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Recap / Doraemon: Nobita's Little Space War

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Nobita was excluded from Suneo's movie production because Nobita screwed the movie. Nobita begs Doraemon to product own movie. Doraemon agrees, and find Shizuka as partner, who wants to make a cartoon movie. When Nobita's movie is in production, Shizuka find her toy missed and feels upset. Switch to Suneo's movie production, Suneo also upset because the toy Shizuka missed was showed in their movie, which he thinks totally ruined his movie. Later, the toy found in Nobita's house. At midnight, Doraemon finds his snack was eat by someone. Someone introducted himself as Papi, who forced to escape from Parika to Earth.


Next day, when Suneo's production team are making movie, an mysterious spaceship destroyed their set. That make Suneo and Gian angry and argue whit Nobita and Doraemon, who was enjoyed party with Shizuka and Papi, want to "destroy" their movie. Papi immediately know the spaceship is PCIA, an intelligence service agency, who want to arrest him because he is president of Parika, which under coup d'état led by General Gilmore. After hearing Papi's story, Nobita and his friends agree to help Papi, set Shizuka's home as their secret base.

Unfortunately, Nobita's secret base was traced due to PCIA's moving camera. PCIA try to invade secret base but can only "arrest" Shizuka, who become their hostage in exchange of Papi. Papi agrees the exchange, and Shizuka reunion with Nobita's team with Papi's pet, Rokoroko, to explain the exchange. After explanation, they decided to go to Parika. Firstly, Nobita's team go to the base around Parika planet, which is Freedom Party's sceret base. In sceret base, Nobita's team divide into two groups: Doraemon, Nobita, Gian and Rokoroko, go to Parika to help Papi and communicate Freedom Party in Parika. Shizuka and Suneo on the other hand, stay in secret base and prepared to defence.


PCIA trace and take actions both helping group and defending group, but results are different: helping group's team are captured, but defending group are totally vanish PCIA's spaceships. However, PCIA found the way to destroy defending group's waepons.

At the execution day for Papi and helping group, defending group decided to help the former, but attacked from PCIA make Shizuka and Suneo sink to ocean, but something strange occurs: Shizuka grow back to her Earth size, she wonderind what's going on. Switch back to execution, after the incedent reported from PCIA, Doraemon totally understands what's going on: Small Light's power limit finished, which results the incedent. Later, Nobita and his friends are all grow back, the situation totally changed: Those "Giant" defeat all of PCIA members, following General Gilmore's captured by anger citizens.


Finally, Papi thanks Nobita and friends, say they will never forget friendship between them.