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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 22

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Freeza: Good Lord! I was lead to believe your species survived almost entirely on water! How is he so fat?!
Guru: Oh, hello. I'm Super Kami Guru. And I'm the guy who is not judging you on your appearance.

Original Airdate: April 16, 2011

While Jeice brings Captain Ginyu to Goku, the heroes split up; Gohan and Krillin to get the Dragon Radar and fetch the Balls from Freeza's ship, and Goku and Vegeta to take on the remaining Ginyu Force members. While Freeza finds Super Kami Guru, Vegeta bails, leaving Goku to face Ginyu alone.


  • Blatant Lies:
    • Upon learning that Ginyu has left the Dragon Balls at Freeza's ship, Vegeta tells Goku he needs to use the restroom "about a hundred miles away." Goku, being the Idiot Hero he is, believes him.
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    • Guru tells Nail that he has faith that Nail can defeat Freeza due to Nail's being "Namek's Number One Son, a prodigy child, trained in the ancient ways," inspiring Nail to get past his initial hesitations and fight Freeza anyway. Upon them leaving, Guru comments "Fool. If I trained him in the new way, he might have stood a chance." While this would normally be a case of I Lied, the fact that it was Guru saying it...
  • Call-Back:
    • Radditz is once again referenced as a form of currency.
    • Just like in Episode 19, Ginyu performs a Stealth Hi on Vegeta, which Vegeta once again returns before doing a Double Take.
    • Goku once again punches Jeice in the face upon him and Captain Ginyu arriving. Ginyu also criticizes Jeice for not dodging like he taught Jeice to.
    • When Jeice implies that Ginyu should use the Body Swap technique on Goku, Ginyu, thinking Jeice is talking about A Date with Rosie Palms, admonishes him, adding that he "already did it in the pod on the way over here", referring to comments Burter and Recoome made during their Seinfeldian Conversation with Jeice on the same subject in Episode 20.
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  • Call-Forward: When Freeza refers to Guru as "Slug", Guru retorts "Leave my brother out of this!", acting as Foreshadowing to The Stinger of Lord Slug Abridged.
  • Description Cut:
    • Ginyu asks Jeice if Recoome died with dignity. Cut to Recoome's corpse with his exposed butt hanging in the air.
      Jeice: Define "dignity," sir.
    • Gohan wonders where Bulma is, to which Krillen suggests she's probably "doing something girly, like her hair." Cut to Bulma in a mech suit underwater fighting giant crabs.
  • Everybody Has Standards: Super Kami Guru is quick to point out that unlike Freeza to him, he isn't judging Freeza based upon his appearance.
  • Evil Plan: Freeza begins plotting on what he's going to do after the Dragon Balls make him immortal:
    Freeza: So, for the first century, I'll go easy on them, lure them into a false sense of security. And then, when they think I'm not so bad, BAM! I'll go full tyrant on them in the second century. After that, I'll disappear for a millennium, and make them wonder if I ever existed to begin with, just to come back and kill them all.
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  • A Father to His Men: Ginyu does not take the deaths of Recoome and Burter well. Guldo...not so much.
  • Let Me Get This Straight...: Vegeta does this upon realizing that Ginyu and Jeice have left the Dragon Balls back at Freeza's ship.
  • Person as Verb: Jeice is a bit indignant at Captain Ginyu implying that he's short. Ginyu replies by telling Jeice not to "go all Vegeta" on him.
  • Sneeze Cut: Krillen tells Vegeta that when one makes a wish on the Dragon Balls, "the sky turns darker than the blackest void." Cut to Mr. Popo back on Earth perking up in reply.
  • Villain Respect: Guru approves of Nail's suggestion that Freeza "work the shaft" when Freeza asks about how to use the Dragon Balls.


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