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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged E 12

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Vegeta: Gotta... get... out of here. Gotta... get to... Namek. Gotta... get the... Dragon Balls. GOD... DAMN IT... NAPPA!
Ghost Nappa: You were saying?
Vegeta: (starts screaming in the healing pod)

Original Airdate: March 1, 2010
Even in death, Nappa continues to be a thorn in Vegeta's side.

The Earth trio's voyage to Namek gets a few unintended detours, like a space colony of orphans, and then a planet of Namekian wannabes. Meanwhile, Vegeta recovers from his defeat on Earth to learn that his boss, Freeza, is already at Namek, planning to steal the Dragon Balls!

Oh man, we have got to stop troping this late:

Kaiser Neko: Oh man... I have got to stop editing so late.
Mr. Popo: (face appearing on his computer screen) I'll say.
(Kaiser starts screaming before it cuts to the closing screen)

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