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Recap / Doctor Who 2012 StSS "Good as Gold"

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The Eleventh Doctor has a... bad hair day? Someone's flipped the weird switch on this story.

The one that makes no sense at all.

Written by the Children of Ashdene School.

Behold, another story that was the byproduct of a screenwriting contest aimed at children. In 2012, the Eleventh Doctor and company were stuck in the Land of Fiction and made an appeal on Blue Peter for somebody to write a story for them to get out. That should be your first clue things are about to operate really high on the silly spectrum. "Good as Gold" is more of a "let the writers do as they please" story, after all, being a children's script. This is a Lighter and Softer tale, where the rules don't apply on continuity because it's taking place in a fictitious reality. Anything is possible, even things that don't make sense. Naturally, characters act even goofier than usual. That, and a Weeping Angel is thrown in to mix, with extra powers just for fun.


And now, a reading from The Other Wiki:

Amy reminds the Doctor he needs to have an adventure once in a while, the Doctor complies and sets the TARDIS to its "adventure setting". After a series of malfunctions, the ship lands in the middle of the London 2012 Olympic Games, where they are visited by a panicked Olympic runner, who claims he is being chased. His pursuer is revealed as a Weeping Angel, who is seeking to seize the Olympic Flame and rob the planet of the good will and spirit it symbolizes. The Doctor vanquishes the Angel with the sonic screwdriver, and the runner resumes his mission. Before he leaves, he gives the Doctor his gold medal. As the Doctor prepares to embark on another adventure with Amy, the Weeping Angel begins to re-form....



Alternative Title(s): Doctor Who S 32 E 16 Good As Gold


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