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Recap / Doctor Who TAG E03 "TARDIS"

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Since 1963, kids have wondered what it would be like to control the TARDIS. Now we're handing complete control of the most powerful ship in all of space and time to a generation of children. Everybody duck!

Written by James Moran

The one that gives us a tour of the TARDIS. Well, actually all of one room full of knick-knacks from past adventures.

While the Doctor is arguing with Amy about his tendency to attract trouble, the TARDIS runs into some trouble of its own- with a big shake, its doors fly open and the Doctor is pulled out into space! Unable to breathe, the Doctor is forced to play charades to instruct Amy on how to restore power to the TARDIS. After pushing two red levers, the TARDIS' air bubble extends and the Doctor is able to explain what happened; they were caught in a riptide in the time vortex. Now, to get the Doctor back inside, they need a tractor beam, the parts for which are in the drawing room. After getting some ridiculously complicated directions on how to get there (don't worry, players, you don't really need to follow them) and resolving a space loop issue that was keeping her trapped in the console room, Amy arrives in the Drawing Room.


After finding a whole lot of continuity references (see the trope listing) but no tractor beam parts, Amy is rocked by another riptide, which also nudges open a hidden panel behind a clock. Inside, she finds the Master's old Laser Screwdriver, and a bottle which promptly breaks. As she returns to the console room, a mysterious energy orb forms from out of the bottle and enters the fireplace...

The Doctor instructs Amy to connect the Laser Screwdriver to the TARDIS console, which she does through another rewiring puzzle. She then aims the tractor beam at the Doctor and pulls him back in. She adds that she needs to get him a new bottle of aftershave, to which the Doctor replies that he doesn't have any- BONG. Yes, along with that big crash, now the Cloister Bell is ringing, meaning something is very wrong. Particularly when the Doctor and Amy become separated in time!


Checking the TARDIS instruments, the Doctor quickly discovers that Amy is trapped in the future due to a time lesion. To get her back, he'll need to generate a reverse tachyon feedback loop from both points, using parts from the Drawing Room. While there, he discovers the broken vase, and realizes that "The Entity" has escaped- Amy's in even more danger than he thought. With his fob watch to keep track of time, a Kontron Crystal from the Chronon Blocker to focus and hold time in place, and a couple more electric maze minigames, the Doctor is able to put together the tachyon loop device- and with help from the oscillator inside the distress beacon he got last time, he can send it forward to Amy with a recorded message, so they can both use it.

A thousand years later, the Entity is attacking Amy when she receives the message from the Doctor. The riptides had weakened the force field that trapped it, and now it's attempting to eat the time energy from Amy's past. The Doctor put a quiz lock on the tachyon loop device, preventing anyone but Amy from retrieving it. After ten questions all dealing with facts learned from the items in the drawing room (including out-of-universe facts such as the names of particular episodes... hmm.) Amy is able to take the device, activate it, and seal the time lesion, reuniting her with the Doctor. He manages to recapture the Entity in another bottle, and gets it to give back the time energy it had taken from Amy by showing it an even better food source- the Chronomites that live in the void and provide an infinite source of time energy. Amy tells the Doctor he forget to mention how itchy the Chronomites were, but the Doctor claims to have "forgotten".


With the day saved once again, the Doctor and Amy take the opportunity to check all the functions of the TARDIS console to be sure they're working right- as well as to offer their descriptions of the functions to the player. The Doctor, naturally, knows exactly what everything is for, while Amy just goes by what she's seen- but she happens to be pretty spot-on with most of the functions anyway. Once all that's done, it's time to get the Sexy Thing in gear and move on to further adventures. With 60 seconds to pull all the right levers and turn the right knobs, it's a good thing the game only gives you one control panel to work with at a time.

After getting the TARDIS moving once more, the Doctor decides to take Amy somewhere perfectly safe- 23rd century London after the Great Flood. Only, of course, it turns out not to be safe after all...



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