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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 17

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Bulma: Oh my God, he's so hot! I just wanna grab him, and—
Goku: (doing crunches on his ship) Sixty-nine... Seventy... Seventy—
Vegeta: One time, you've defeated me, Zarbon. And that's one time too many.

Original Airdate: August 15, 2010

Zarbon takes Vegeta back to Freeza's ship for some recuperation and interrogation—but Vegeta only sticks around for the former. Stealing Freeza's Dragon Balls, he gets his chance for a rematch when both enemies spot Krillin with Guru's Dragon Ball.

He couldn't handle a shot of raspberry schnapps, much less these tropes:

  • Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?: Vegeta is first relieved that Zarbon didn't do anything to him while he was unconscious, and then starts getting offended, thinking that somehow he's not good enough for Zarbon to molest.
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  • Brain Bleach: Instigated by Ghost Nappa while Vegeta was in the healing pod.
    Ghost Nappa: You are now thinking about what Zarbon did to you while you were unconscious. Have fun with that.
  • Brick Joke: Last mention of Krillin's "alone time" in Episode 13.
    Krillin: I thought you'd be back in the cave.
    Bulma: Well I WOULD if I didn't keep finding puddles of—
    Krillin: Yeah, yeah, I know. In the cave. Get over it.
  • Call-Forward: When Appule dies, he mentions an "Eachpei", saying he's coming for him. Eachpei is actually a character from the Bardock special, which TFS released their version of five months after this episode, and is characterized as Appule's brother.
  • Double Entendre: When Freeza calls the Ginyu Force.
    Freeza: Ginyu! Hurry up, double time! Zarbon really screwed the pooch on this one.
    Zarbon: Lord Freeza! Vegeta's really giving us a pounding!
    Freeza: I'm coming Zarbon! Quick, grab my balls! *ends call*
    • Previously, Zarbon weirded out Appule when he asked why Vegeta wasn't naked in the healing pod.
      Appule: Freaks me the f*ck out.
  • Heh Heh, You Said "X": The ending of Freeza's call to Ginyu results in the Ginyu Force laughing hysterically at his poor phrasing.
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  • Strange Minds Think Alike: "I was gonna say, 'Come and get me, Freeza', but that works too!"
  • Surprise Creepy: While Zarbon's beefed-up form is no surprise for us, it is for Bulma, who spends the first minute of their encounter gushing about how sexy he is. Seeing his transformation changes Bulma's tune on him real quick.
    Bulma: We're going to have a penthouse suite, and he'll drive a Corvette, and we'll make love every single—(Zarbon finishes transforming)—KILL IT WITH FIRE!


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