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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 47

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Android 17: I thought you were only programmed to kill Goku.
Android 16: This "Cell" is comprised of 10.78% of Son Goku's DNA. These parameters are acceptable.

Original Airdate: May 12, 2015
Cell's Omnicidal Maniac tendencies run afoul of Android 16's desire to kill Son Goku.

Piccolo and Android 17's fight is interrupted by Cell's sudden appearance. Cell manages to absolutely trounce the two in combat, but before he can absorb 17, Android 16 steps in to fight in his stead. Despite being able to hold his own against the genetic monstrosity, Cell manages to seize a moment of weakness and absorbs 17, transforming into his semi-perfect form as the episode ends.

Meanwhile, conflicted over his feelings towards Android 18, Krillin sets out to meet Bulma halfway and take her detonator for the androids. Tien, however, becomes fed up with waiting and rushes off towards the fight.


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  • Big Damn Heroes: Cell has throughly trounced Piccolo and has 17 in his grasp and brags about killing everyone on earth "Even the mighty Goku" once he's perfect. 16 has issues with that.
  • Call-Back: Several:
    • Android 16 ripping off Cell's tail is taken almost word-for-word from a similar scene in Lord Slug Abridged.
    • Roshi's reason for not joining the fight is the same as Yajirobe's earlier, but replacing "fat" with "old."
    • Piccolo almost pulls out the "Nail Gun" from a previous episode's stinger, but Cell snaps his neck before he can perform it.
    • Krillin tells Chi-Chi that she is a "beautiful woman who lives in Goku's house", which is what Goku referred to her as while dreaming in the Revenge of Cooler special.
    • Cell references Freeza's infamous "five minutes" line about how much time Goku had left before Namek was destroyed.
  • Deadpan Snarker: With a bit of Gallows Humor thrown in with the first exchange between Cell and 16.
    Cell: What are you made of, pure metal?!
    Android 16: Affirmative. I am Android 16.
    Cell: Oh. ...errors have been made.
    • And then there's this little gem right before 16 blasts Cell with the Hell Flash attack.
      Cell: Hold on! Now I see a light.
      Android 16: WALK TOWARDS IT!
  • Didn't See That Coming: Cell never expected to fight against an actual Android, and is surprised when his attempt to absorb 16 fails.
  • Double Entendre: Cell is filled with them, leading to the "STOP IT" Running Gag mentioned below.
  • Dramatic Irony: Cell's comment about Piccolo dying "alone" despite the Namekian's fusion with both Nail and Kami.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Gohan is shocked when his father gives him a coherent reason that he shouldn't go fight Cell:
    Gohan: I'll kill him! I'll f*cking kill him!
    Goku: You can't! Cell is too strong for you.
    Gohan: Mr. Piccolo would let me go!
    Goku: No, he wouldn't. And he's smarter than me.
    Gohan: I- wow, okay, that's...actually a good point.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: Android 16 professes that he's fallen for the beauty of the Earth, and thinks of 17 and 18 as True Companions. The latter two are touched and vow to change their ways. Then, Cell sneaks up on 17 and absorbs him...
  • Insistent Terminology: If you've been paying attention, you noticed that 17 and 18 are only referred to as cyborgs (at least, by those who know better) while 16 is called an android. In this episode that becomes plot-relevant; Cell cannot absorb a purely metal being.
  • It Has Been an Honor: Nail professes this to Kami and Piccolo as they drown in the ocean.
  • Loophole Abuse: The reason Android 16 chooses to fight Cell is because he indeed contains some of Goku's DNA.
  • No-Sell: More of a no-Cell: Cell calmly walks right into Piccolo's Light Grenade, and rises from the water completely unscathed afterwards.
    • Cell trying to absorb 16 fails since 16 is completely metal.
  • Running Gag: Cell being as creepy as possible and 17 / Piccolo / 18 / 16 yelling "Stop it!"
    • And again, with Tien, after he flies off to join the fight against Cell:
      Master Roshi: I can never read that guy.
  • Shout-Out: After regenerating his tail, Cell has this to say:
    Cell: But if it's any consolation, that hurt like Hell.
    • Nail telling Piccolo and Kami that it "has been a privilege fighting" with them is one to the 1997 Titanic. We even begin to hear "Nearer My God to Thee".
  • Tranquil Fury: 16 merely watches as Cell beats on Piccolo, but after he oft-handedly mentions killing Goku, the android is not amused.
    Android 16: Would you care to repeat that, you son of a bitch? [clocks Cell in the face]


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