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Recap / Dinosaurs S 02 E 12 Refrigerator Day

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In this Christmas Episode spoof, the Sinclairs celebrate Refrigerator Day, a day celebrating the invention of the refrigerator. Before it was invented, families had to always be on the run for food. The invention of the refrigerator meant that families could settle down. This day also includes getting presents. Earl spent all of his money on presents for the family, but isn't worried about going broke because he's expecting his yearly 'Fridge Day bonus. Unfortunately, Mr. Richfield decides NOT to give bonuses this year, since it's just extra pay. Earl comes home to tell the family that he didn't get his bonus and they're broke. Unable to pay the bills, the refrigerator gets repossessed, on the grounds that when bills can't be paid, they take away what's valuable the most - and at this time of year, it's the refrigerator. Earl becomes so distraught over no longer having a refrigerator that Fran decides to return the presents to the store and use the money to buy a new refrigerator - a new concept that the store doesn't like, and only agrees on if they pay significantly less than what was sold in the first place. Fran accepts, but is only able to buy a cooler. Despite these setbacks, the family performs a Refrigerator Day pageant, and Earl learns the true meaning of the holiday. The refrigerator is then brought back, thanks to the store they returned presents to. They are told that when their manager heard about the return policy suggestion, he liked it, and decided to thank them by not only returning their refrigerator, but also the presents they returned, arranged for Earl to get his bonus after all, and installed a snow machine on the roof of the house.


Includes Examples Of

  • As You Know: Baby asks Ethyl what Refrigerator Day is right after she had told him. Justified in that he's a baby.
    Baby: What's Refrigerator Day?
    Ethyl: I already told you.
    Baby: Was I listening?
  • Commercialized Christmas: The Sinclairs watch an ad with the following jingle.
    We wish you a happy Fridge Day
    We wish you a happy Fridge Day
    We wish you a happy Fridge Day
    So come in and buy paint!
  • Fictional Holiday: Refrigerator Day. A parody of Christmas with elements of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah
  • Imagine Spot: Earl imagines Mr. Richfield being friendlier at this time of year.
  • Shout-Out: The store where the Sinclairs return their gifts to is called Kave-Mart.

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