dies as a result, but Goku, Vegeta, and Hercule manage to escape to the safety of the World of the Kais.

Buu appears, and the Future Warrior aids Vegeta in fending off Buu as Goku charges power for a Spirit Bomb. Eventually, Goku manages to complete the Spirit Bomb, and uses it to destroy Buu.

    God of Destruction Saga 
It seems that all is well, with all of the changes to history corrected. Unfortunately, Demigra has an ace up his sleeve: he travels to the era when Beerus, the God of Destruction, arrived on Earth. The Future Warrior arrives in the time period and fends off Beerus after he loses his temper following his inability to sample pudding.

The era continues mostly unaltered until Goku and Beerus's fight comes to an end in orbit above Earth. Beerus suddenly appears to be possessed by Demigra and prepares to destroy the Earth, only to turn his attack on Demigra, having only pretended to be possessed. The Future Warrior teams up with the God of Destruction to drive off the Demon God.

Beerus and his retainer, Whis, arrive at the Time Nest afterwards. Beerus is angered at Demigra's attempt to control him and wants to destroy him, but Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time beg him to reconsider, since the collateral damage from such a fight could be disastrous. Whis proposes testing them to see if they can defeat Demigra, and the four proceed to have a sparring match. Beerus believes Trunks and the Future Warrior are strong enough to fight Demigra, and agrees to leave the fight to them while he has a nap.

    Demon God Demigra Saga 
Demigra launches one last attempt at breaking free from his prison. He uses his power to resurrect Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, and sics them on the Earth, giving them all power boosts. Goku appears during the melee and lends his aid, helping the Future Warrior defeat them all. They are then attacked by Gohan, Vegeta, and Gotenks, all possessed by Demigra, and manage to break them free from their spells.

Demigra then appears in Tokitoki City, free from his prison. He seals and devours Tokitoki, gaining a massive power boost. The Future Warrior goes to fight the Demon God, who has also possessed Trunks. Goku appears, thankfully immune to Demigra's control thanks to his previous transformation into a Super Saiyan God, and manage to drive off Demigra.

Demigra retreats to the Time Vault and prepares to destroy it, in doing so completely destroying the universe so he can remake it in his image. He subdues the Future Warrior and Goku.

As all hope seems lost, the Future Warrior hears Tokitoki chirp, and awakens in a strange void, a time scroll nearby depicting Demigra's destruction of the Time Vault. They use the scroll to arrive before the Time Vault can be destroyed, freeing Goku so he can fend off Demigra's attack, then pursues Demigra into the Crack of Time.

Enraged at the Future Warrior's continued interference, Demigra transforms into his final form and attacks. The Future Warrior, however, manages to overpower and destroy the Demon God, rescuing Tokitoki and saving history.

As Beerus and Whis talk about the final battle, the God of Destruction having watched the battle instead of taking his nap, Goku bids his farewells to Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time before returning to his original timeline. Meanwhile, Towa finds a small piece of organic material: the remains of Mira from his fight with the Future Warrior. She promises to rebuild him and make him even more powerful...

    Legendary Super Saiyan Saga 
Distortions in history begin to appear as a result of a wormhole, an interdimensional tunnel, created by Demigra. The Future Warrior is sent to Planet Vegeta in the past, during Bardock's last stand against Frieza. The Future Warrior works with Bardock to fend off Frieza's super-powered soldiers before Frieza joins the fray, a deviation from history since Frieza originally didn't bother to fight Bardock.

Eventually, Frieza creates a massive energy ball and sends it towards Planet Vegeta. Bardock is swallowed up by the wormhole moments before he should've been vaporized by the attack.

Distortions then begin to appear in another point in time, this time from the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly's appearance on Earth several years later. The already powerful Broly is strengthened even further by distortions in history. Eventually, the wormhole appears again and whisks away Broly.

Both Bardock and Broly end up being transported to Namek, during Goku's battle with Frieza. Broly attacks Bardock, mistaking him for Goku; while Bardock fights to prevent Broly from interfering with Goku's fight with Frieza. Eventually, both Saiyans, along with the Future Warrior, are transported to Earth as a result of Dende's wish to the Namekian Eternal Dragon to take everyone on Namek except for Goku and Frieza to Earth.

On Earth, Bardock finds Vegeta, who initially mistakes him for Goku. Bardock has Vegeta use a Power Ball to allow Bardock to transform into a Great Ape, so he can fight against Broly. Vegeta is consumed with fear at Broly at first, but after seeing the Future Warrior and a low-class Saiyan stand up to him, joins the fray.

Broly is eventually defeated. The distortions in history created by the wormhole are corrected, but the wormhole continues to prove worrisome...


    GT Saga 
Distortions in history appear once more, this time appearing in an alternate history that had been accidentally created as a result of Trunks's time-travel. In this history, which takes place after the battles with Majin Buu, an artificial lifeform known as Baby appears on Earth and places the planet's strongest warriors under his thrall as he plots to destroy Earth and rebuild the Tuffle homeworld and population.

The Future Warrior appears as this timeline's Trunks is possessed by Baby and attacks Pan. The Future Warrior manages to rescue Trunks from Baby's mind control, but is attacked by Baby, who has become a Great Ape. Eventually, Goku appears, having transformed into a Super Saiyan 4 with the help of Pan. The Future Warrior manages to beat back Baby with the aid of Goku, but Baby is swallowed up by the wormhole.

More distortions appear later in this history. The Future Warrior arrives in a time when Earth and Hell were linked together, causing villains who had died and gone to Hell to invade Earth. The Future Warrior fights off Frieza's soldiers and a revived Ginyu Force (this time lead by Nappa) with the aid of Trunks, but is ambushed by Hell Fighter 17, a duplicate of Android 17 created in Hell to merge with the original Android 17 to form Super 17. With Hell Fighter 17 strengthened by the temporal distortions, Trunks fears that Super 17 may prove too powerful.

The Future Warrior fights against Hell Fighter 17, but he manages to find the original 17 and fuses with him to form Super 17. Thankfully, Goku appears. Before they can defeat Super 17, however, he, too, is swallowed by the wormhole.

Yet more distortions turn up further into the future of the timeline, this time during the period when the Shadow Dragons, malevolent beings born from the negative energy built up by overuse of the Dragon Balls, ravaged the Earth. The Future Warrior comes to the aid of Goku and Pan to help them fight off two of the Shadow Dragons, Nuova Shenron and Eis Shenron. Both are defeated, but are absorbed by Omega Shenron.

Vegeta appears, having become a Super Saiyan 4 himself, and he fuses with Goku to form Gogeta in order to fight Omega Shenron. However, the Future Warrior, Gogeta, and Omega Shenron are swallowed by a wormhole and transported into the same area with Baby and Super 17. Demigra's plan was to place Goku in a hopeless fight against three of the most powerful and evil villains in any history. However, with the Future Warrior on Gogeta's side, all three villains are defeated.

Trunks appears to help correct the distortions and, after exchanging a few words with a proud Vegeta, returns to the Time Nest with the Future Warrior. As a reward for stopping a crisis that would destroy the universe, the Supreme Kai of Time offers to cook a banquet. The Future Warrior is excited for the meal...until Trunks warns him that her cooking has proven to be as destructive as a Shadow Dragon.


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