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Recap / Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Beerus Arc

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Story Arcs: 1: God of Destruction Beerus Arc | 2: Golden Frieza Arc | 3: Universe 6 Arc | 4: Copy-Vegeta Arc | 5: Future Trunks Arc | 6: Hit Arc | 7: Great Saiyaman Arc | 8: Krillin Arc | 9: Universal Survival Arc
A Battle of Gods

The God of Destruction Beerus Arc (破壊神ビルス編, Hakaishin Birusu Hen), also called the Battle of Gods Arc (神かみと神かみ編, Kami to Kami Hen) is the first arc in the Dragon Ball Super series that retells the events of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (see that page for tropes on the movie; this page is covering the TV re-telling).

Short Summary

Set sometime after the events of the Buu Saga. Peace has returned to the world with no foreseeable threats. Goku has taken up farming and Vegeta continues to spend time with his family. Though the two can't quell the itch to train and get stronger. However as the two manage to get some free time to themselves to do so. A cosmic God of Destruction named Beerus likewise wishes for a challenge to his mundane duties and is piqued by a rumor of a Super Saiyan God. After getting his servant, Whis, to track the nearest Saiyans to Earth. He demands a fight with this supposed God to quell his boredom or he will blow up the Earth if no one can deliver. The thing of it is, there has never been any record of a Super Saiyan God, forcing the heroes scramble to find a way to keep Beerus from going through with his threat.


Long Summary

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Sometime after the battle with Majin Buu, Goku is working on the field to make money for Chi-Chi. He takes a break from using the tractor to plow the fields so he can stop and eat. Once he's finished, he turns Super Saiyan and begins to train instead, while his son, Goten, takes care of his work. Goten loses focus while he's observing his father train, and falls off a cliff with the tractor. Goku teleports and saves his son before he can hit the ground. Meanwhile, Beerus has awoken and visits a planet with Whis. Beerus demands they serve him the best food they have, and upon being served, Beerus complains that the food is too greasy. To express his dissatisfaction, he taps his finger on the table, and destroys half of the planet. Around that time, Mr. Satan is being awarded 100 million Zeni for "saving" the Earth from Majin Buu. Buu walks in and complains he's hungry. Nobody is frightened by Buu, as they had their memories of him erased in one of the Dragon Ball wishes. Buu is visibly upset after Mr. Satan told him he would get him something to eat later, instead of then. After the ceremony, Mr. Satan promises to prepare Buu a feast. Gohan is walking around with Videl, and is very happy that Videl got him a book titled "Muzukashii Hon" that would help him with his studies.

Goten wants to get Videl a wedding gift, and asks Trunks to help him. Trunks comes up with an idea, and they head to a jewelry shop to buy her jewelry, but decide against it as the gems are all too tiny. Their next idea is to buy Videl cosmetics, but decide against it as well, because it's too expensive. A man in the store rants about how outrageous the prices are, and how the hot spring near his house can make wrinkly skin smooth. Trunks inquires about this, and is given directions. Goten and Trunks carry a container with them while they search for the hot spring. Upon finding it and gathering it in the jar, they are attacked by a giant serpent. Trunks defeats it, and they head to Gohan's house. They hand over the jar to Videl, who greatly thanks them. Later that evening, Goten tells Goku about his day, when Mr. Satan arrives, saying he found them thanks to Chi-Chi, and wants to thank Goku for saving the world. To reward Goku, he decides to give him and his family the 100 million zeni peace reward that he was falsely given. Goku is hesitant at first, but Goten tells his father that Chi-Chi will let him go train with King Kai if he accepts the money. Goku reluctantly accepts it and returns home to show Chi-Chi; she allows Goku to train without a second thought. Master Roshi overhears this and wants to use the money to buy some "interesting" DVDs. At the Sacred World of the Kais, Kibito Kai and Old Kai sense that another planet has been destroyed. After being granted permission from Chi-Chi to train with King-Kai, Goku uses instant transmission to arrive at King Kai's place. King Kai is driving around his planet, and barely manages to avoid Goku after he arrives right in front ofhim, but crashes into his house anyway. King Kai fixes his house while Goku has lunch that King Kai prepared. Goku then begins to train after he gets full. Bulma and Vegeta, with their son Trunks, are traveling with Bulma's airplane to a resort for their family vacation. Vegeta chooses to stand on top, so Bulma trains Vegeta by cranking up the speed and flying through the ocean, and a forest full of thick trees.

Once they arrive at the resort, they go shopping. Bulma thanks Vegeta for stopping his training, and choosing to spend time with his family. Vegeta says it's because he wants to keep the promise he made to Trunks. After refusing to help Trunks carry the shopping items, he tells Bulma he's hungry. They order food, and Bulma notices it makes him less moody. The octopus they order shoots ink and smothers Vegeta with it when he pulls on the tentacle, which makes Vegeta extremely angry until Bulma calms him down. They relax on a beach with a sunset sky, and Bulma sees a cruise liner which gives her an idea for her birthday party. At the resort, Vegeta gets lost from Bulma and Trunks, and is stuck with hundreds of other people in a festival. He begins to think he's just wasting his time there, and is wondering how much Goku is training. The people next to him keep bumping into him, much to Vegeta's annoyance. The man on the stage notices him, and tells him to stop being such a party pooper and dance on the stage. Vegeta snaps and blows everyone back. The crowd is utterly shocked, while Bulma and Trunks look up, surprised how long Vegeta lasted, while he flies away to train.

Meanwhile, Beerus is at his planet, and is trying to remember what his dream was. He asks Whis if his lunch is ready, and Whis responds through the hourglass, saying just two more minutes. Whis travels at warp speed to a lively planet populated by an unknown species. There, a gigantic dinosaur is roaming the land, while the species members sneakingly come out and attack it by throwing axes at it. The axes don't affect it, and simply bounce off. The dinosaur unleashes a fiery breath and kills a large number of the population, while the rest that survive run away, scared. The fire catches the trees and starts to burn them down, when the dinosaur is approached by the Leader, who easily kills it. The species gleefully cheer as they take home their food, when the Leader is approached by Whis, who asks that they hand over the dinosaur. Whis realizes that the Leader can't understand his language, so he talks to the Leader through a universal alien language. The Leader refuses to give up the dinosaur meat, and transforms. Beerus arrives and asks what is taking so long. Whis explains that dinosaur meat is a luxurious food, and not easy to come by. Beerus responds by saying that the dinosaur meat will help him remember the premonition he dreamed about, to which Whis says that most of his premonitions never hold true. The Leader attacks Beerus, throwing a barrage of punches at him, all blocked by Beerus with one finger. Beerus easily disposes of him, and changes his mind about wanting to eat the dinosaur meat. He blows the planet up, which the Old Kai senses and tells Kibito Kai that the God of Destruction Beerus has awoken. As the planet explodes, Beerus imagines the premonition he dreamed in the blinding light coming from it. He then remembers the name as Super Saiyan God.

After abandoning his family on their vacation, Vegeta decides to train in a gravity chamber at 150x Earth's gravity. Like his usual gravity training, he has to dodge the lasers being shot at him. Upon being hit, the gravity shuts off, and Vegeta is left there extremely worn out. He declares that he may have admitted Kakarot to be the strongest Saiyan, but will soon surpass not only him, but everyone in the universe. As Beerus and Whis are traveling, Whis asks Beerus to describe the Super Saiyan God in more detail. Beerus then asks Whis why he can't fly any faster, to which he stops and explains that he's the fastest in the universe, before continuing again. At the Sacred World of the Kais, Old Kai explains to Kibito Kai that they are the Gods of Creation, and Beerus is the opposite of that; he is one of the Gods of Destruction. He warns Kibito Kai that they must not let anybody challenge Lord Beerus to a fight, specifically Goku. King Kai calls them via telepathy and tells them that Goku is with him, and he'll make sure Goku doesn't hear of it. Goku overhears King Kai saying his name and questions him about it. King Kai tries to switch the conversation by reminding Goku about the sacrifice he, Bubbles, and Gregory made for him when they were killed by Cell in the explosion. Beerus and Whis are relaxing at Beerus' temple and eating desert when Whis asks Beerus if he's sure he remembered the name correctly. Beerus suggests that they call upon the Oracle Fish to remember the name, with Whis questioning how reliable the Oracle Fish is. After a moment of being summoned with no answer, the Oracle Fish launches throughout the room and bounces off the walls, knocking Beerus' dessert out of his cup.

Beerus reminds her of what she said 39 years ago, that he would face his ultimate adversary, to which the Oracle Fish said he would face him today. After being asked if she remembered the name, the Oracle Fish thought about it and told them she didn't remember. Beerus then threatened to take away one of her daily feedings. After being threatened, the Oracle Fish finally remembered the name as what Beerus originally thought it was. Whis tells Beerus that the Super Saiyan God doesn't exist, which Beerus responds by saying the Saiyans might know something about it. He then remembers that Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza. Whis explains to Beerus that not all Saiyans were killed by Frieza, and that a few escaped, most notably Vegeta.

As Beerus relaxes in a hot spring, he asks Whis about the surviving Saiyans' whereabouts. Whis responds by saying all remaining Saiyans reside on planet Earth, and that the Saiyan named Goku defeated Frieza. Beerus is dismayed at the fact that someone defeated somebody as powerful as Frieza. Whis says that Goku was only a Super Saiyan when he defeated Frieza and is currently residing on King Kai's planet. Beerus wants to find out more about the Super Saiyan God, and asks Whis to take him to King Kai's planet, who is told that it will take 26 minutes and 44 seconds to get there, to his surprise.

Krillin is driving his wife, Android 18, and their child, Marron, to the bingo tournament at Bulma's birthday party. Android 18 is angry over the traffic being so bad, while Krillin responds by saying she shouldn't have taken so long with her makeup. She retorts by saying she has to look good for a party. They instead decide to fly there to get there quicker. On the Princess Bulma, Bulma's cruise ship, Goten and Trunks are exploring around the ship, and Master Roshi and Oolong are taking turns looking through a telescope at women on the beach. Bulma sees Buu eating before anybody else can eat, and gets mad with Buu, but Mr. Satan tells her he'll handle it. Gohan tells Bulma that Goku and Vegeta aren't coming, as they are busy training, to Bulma's irritation. On King Kai's planet, Goku continues to train, but drops the weights in shock. King Kai thinks that Goku realizes Beerus is coming, but is relieved to hear that Goku forgot about Bulma's birthday party instead.

Whis packs Beerus' lunch, and they set off to King Kai's planet. Kibito Kai and Old Kai are amazed at how fast they're traveling, and Beerus' strength. King Kai is terrified of the arrival of Beerus, unaware that Goku is right next to him. Goku has no clue what King Kai is worried about, and thinks he's acting weird. To make Goku forget about what he was talking about, King Kai does some silly dances to get Goku's mind off of what he was saying earlier. As everybody is enjoying themselves on Bulma's cruise, Trunks shows Goten around the ship. Goten is surprised to see the door open to a room filled with the bingo prizes, such as a luxurious car, airplane, and a huge diamond. Trunks presses a switch, and a trapdoor unlocks, which a giant stand containing the Dragon Balls rises from the ground. It is heavily guarded, with multiple layers of protection and a pinkish electric barrier surrounding it. Touching it even slightly causes the person who touched it to fly back, even powerful Saiyans like Goten. Trunks acknowledges how amazing his mom's inventions are, but pulls the plug, saying that there's always a way around them. After Trunks pulls the plug, the barrier around it disappears. He then enters a combination of buttons on the button pad, after which the hatch opens, revealing all seven Dragon Balls.

Meanwhile, "Emperor" Pilaf and his "minions," Mai and Shu, are on a deserted island looking for a supposed treasure that Emperor Pilaf said was there. While Mai and Shu are digging, Emperor Pilaf is fishing for food. Emperor Pilaf's Dragon Radar starts beeping, signalling the Dragon Balls are nearby. It turns out to be on the Princess Bulma, the cruise ship close to them, to his excitement. Because their motor boat isn't working, they have to paddle their selves to the ship instead. Goten and Trunks help them up the ship by throwing down a ladder. As the chefs pass by them carrying dishes of food, the Pilaf Gang is starving. Goten and Trunks do them another favor by bringing them food, which they gladly chow down on. Vegeta, still training, is interrupted by a Capsule Corporation assistant who brings the phone to the gravity chamber. Vegeta listens to his wife yell through the speaker, demanding him to come to her birthday party on her cruise liner. On King Kai's planet, Goku trains by blasting a Kamehameha which makes a complete circle around the planet, with Goku catching his own Kamehameha and controlling it.

King Kai gets angry with Goku for not warning him. King Kai mumbles to himself how that's another reason he doesn't want Goku to meet Beerus. Goku hears this and asks King Kai who he is. Seeing as how he has no other choice at this point, King Kai finally explains who Beerus is. He explains that he is a God of Destruction, and as such, his job is to destroy planets. Upon explaining everything to Goku, he tells him to hide. Beerus arrives with Whis and greets the North Kai, who is terrified at his presence. King Kai tries to stay calm, who is warned by Beerus that he'll shrink his planet even more if not satisfied by the food. When asked how long it's been since they last saw each other, King Kai says it's been 327 years. Goku is discovered by Beerus hiding and is told to come out. After Goku informally introduces himself, much to King Kai's dismay, he is asked if he was aware of a Super Saiyan God. Clueless to what Beerus was talking about, Beerus then decides to travel to Earth to ask the other Saiyans if they know of something. Before they left, Goku asks Beerus to a fight to test his power. Goku transforms into a regular Super Saiyan, and charges after Beerus, missing every punch in the process. He then ups his power, transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, but still misses every punch. At last, he is forced to ascend into his most powerful form, Super Saiyan 3, but still misses every punch, and unleashes a Kamehameha that tears through the other side of King Kai's planet. He continues to throw punch after punch, to no avail. After that, Goku is frozen as Beerus hovers over to him and flicks his forehead, sending him flying, then Beerus appears behind him, and grabs his shoulder, reverting him to his base form and knocking him unconscious. Beerus and Whis say their goodbyes to King Kai and leave.

King Kai tends to Goku, who wakes up after momentarily being unconscious after the devastating blow from Beerus. Goku is shown to be in major pain, and is told by King Kai that he's lucky to have survived the fight against Lord Beerus. After Vegeta finally decides to show up at Bulma's birthday party, he is contacted by King Kai via telepathy, and is told to make sure nobody angers the God of Destruction, or Earth and its inhabitants will perish. Goku says he needs to get up and save Earth, but is told to rest. After he is fully healed, Goku decides to sit around for a while and wait it out. Before Beerus and Whis arrive on Earth, Vegeta is pondering how somebody as strong as Kakarot could be defeated in just two blows. When they arrive, Beerus slightly touches Vegeta with the nail of his finger, and Vegeta nervously stumbles away from him. Vegeta tries to attack him, but Beerus' glare causes his body to stop moving and make him fall down. Vegeta looks up at Beerus and has a flashback from when he was a child. In his flashback, Beerus is shown shown resting his foot on King Vegeta's head and pushing down on it, angry that he didn't get the most comfortable pillow on the planet, and that King Vegeta used it for himself.

Vegeta as a child stands back and watches as his father get smashed into the ground face first for not showing any respect. Vegeta runs toward his father, trying to help him, but gets forced to the ground by the same glare. After snapping out of it, he is asked about the Super Saiyan God, and says he doesn't know what it is. Bulma sees Vegeta on the ground with Whis and Beerus, and asks who they are, and is told by Beerus and Whis that Vegeta is their friend. Bulma walks over and greets them, and welcomes them to join them in the party. Vegeta has to make sure nobody angers Beerus, or the Earth will be destroyed. As Beerus and Whis are on the cruise ship, people introduce them selves to Beerus, like Yamcha, who tells Beerus that he's the strongest out of everybody and slaps him hard on the back. This worries Vegeta, who thinks that even the slightest mistake can cost the Earth. Next, Krillin serves Beerus Russian Takoyaki Balls filled with wasabi instead of octopus in it. This also distresses Vegeta, who lashes out at Krillin for doing idiotic things that might anger Beerus. To make up for the incident from earlier, Vegeta serves Beerus a fresh batch of Octopus Balls.

As Beerus is about to eat one, Goten and Trunks come from around the corner and accidentally spray Beerus with water during their water gun match. They apologize and run off, but Beerus becomes infuriated anyway, and rises above the ship as if he were about to charge his ki to destroy Earth. Vegeta panics and dives into the sea to grab an octopus, who blasts it into several pieces, and cooks and prepares it for Beerus. Beerus calms down and states to Whis that he can't be angry in that kind of atmosphere. Whis asks Beerus if he has tried pudding before, who says it's delicious, and points to where it is. Beerus goes over to Buu and asks if he could share some pudding with him, who bitterly declines to share any. Beerus gets frustrated with Buu, with Mr. Satan attempting to console Beerus for his friend's selfish actions.Buu and Beerus both tell him to get out of the way, and they confront each other, face to face. Buu starts jabbing Beerus, without him even flinching or moving. Beerus grabs his final punch and clenches it, twisting and contorting Buu, and sending him off flying into the sky, before appearing behind him and grabbing his antenna. Beerus twists Buu around again, before firing a beam directly at him, and sending him into the sea. Vegeta also tries to comfort Beerus and offers to make him more pudding, but is told to leave. As Whis is eating food served by the chef, he is completely oblivious to the events happening until Beerus calls out to Whis asking if they can blow up the Earth and leave, to which Whis asks for more time, as he's too busy enjoying the delicacies prepared by the chef.

Goten and Trunks perform the Fusion Dance in an effort to stop Beerus from annihilating Earth. Beerus calls Gotenks a child, but Gotenks retaliates by saying he's a child for making a big deal over not getting any pudding. Beerus then goes on a rant about how they probably eat it all the time, while's he's never tried it before. Beerus slaps Gotenks on the arm multiple times, causing a huge red bump to form on his right arm. Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Android 18 all attempt to stop Beerus after he declares he will destroy Earth. They all fail, and Gohan realizes how great the enemy they're fighting is. Majin Buu then comes from behind, but is sensed by Beerus before he can land a hit, and is once again defeated by Beerus. Dende, shriveling in fear, tells Piccolo that the reason he is so frightened, is because he senses God ki coming from Beerus. Gohan powers up and charges at Beerus, but is knocked back down after Beerus uses Majin Buu as a weapon of sorts. Vegeta realizes he should be trying to help out, that he is the Prince of all Saiyans, and turns Super Saiyan. Vegeta bursts towards Beerus but is disposed of just as easily as everyone else. Beerus places his foot on Vegeta's head, whose skull is crushed like his father's was.

As Beerus is about to kill Vegeta, Bulma walks over and slaps Beerus, upset at how he ruined her party. Beerus turns around and slaps her back, knocking her away from the brute force. After he witnesses this, Vegeta crouches down and clutches his head in mental pain after seeing his wife get slapped and hurt. Vegeta becomes enraged, and during the transformation he temporarily loses his irises, similar to Future Trunks' Super Saiyan Third Grade transformation. He transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, signified by electricity sparks and even longer and spikier hair. During Vegeta's fight with Beerus, he manages to land a few punches on Beerus and release a Galick Gun at Beerus, which Beerus struggles to defend himself against, but eventually overwhelms Vegeta. Beerus offers one last chance to the inhabitants of Earth, asking Oolong, whom he calls the pink pig, to have a rock-paper-scissors with him. Oolong loses, and Puar is fuming angry with him for showing scissors every turn. After winning the contest, Beerus announces that he is leaving with Whis, who was finally ready to leave, and destroying Earth. As he charges a purplish variant of the energy sphere, Goku uses his Instant Transmission technique and arrives just in time. Goku asks for more time to find the Super Saiyan God. His plea is granted, and they gather the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron.

Shenron seems afraid of Beerus, but nevertheless explains that they need to perform a ritual that requires five righteous Saiyans pouring their hearts into the sixth Saiyan, who then becomes a Super Saiyan God. After everything is explained, Shenron disappears and the Dragon Balls disperse throughout the planet. To perform the ritual, Goku needs the help of five other righteous Saiyans. They only have four, those being Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta. The first time they perform the ritual, they all turn Super Saiyan and transfer their ki into Goku instead of their heart. As they're all confused on what to do, Videl steps in and tells them she's pregnant with Pan, who has one fourth Saiyan blood in her. They try the ritual again, which ends up being a very tedious process. The clouds and sea turn golden, and the weather and day changes multiple times in a matter of seconds, showing how powerful the Super Saiyan God transformation is. After becoming a red silhouette, then a shadowy figure, Goku returns back to his natural appearance, but as a Super Saiyan God. Everyone is amazed at the form's appearance, but nobody can sense the power of it, due to them not being able to sense his ki. After being congratulated for achieving the form by Beerus, Goku challenges Beerus to another fight.

At first, Goku can't land a single hit just like their previous duel. He is also shown to not be used to how light his body becomes when he ascends, as he is shown flailing around. During their fight, Goku launches a Kamehameha at Beerus, which goes right through him, ripping through the sea. However, as their fight goes on, Goku grows more experienced with the form and is able to truly fight on par with Beerus. Once he gains better control of the form, Beerus starts taking him seriously, unleashing a few punches of his own. Beerus declares that the real battle between two gods will commence, showing how thrilled he was to have some worthy competition. After crashing into the water from the force of Beerus' energy sphere earlier in the fight, they struggle to keep up with Goku and Beerus due to the engine failing. Gohan and Goten tell Bulma to go faster, and she responds by asking them why they don't fly, to which they respond by saying they ran out of ki during the ritual. Vegeta observes Goku and Beerus fight, with them trading blows. As the fight goes on, Beerus charges another energy sphere, this time bigger, and tosses it at Goku. Goku crushes it until it's completely gone. As Old Kai and Kibito Kai watch the fight, Old Kai notices that Beerus is not using his full power, to Kibito Kai's shock. Beerus grabs Goku's face and pushes him downwards at a high velocity, making him crash into a nearby island. Beerus stands over Goku, and is highly disappointed with him. Goku gets a few good hits in, but Beerus is not affected by it. Beerus knocks Goku up into the stratosphere, while Goku lays there, floating almost lifeless.

Beerus launches an attack that he says Goku won't be able to stop from colliding with Earth. Goku instead destroys it with a one-handed Kamehameha. Beerus says it's a good idea, but forms hundreds of them and releases them at Goku. Goku charges a Kamehameha and obliterates every single one. Although impressed, Beerus makes it clear that Goku is no match for him. Worn out from the Kamehameha he released, Goku is helpless to defend himself, and Beerus charges towards him at an incredible speed, and four finger chops him in the heart. Goku slowly falls back to Earth and drifts away under the sea. Goku is amazed at how strong Beerus is, but finds a motivation to keep fighting, and seemingly heals himself of his injuries. He springs out of the sea, ready to keep fighting Beerus. Goku tells him he'll use his full power, and for Goku having such a powerful will, Beerus rewards him by using his full power as well. As Bulma and co. try and catch up with Goku and Beerus’ battle, their plane has engine trouble due to the effect the battle is having on the atmosphere. Back down on the cruise ship, Vegeta continues to stare straight up into space, trying to watch the fight. Whis appears and offers to show him the battle with his staff, but Vegeta refuses. Up above the planet, Goku and Beerus decide to start up their battle again, this time without any tricks. Both sides power up and charge each other, punching at the exact same moment. As their fists come together, they produce strange shock waves that radiate outward. Off in the Sacred World of the Kais, the Kais are worried. Old Kai explains that since the destructive force of these shock waves increases the further away they get from their point of origin, the universe itself will only be able to endure Goku and Beerus clashing together two or three more times. After that, the entire universe will be destroyed.

Kibito Kai telepathically contacts Goku to try and stop the fight, but is ignored. Instead, Goku and Beerus power up once more and punch each other the same as before, producing even more shock waves. Down in Satan City the shock waves knock people over like a strong wind, and out in the depths of space whole planets are destroyed. Due to the panic in Satan City, the media contacts Mr. Satan, who claims to be at an auction for stolen goods, cleverly disguised as a birthday party. After claiming a bad connection and hanging up, Mr. Satan angrily demands to know where Gohan is at a time like this. Just as he says this, Bulma’s ship comes plummeting straight down toward Mr. Satan, but thankfully Whis stops it at the last moment. He says Beerus promised not to destroy the Earth if he lost, and since the fight is not finished yet, Whis cannot let anything on Earth get destroyed until then. Back up in space, Beerus and Goku power up some more, this time producing dragons from their auras which briefly battle against each other. For a third time, Goku and Beerus charge each other, this time seeming to punch many times. And yet the universe remains intact. Old Kai explains that Goku erased Beerus’ attack by matching it with a punch of the exact same speed and angle. Goku had actually intended to perfect this technique on the second punch, but Beerus made things too tough for that. When one of Goku’s punches scraps Beerus’ face, drawing blood, Beerus produces another atom-like ki ball. Goku counters with a Kamehameha, and as Beerus pours more and more power into the ball, the two ki attacks struggle against each other, producing more shock waves. With more planets being destroyed by the shock waves, Kibito Kai is surprised to see that the universe is still intact, but Old Kai says that the clash between Beerus and Goku’s power is just getting started. Above Earth, Goku’s Kamehameha struggles against Beerus’ energy ball, and Goku gets pushed back. Old Kai explains that the clash of the two’s power is creating “super high-density energy” which will destroy the universe if it gets out of hand. The destructive shock waves from the clash continue to spread throughout the entire planet. On the cruise ship, Mr. Satan watches the images of the battle Whis is projecting from his staff, and wonders if this is the end of the world. Whis says that they did not expect Super Saiyan God to be this powerful. Even if Beerus destroys Goku’s energy, the Earth and several neighboring planets will suffer collateral damage.

Hearing this (and thinking of Videl and his unborn grandchild), Mr. Satan begs Whis to use his “magic” to protect them, or at least to try and stop the fight, but Whis says he cannot do either. Mr. Satan quickly draws up a pass to eat anywhere in the country to try and bribe Whis into helping them, and although Whis is sorely tempted, he ultimately refuses. Out in space, Goku and Beerus’ beam struggle finally results in a gigantic explosion. Seeing this down on the cruise ship, Mr. Satan and Gohan both rush to protect Videl. The explosion produces a blinding flash of light, but when it clears everything is still fine. Mr. Satan is confident that he produced a miracle that saved the world. No sooner after he says this, he receives a phone call from his manager, Miss Piiza. Back at Mr. Satan’s mansion, Miss Pizza and co. are being flooded with calls. Mr. Satan tells them he has saved the world and that they should prepare a press conference, and an autograph signing session as well. Meanwhile, Whis thinks to himself that Beerus must have chosen “that method”.

Up in space, Goku is breathing heavily while Beerus is fine. Beerus explains that he “nullified” all the energy present, which required he use 100% of his power. Goku realizes this means Beerus had still been holding back his full power up until then. Beerus explains that he had continued to hold back because it would look bad for a god to use his full power against a mere Saiyan, but at this point he would rather go all-out than lose the fight. Even if it means looking bad, he will use his full power to prove beyond a doubt that he’s overwhelmingly stronger than Goku. Despite this declaration from Beerus, Goku still seems awfully calm, and Beerus asks if he still has something up his sleeve, or some sort of strategy, but Goku says he’s got absolutely nothing. The two power up and start fighting once more, and Goku is amazed that Beerus’ punches are far more powerful than they were just five minutes ago. Beerus says that Goku is more powerful now too, and both declare that they are fighting at 100%. After a while though, Beerus notices a change in Goku, and thinks to himself that time is up. Goku has reverted back to being a regular Super Saiyan, though he hasn’t noticed it yet. Down on the cruise ship, Piccolo, Goten, and the others can now sense Goku’s ki, and realize this means he is no longer a Super Saiyan God. Though Whis assumes the battle is decided, and is ready to leave Earth, Piccolo insists that Goku has not lost yet. Vegeta blasts them and looks back up at Goku and Beerus' clash. Back in the fight, Beerus is shocked when Goku is still able to land a few blows.

He points out to Goku that he is no longer Super Saiyan God, but says Goku has “fully merged” with that power and made it his own. Goku says that he is still him, no matter what, and they prepapre for battle once again. As Goku continues to battle against Beerus as just a regular Super Saiyan, they fight from space back down to the ocean. Beerus starts to overwhelm Goku, nullifying his Kamehameha and even seeming to split into multiple bodies that blast him all at once. Beerus declares victory, but Goku gets a second wind and pushes Beerus all the way back up into space again. However, the effort exhausts him and he reverts back to his regular, non-Super Saiyan form. With Goku apparently out for good now, Beerus compliments Goku on forcing him to use so much power. For a second he admits to regretting listening to his prophetic dream due to him being so exhausted, but in the end he still won, as expected. He finger-flicks Goku on the head, the same move that began the fight, and so a fitting way to end it. As Goku falls down and begins burning up in the atmosphere, images of his friends and family flash before him, and he shoots back up, a Super Saiyan once more. Beerus is outraged that Goku could not just let the fight end at such a perfect spot, but Goku says he cannot give up until he has hit Beerus with the last few remaining scraps of power he has left. Goku charges another Kamehameha which Beerus counters with a small energy ball, but when the two attacks hit each other they combine into a single enormous mass of energy, a Sphere of Destruction. Beerus sends this mass at Goku, who struggles against it and manages to destroy it in the end with a punch, but at the cost of his remaining power. He once again reverts to his regular form and plummets down through the atmosphere, this time his energy truly exhausted. Vegeta catches him before he crashes down onto the cruise ship, though he is annoyed that Goku managed to lose despite all that power everyone donated to him. Goku thanks him and apologizes for losing to Beerus. Following close behind, Beerus lands on the ship, and everyone braces themselves for a fight. Before Beerus can unleash an attack though, Mr. Satan’s cellphone suddenly goes off: it’s Miss Piiza, calling about the press conference Satan requested earlier. Satan yells that this is not the right time for that, but Pizza says the reporters could not wait and headed over there on their own. At that moment, the reporters’ helicopter flies up and they begin filming, and Gohan comments that the world really is ending with a whimper.

Whis congratulates Beerus on his victory and suggests they go home, but Beerus notes that he promised to destroy the Earth if he won. Goku begs him to stop, but Beerus charges up an attack, fires and misses. As it turns out, Beerus has fallen asleep standing up. Whis explains that Beerus has gotten a bit soft due to spending most of his time sleeping, watching anime, and various other things. Using his full power without warming up first was apparently too exhausting for him. He says Beerus will probably not wake up again for a while, and takes him back home, thanking Goku for “playing” with Beerus and advising them all to prepare an adequate supply of pudding for when Beerus and him return. As Whis carries Beerus home through space, he asks him how long he intends to pretend to be asleep. Beerus protests that he really was sleeping, though he does admit that when he told Goku he was fighting with 100% of his power, this was simply a lie in order to help draw out Goku’s true power. Off on his planet, King Kai comments that despite how Goku loves to fight on his own, his circle of friends keeps expanding, and now he has made friends with even the God of Destruction. On Earth, Goku is chowing down on a well-deserved meal, when Gohan announces to him that he and Videl are having a child.

Goten congratulates his dad on becoming the second best in the universe, and Goku tells Vegeta he will get to become a Super Saiyan God next time. However, Vegeta is not interested in a transformation that is only going to get him to “second best”, and vows to surpass Goku, Beerus, and Super Saiyan God all through his power alone. When Goku notes how powerful Vegeta became after Bulma was slapped, Piccolo realizes that Goku had actually already teleported there early on and was watching secretly to see how things played out. Goku apologizes, saying he did this in order to try and formulate some sort of strategy by observing Beerus even though nothing came out of it. Meanwhile, Pilaf, Mai, and Shu row off into the sunset, with Pilaf vowing to get the Dragon Balls next time.


  • Adaptational Badass: In this version, Super Saiyan God more heavily emphasises the 'awesome' in Awesome, but Impractical as it lasts longer than in the movie version, pushes Beerus a bit further, and provides Goku with some form of Healing Factor.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Beerus' Jerkass God traits are played up while his dorky nature is played down. Also, we get to actually see Beerus do his job rather than just talk about destroying planets, and it turns out he destroys planets for petty reasons. This slowly changes as the arc nears its conclusion and Beerus warms up to the earth and it's people. The next arc also hints that Beerus already makes up if he is going to destroy a planet, making him appear less petty but at the same time a bit crueler.
  • Adaptational Distillation:
    • In the movie, Pilaf and his minions broke into Bulma's house to steal the Dragon balls, managed to grab hold of one, mistook Goten for Goku, recognised Bulma as well, accidentally exposed themselves to everyone and then improvised by holding Trunks as hostage. Gohan, who was drunk, ended up deflecting their bullets, one of which hit Videl (and another one hit Beerus). Dende healed her and ended up sensing that she is carrying a baby. Meanwhile Trunks bragged to Goten that Mai is his girlfriend. Here, the events are mostly Adapted Out, Bulma's party takes place in a cruise ship, Pilaf and his gang her fishing for food, and only through sheer, dumb luck, end up locating the Dragon Balls there and they are all offered food. Trunks' crush on Mai is not established until the Future Trunks arc and Videl's pregnancy has no foreshadowing whatsoever.
    • In the movie, after facing Beerus, Goku realised there was no way he could win and ultimately gave up. Here, Goku refuses to give up and keeps coming back, until he loses consciousness out of exhaustion.
    • The Reveal that Whis is not only stronger than Beerus, but also his teacher is removed. It is not until the next arc, that he reveals this.
    • Beerus followed the Exact Words route in the movie, by keeping his word and destroying a part of the Earth, i.e. a rock, after defeating Goku. Here, he pretends to have fallen asleep in the middle of destroying the Earth, because he was exhausted after the big fight. Whis isn't fooled.
    • The movie had Vegeta making it clear the next time, he wants to be the one who gets the Super Saiyan God power. Here, Goku assures Vegeta, he'll get to do that, but Vegeta refuses, saying only a fool like Goku would want a power up like that and that he is going to get stronger his own way, by hard work. By the next arc, Goku reveals he actually managed it somehow.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Not too much was really added on from the film version. The setting moves the action to a cruise liner then Bulma's house. Near all the heroes attempt to stop Beerus to no avail (even deciding the fate of the world through Rock, Paper, Scissors, although that was actually in the extended cut of the original movie). Goku's fight with Beerus is expanded a bit. However instead of Beerus just using half his power, Goku does enough for Beerus to briefly go all out to 100%, even if it really wasn't necessary. The series also adds some of the scenes of the Movies' extended edition, such as Goku claiming not even a fusion with Vegeta would stand a chance against Beerus. The most worthy addition is the Super Saiyan God ritual, which is far more impressive than in the movie.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Videl in the original movie was slightly more like her Dragon Ball Z self, getting embarrassed by the drunken antiques of Mr. Satan and occasionally yelling at him. Here she has little to almost no such scenes. The one time she gets angry at Goku for suggesting maybe her unborn baby isn't very pure of heart, she only mildly protests.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Zigged-zagged. Just as in the film, Goku ultimately still loses his fight with Beerus after he runs out of power. But Beerus considers him a Worthy Opponent and spares Earth since Goku gave him what he wanted: a fight with a Super Sayian God (well that and Beerus came to like Earth food).
  • Big Bad: While not a villain, per se, Beerus is still an antagonist. He's a Destroyer Deity that can blow up planets on a whim or for some petty reason. While it's still his job, the heroes have to find a way to stop him before he decides to destroy Earth.
  • Call-Back: The reason why Vegeta took his family to an amusement park? Vegeta kept his promise to Trunks back in Z if his son could land a single punch on him during their training session.
  • Can't Stay Normal: The series opens with Goku being forced into farming by Chi Chi and Vegeta on vacation with Bulma and Trunks. Goku tries to train in between his chores and is bailed out when Mr. Satan (Hercule) offers him some money as a reward for his heroics. Vegeta, meanwhile, tries his best to keep his cool during his civilian life but ultimately has enough and flies off to train by himself. Though Bulma and Trunks figured it would happen sooner or later and are actually surprised he lasted as long as he did.
  • Darker and Edgier: Beerus is Played for Laughs much less than in the movie, which is not to say he doesn't have redeeming and comical traits, but they are much less prevalent. Case in point: Beerus' rant of not having ever tasted pudding comes across less as a comical fit and more like a deranged rant, and his slapping Bulma gets portrayed much more horribly (although the fact she wasn't seriously hurt still shows humongous restraint on his part).
  • Determinator: While Goku has always been this, this version of the story plays it up as Goku refuses to stay down and even comes back from having a hole in his chest.
  • Foreshadowing While fighting Beerus on King Kai's planet, Goku at first goes into attack, but then instinctively backs off, without knowing why. This is partially explained in the Resurrection "F" arc as Ultra Instinct. It isn't fully explained until the Universe Survival Saga, where Ultra Instinct's full power is shown, with Whis revealing most Gods of Destruction can't utilize it.
  • Forgot About His Powers: Goten at one point freaks out over sitting in a tractor falling down a ravine even though 1) He is strong enough to lift the tractor, 2) he is fast enough to get out at any time and 3) he can fly. Possibly justified as he is just a kid.
  • Names to Run From Really Fast: Beerus is such a name, that King Kai practically begs Goku not to pick a fight with him. Vegeta is familiar with the name, but is not scared senseless until he sees him again, soon remembering in the past that his own father had to swallow his pride to not piss him off.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Vegeta has this reaction when he learns that Beerus was able to totally defeat Goku with two blows. Exaggerated when he seen Beerus for a first time since he was a child.
    • Shenron seems to know Beerus personally, and freaks out the moment he sees him.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Vegeta is always seen as prideful and arrogant, even against enemies stronger than him, so it's telling when he's too frightened and humbled when he sees Beerus for the first time in years, who is in a league of his own. That is, until Beerus smacks his wife Bulma.
  • Person as Verb: Done by King Kai when he warns Vegeta to not provoke Beerus. He tells him "[N]o insulting, no fighting, no Vegeta-ing of any kind!"
  • Rags to Riches: Mr. Satan offers Goku a good ton of money as he feels Goku should at least be awarded for his heroics. Goku nearly refuses at first until Goten reminds him that if they show Chi Chi the money, he won't have to keep farming and will be free to go train. This manages to convince him to accept Mr. Satan's offer.
  • Rays from Heaven: This version of the Super Saiyan God ritual includes them, with some Ominous Latin Chanting thrown in for good measure.
  • Vacation Episode: The first few episodes feature Vegeta going on a family trip with Trunks and Bulma. In contrast to Goku, who has to work as a farmer.
  • The Worf Effect: The god hierarchy is once again raised with the God of Destruction Beerus.
    • Beerus makes his debut first dodging or blocking everything Goku could throw at him, up to SSJ3, before defeating Goku in two light hits, a finger flick to he head and a tap on the shoulder, which causes Goku to crater into King Kai's planet and revert back to base form. Also in this version he deflects a Kamehameha with a finger. Not even Majin Buu's second strongest form could defeat Goku that quickly or easily. It was later revealed Beerus was well below 10 percent of his power while beating Goku so badly. Goku, despite not being able to sense Beerus' energy and thus know how much he was holding back, is convinced not even using a fusion of him and Vegeta could win, which explains why Vegito/ Gogeta was not even considered in the movie.
    • During Beerus battle at Bulma's party, Ultimate Gohan (pre-badass decay), Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3 in the manga) and Majin Buu are swiftly beaten down. Tien, Piccolo and Android 18 are as well, although at this point they aren't really top-tier to begin with.
    • When Vegeta undergoes a "furious mutation", he briefly holds his own against Beerus when the latter is using 10 percent, more than he had used prior to this point.

Alternative Title(s): Dragon Ball Super Battle Of Gods Arc