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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 21

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Jeice: What the bleedin' 'ell? We were havin' a right rip snorter 'ere, and then this piker (cuts briefly to Goku) shows up, and just like that it's "Good night, Irene"!

Original Airdate: February 21, 2011

Goku has finally landed on Planet Namek, and is about to put his training while in space to the test against the Ginyu Force. Unfortunately, he finds Freeza's "elite soldiers" to be "lacking" in providing him with a challenge. Just how strong he has become alarms Vegeta in particular, as it seems he has been surpassed yet again.

Maybe I'll see these tropes if I shake them some more:

  • Adaptational Name Change: Jeice and Burter's combined Purple Comet Attack is renamed "Seizure Procedure" here.
  • Call-Back:
    • The opening includes a Japanese Promotional Consideration spot for Team Four Star Soda and Spacey's.
    • Freeza once again complains about Zarbon wasting credits on long-distance phone calls to his girlfriend.
    • Ginyu shows off a new dance, The Dance of Solitude, which is the same dance as the ones in the previous episode only set to Madonna's "Vogue."
    • Goku credits his new ability to read minds to the muffin button.
    • Burter reminds Jeice that he still owes Burter a space soda, referring to an exchange made by the two of them while calling Recoome's match in the previous episode.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Once again Vegeta reminds us that he's a bad guy by not only killing the defenseless members of the Ginyu Force but then lampshading his own villainy.
    Goku: Vegeta! That's not very paragon!
    Vegeta: (spits) Renegade for life.
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  • Comically Missing the Point: Jeice orders Burter's support to stop Goku from hitting him in the face. Burter responds by listing all of Jeice's positive qualities:
    Burter: Well, you've got nice hair, you're a beautiful shade of red, and you're honestly the only person I can rely on in this team.
    Jeice: AH MEANT PUNCH 'IM, YA DAFT BASTARD!! Ugh! But thanks, y'know, that really cheered me— (gets punched by Goku again) OW! OH, GOD, I THINK HE BROKE SOMETHING THAT TIME!
  • Hidden Depths: Burter knows he isn't the fastest in the universe, but only says it just so he can be special.
  • Mood Whiplash: One moment, Jeice is reassuring Burter of their friendship and the latter's importance in the Ginyu Force, the next, Goku KO's Burter from out of nowhere.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Goku against the Ginyu Force.
  • Overly Long Gag: Goku continuously punching Jeice in the face.
    • Not to mention Jeice's overuse of Larrikinisms, leading to Krillin's reaction in the page quote.
  • Precision F-Strike: Vegeta after learning about Goku's training.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When Goku feeds Gohan a Sensu bean, a green 9999 appears over Gohan's head as a healing "DING!" is heard.
    • When Goku asks Vegeta what happened to him, Vegeta, not wanting to admit to Goku he got beat up by Recoome, takes Ghost Nappa's advice that he "fell down some stairs."
    • Guru compares Dende losing his parents to Batman losing his, and even sings the 60's theme tune with Dende's name replacing Batman's, the final line being his "NAAAAILLLL!" Catchphrase when the latter Namekian enters the room.
    • Burter and Jeice's "Seizure Procedure" attack is done to the classic EDM song "Sandstorm" by Darude.
    • Goku says "STOP! Goku time!" at one point during his fight with Burter and Jeice before blowing them away.
    • Vegeta uses a Renegade Interrupt to kill Burter and Recoome after Goku spared their lives.
    • In The Stinger, Vegeta continues stomping on the dead Burter's guts to the Tetris theme tune.

"Silly Gohan. Animals don't eat people; people eat animals! Silly Gohan."

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