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Recap / Dinosaurs S 04 E 07 Changing Nature

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In the Grand Finale of Dinosaurs, the Sinclairs are awaiting the arrival of the Bunch Beetles, who always fly into the area on May 14, bringing color to the sky and also eating cider poppies that would otherwise grow out of control without them. However, the Bunch Beetles don't show up (Ethyl notes that they've never been late before). A few days later, cider poppies have grown out of control, covering most of the Sinclair household. One Bunch Beetle, Stan, actually shows up, informing them that the babies eat the cider poppies and that he's lost on his way to the swamp to find a mate. Charlene takes him to the swamp, only to find that WESAYSO tore down the swamp to make a wax fruit factory and sprayed all Bunch Beetles to their death, making Stan the final surviving Bunch Beetle.

Charlene and Stan appear on the news to report on what was happening, which gets Mr. Richfield and his boss worried, but when Earl appears on the news to defend WESAYSO and progress, Richfield gets the idea to start a task force that would take attention away from their troubles, knowing well that he can get Earl to volunteer to run the task force. Poison is sprayed on the cider poppies, but it also manages to kill off all plant live on Earth. Needing plants to grow in order to survive, Mr. Richfield knows that plants will grow when it rains and figures that rain comes whenever volcanoes go off, so he has bombs thrown into volcanoes to get plenty of rain. Earl temporarily suggests they reconsider, since the last plan worked too well, but gives his approval when Richfield tells him it's no time to mess with progress. Instead of rain, however, the volcanoes produce snow, leading to the ice age.

When Earl calls Richfield, he finds that Richfield sees it as a good thing, because now WESAYSO is making a profit in blankets, heaters, hot cocoa, and other things to keep warm, missing the point that the world is coming to an end and only caring about his money. Meanwhile, Earl explains to his family what he's learned, and they explain what's happening to the Baby, stating that no matter what happens, they'll always be a famiy.

Includes examples of

  • Downer Ending: And how! After the efforts to take care of the excessive growth of cider poppies results in all plant life on the planet killed, attempts to make plants grow again leads to the ice age, ensuring that the dinosaurs will die out.
  • Grand Finale: While seven "lost" episodes aired later in syndication, this episode serves as the final end for Dinosaurs, considering it ends with their extinction and all.
  • Green Aesop: This episode's lesson is that taking improper care of the environment will result in the end of civilization.
  • Karma Houdini: While Earl gets the blame for approving of poisoning plant life and causing the ice age, it is really the fault of Mr. Richfield and WESAYSO. WESAYSO is responsible for killing off the Bunch Beetles, while Mr. Richfield forms a task force just to keep their troubles away, volunteering Earl to lead so he'll get the blame, and the Ice Age succeeds in bringing profits to the company. Richfield doesn't even care about the world coming to an end, since he cares about the money he's making. And the public doesn't know that WESAYSO is behind the task force, evident when somebody asks Earl and Roy what company provided the Difoliant (poison) and Earl stops Roy from answering to say that the company preferred to remain anonymous. Of course, we all know Richfield can only enjoy his earning for so long once the ice age claims his customers and he won't be alive enough to really enjoy his earnings. So yeah no on screen karma, but a nice thought to know he'll own up in the end.
  • Last of His Kind: Stan is the last of the Bunch Beetles.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Earl is partially responsible for what happens which a crucial point being he could've objected to the plan in WESAYSO efforts to regrow the plants which caused the Ice Age in the first place. Both Robbie and Charlene even tried to offer less destructive solutions. But when the time come to speak out, he ultimately folded and let the plan go on, dooming dinosaur-kind.