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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 60 Part 1

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"Ugh… now you're just embarrassing us both. Seriously, how hard is it to piss off an eleven year old?! You should be a stomping mess from me taking a toy away and meanwhile your friends and family are being beaten into mulch and all you can do is… cry? And now he's crying?! Are you serious?! That's it! Kids, put your toys away, we're going home! And to be clear, I mean 'Kill them all so I can blow up this shithole and find something better to do'! Waste of my f&$%ing Sunday."
Perfect Cell

Original Airdate: August 31, 2018
The danger has been multiplied.

As Gohan battles Cell pathetically, the monster grows bored and decides to go pummel other things. With Goku and his friends on the edge of death’s door, can Gohan finally awaken his terrible power and defeat Cell once and for all? Will that even be enough?

It's like every trope I've ever seen fused into one, cloned itself, f@$%#d the clone, and made these!!

  • Actor Allusion: Six of the Cell Jr. clones are named after people who have played Cell in the various dubs, including the original Japanese, all English versions, and DBZA voice actor Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott himself.
    • And Vegeta Jr. Jr. sounds like Nappa. Nappa is also voiced in DBZA by Takahata101.
  • Actual Pacifist: Gohan's nature is horrendously deconstructed during Part 1, as his outright refusal to fight because of his anger threatening to hurt people has made people think he's a coward.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal:
    Jimmy Firecracker: It looks like Cell's gone full septo-mom, with seven sinister spawn! Mr. Satan, do you have a plan to deal with these terrifying toddlers, these chilling children, these prepubescent predators!
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  • Batman Gambit: Surprisingly, Goku of all people managed to pull this off: He purposely poked Vegeta's ego and let him and Trunks go into the time chamber first because he knew that if he and Gohan went first, they'd have just killed Cell immediately while if Vegeta came out first, his ego would cause him to screw up and let Cell attain his Perfect Form. Then while Vegeta and Trunks were still in there, he appeared before Semi-Perfect Cell just long enough to tease him with the idea of a death battle knowing that due to having Saiyan DNA in him, Cell would be too tempted to test his strength out against Goku instead of just nuking the planet right away. All of this to push Gohan to become his successor because, as he puts it: "One day, death is just gonna… stick, you know?" The only reason it doesn't work is because he failed to realize that Gohan's not a fighter.
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  • Berserk Button: As the fight goes on, Cell reveals that Gohan is one for him, from his words to his actions (and lack thereof).
  • Big "NO!": Krillin when Cell destroys Android 16.
  • Bizarre Alien Reproduction: Just like in the source material, Cell is able to create duplicates of himself to fight the Z-fighters although the scene in question is both much darker and much funnier.
    Cell: Goku, I've decided that your insistence on fighting your progeny would be best returned in kind. So behold! My children... Norio, Dameon, Travis, Curtis, Dale and Jonathan… Oh! and of course… Vegeta Jr Jr!
    Vegeta Jr Jr: (in a creepy Nappa-like voice) Veegeetaa.
    Vegeta: It's like every nightmare I've ever had fused into one, cloned itself, f@$%#d the clone, and made those!!invoked
    Piccolo: That is... terrifyingly accurate!
  • Brick Joke:
    • When Krillin and Vegeta bring up "Team Three Star," a confused Yamcha wonders if that's supposed to be a club of some sort and asks to join, only to be shot down by both of them. Later, when Cell steals Krillin's Senzu Beans, Goku comments that it's all their faults, prompting this exchange:
      Piccolo: I have done literally nothing wrong.
      Tien: Yeah, join the club.
      Yamcha: So there is a club.
  • Call-Back:
    • The episode begins with Jimmy Firecracker commenting that ZTV does not condone child violence.
    • When Cell fires a Death Beam at Gohan, Krillin notes that it's the same attack Freeza used to kill Vegeta. When Vegeta points out how Freeza blew Krillin up in retaliation, Krillin shouts out "Team Three Star!"
    • While Cell is crushing Gohan in a bear hug, his ribs squeak just like his father's do.
    • Krillin refuses to give Goku a Senzu Bean when he asks for one to help out Gohan against Cell, obviously still mad about Goku not only giving a Senzu Bean to Cell, but stealing his "Senzu Bean!" Catchphrase in the previous episode.
    • Krillin once again refers to Android 16 as "Bro-bot."
    • One of the Cell Jrs is named "Vegeta Jr Jr". It even talks exactly like Nappa.
    • One of the Cell Juniors breaks Yamcha's arm while having the same, "Please don't break my arm," exchange Piccolo had with one of Slug's mooks in Lord Slug Abridged.
  • Character Check: Goku's Batman Gambit is more in line with the pre-TFS Neighborhood Cluck abridged movies version of the character, who was smarter and more of a Jerkass, than the Idiot Hero we know and love.
  • Cliffhanger: Part 1 ends with Gohan having reached Super Saiyan 2.
  • Comically Missing the Point: In regards to Goku's plan to have Gohan become his successor, Piccolo says the ends don't justify the means. Goku retorts with "YOU'RE mean!".
  • Dead Guy Junior: One of the Cell Jrs is named after one of the Saibamen that Vegeta blew up in Episode 7.
  • Didn't Think This Through:
    • Goku's plan has some solid points, but Piccolo points out some glaring holes in it, including the fact that he allowed Vegeta and Trunks to go first because he knew Vegeta would screw up and incorrectly assuming that Gohan loved fighting as much as he does.
    • When Cell becomes disgusted with Gohan's pacifist nature, he decides to take out his anger on the rest of the Z-Fighters to show what a coward he is before killing Android 16 in cold blood. He has no idea just how much pent up anger Gohan has in him.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": When Goku tells everyone that they have "Cell Jr.s incoming!" Vegeta quickly shouts out that he's not calling them that!
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Cell once again shows that while he is a horrific, evil, abomination of science and nature, there are some things and actions even he find offensive. Examples being:
    • Gohan's pacifistic nature coming off as less about morals and more like outright cowardice. Cell notes in a tone dripping with anger and disgust that for all of the weaknesses and flaws of the other fighters, they're still out there fighting for themselves and the world.
      Cell: That right there. That is why I despise you! Do you know what they all have in common? The Saiyans might be fools, the humans might be weak, and the Namekian might not belong but they're still out there fighting! Not just for their lives, but for this dung hill of a world!
      Krillin gets kicked down to the ground
      Cell: You see?! Even Krillin's doing his best!
      Krillin: Thanks for noticing! (Cell Jr kicks him, causing the "Krillin Owned" meter to go up) agh!.. I really try!
      Cell: But none of them, boy… Not. A. One. Shares that trait with you so vile it makes me want to wretch! You, Gohan, are a coward!
      Gohan: No! I'm just a pacifist!
      Cell: So, a coward patting himself on the back! Congratulations, Pint-size, you can stand proud next to the bodies.
    • While he doesn't stop it, Cell remarks that Yamcha doesn't deserve to be repeatedly and literally kicked while he's down.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: 16 calls Gohan out on this during his "The Reason You Suck" Speech, claiming that just because the circumstances by which Gohan was made to fight Cell aren't fair, it doesn't justify the fact that Gohan is still the only one who can stop Cell, and is doing nothing.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Android 16's dying wish is that after defeating Cell, Gohan would pick up his head and use it to beat Goku to death with it.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Android 16 attempts this by locking Cell in an embrace and setting off his self-destruct sequence. It's foiled when he discovers that Bulma removed his bomb during repairs.
  • Idiot Ball: Piccolo points out how much of a total idiot Goku has been in not realizing that Gohan doesn't like to fight, all while trying to groom him into the next defender of Earth, causing Goku to suffer a moment of intense remorse.
  • If I Can't Have You... / The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: This is 16's reason for attempting to blow up Cell with his nuclear bomb: if he can't kill Goku, than nobody else will get that opportunity.
  • Irony: Despite Gohan’s pacifism being treated as the major flaw in Goku’s plan, even Cell and Android 16 end up agreeing how much of a problem it is. In their case, for Gohan himself. After the following events result in him becoming a Super Saiyan 2, this indirectly causes Goku’s plan to start working again in a different way.
  • It Has Been an Honor: When it looks like 16 is about to go nuclear to take out Cell, Jimmy asked his cameraman to say his catchphrase one more time in the face of death.
  • Meaningful Name: "Mitosis" (the process of cell division) references Cell giving birth to his Cell Juniors.
  • Mythology Gag: When Cell is giving "birth" to his children, Piccolo wonders "where's the egg", obviously referring to the way King Piccolo gave birth to his own children, including Piccolo himself.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • After Piccolo breaks down the flaw in Goku's plan and everyone, including Cell, agrees with it. He flat out admits he made a terrible mistake.
    • Cell's expression screams this when Gohan finally snaps and achieves Super Saiyan 2 after Cell kills Android 16.
  • The Paragon: As Goku explain to Piccolo, he knows he's going to die one day and it's gonna stick, so he wants Gohan to take over. Unfortunately, he seriously does not realize how much of a pacifist Gohan is.
  • Pet the Dog: Keeping with the theme throughout the Cell Games: While watching one of his Cell Juniors kicking Yamcha, Cell's internal monologue sounds conflicted. He thinks Yamcha doesn't deserve it, but still finds it funny.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Cell just won't stop pushing Gohan and keeps kicking the dog trying to get Gohan to reveal his true power. After he destroys Android 16, Gohan's had enough.
  • Rage Quit: Cell is very upset that Gohan just won't get angry. He orders the Cell Jrs. to kill all the Z-fighters so he can blow the planet up already.
  • Reality Ensues: Twice over, both with Gohan:
    • The episode is the culmination of Gohan's pacifist nature. He knows he has a terrible power that comes with his anger, but he refuses to unleash it because people can get hurt. It's implied he's been holding back because of it and that it might just stem from Goku not being around and Chi-Chi's My Beloved Smother antics. Android 16 eventually tells Gohan off for it as people are getting killed because of his determination to stick to his guns.
    • As well, Gohan tries to warn Cell about said anger. Cell, being so much of a Blood Knight that it goes into Domestic Abuse levels of creepiness, just gleefully tries to stomp on that button, then turns his attention to the others when Gohan refuses to budge.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Android 16 gives a long and painful one to Gohan over his pacifist nature:
    Android 16: Grow. Up. You act like you are the only one suffering, but I believe Trunks has some stories for you. And I can assume they all end with, "And then he died, too." And before you start whining about your father, again - and I get it - take a moment to consider that my father made me a soulless killing machine to kill your father. And that doesn't even come close to the complete tragedy of fatherhood that is Vegeta.
    Cell was right. You think you're better than everyone else, but there you stand: the good man doing nothing. And while evil triumphs, and your rigid pacifism crumbles into bloodstained dust, the only victory afforded to you is that you stuck to your guns: you were a coward, to your very last whimper.
    Of fear and love, I fear not that I will die, but that all that I have come to love - the birds, and the things that are not birds - will perish with me. So please, Gohan. Stop holding back.
    And hey, if we do make it out of this, please pick up my head and beat your father to death with--
  • Running Gag:
    • Characters mockingly repeating whatever the person they're addressing just said and adding "That's you" at the end.
    • When Android 16 dies, Cell notes to Gohan that he likely didn't have a soul. This is a reference to the "soulless machine" joke that began in Episode 38.
  • Running Gagged:
    • Gohan finally learns how to dodge.
    • According to KaiserNeko in the Episode Breakdown, Piccolo and Goku's reactions to Cell lampshading Piccolo's status as Gohan's Parental Substitute is a subtle way of killing the "Goku is a bad father and Piccolo is Gohan's real dad" joke.
  • Screaming Birth: When Cell gives birth to the Cell Jr's, it's portrayed as this. There was actually much more originally written, but it was cut down for time.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Before explaining his true power to Cell, Gohan mentions that he knows why his father "threw (him) to the wolves." Cell replies if it's because he'll huff and puff and blow him down.
    • Before Goku explains his Batman Gambit to Piccolo, he says "All according to cake."
    • After Cell takes the Senzu Beans from Krillin, he jumps up in the air to the springboard sound effect from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Android 16 invokes Marvin the Martian when his attempt to self-destruct with Cell fails:
      Android 16: Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be a Cell-shattering kaboom!
    • Upon witnessing the birth of the Cell Jrs, Krillin quotes Dr. Ian Malcom's "Life finds a way."
    • All of the Cell Jrs sans Vegeta Jr. Jr. are named after Cell's voice actors in the original Japanese version, the Funimation dub, the Ocean dub, the Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout dub, the Dragon Ball Fighter Z dub, and DBZ Abridged itself.
    • Gohan and Cell trade lyrics from Linkin Park, including One Step Closer and In the End:
      Cell: You had your chance kid, and in the end, it didn't even matter.
  • Straw Loser: Yamcha as usual. Cell admits that watching him get pummeled by a Cell Jr. is pretty cruel even for him, but still thinks it's funny.
  • Taking You with Me: Android 16 attempts with this Cell before realizing that Bulma removed the explosive device tied to his self-destruct sequence.
  • Theme Naming: All but one of the Cell Jrs are named after Cell's various voice actors.
  • Torture Is Ineffective: Zig-zagged, but ultimately subverted by Cell in regards to Gohan. He quickly realizes that physical torture won't be enough to force Gohan to snap... so he decides he has to instead employ emotional torture by killing all of his friends and family right in front of him one after another, while he's powerless to stop him. However, while this makes Gohan try (pathetically) to force himself to snap, it ends up being ineffective, and it takes 16's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to get him there.
  • Wham Line: "Why do you think Gohan and I went into the Time Chamber after Vegeta and Trunks?" note 
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Piccolo continues to chew out Goku over his decision to get Gohan involved. This comes to a head when Goku claims that Gohan is the only one who could take over for him as protector of the Earth, only for Piccolo to practically scream that Gohan doesn't like fighting. He then berates Goku over being an absentee father who doesn't know what his own son's interests are, and the others corroborate with him on this.
    • Master Roshi chews out Bulma for removing the bomb in Android 16 in the first place. In Bulma's own defense, though, she points out that 16 would try to use it to kill Goku the moment he laid eyes on him.

"I'd say he's gone to a better place, but… we both know he never had a soul."

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