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Recap / Dinosaurs S 02 E 06 Employee Of The Month

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In science class, Robbie is to dissect a cave woman. Robbie can't bring himself to do so and hides her, telling the teacher that she escaped. Meanwhile, Mr. Richfield puts out a suggestion box, in case any of his employees are ever smart enough to suggest something. Earl talks about it at home, believing it to be a trap. Fran insists that Earl put in a suggestion. It is during this discussion that he finds out that Robbie has brought in a cave woman, who the Sinclairs name Sparky and keep as a pet. Earl ends up suggesting that WESAYSO have an employee of the month award. Richfield likes the idea, and names Earl the first employee of the month (just so he won't have to go looking for one), and decides to have dinner at the Sinclair household. Earl even invites mother-in-law Ethyl (so she can see him as a somebody), but Richfield ends up not showing up. While talking with Sparky, he realizes that Sparky would have waited for him like Earl did for Richfield, and decides to give Sparky a promotion: He sends Sparky back out to the wild, where cave people belong. Earl and Robbie spot Mr. Richfield's trailer and Robbie talks Earl into going in to talk to him. Earl reluctantly does, but since Richfield is not there, Earl pretends to have a conversation with his boss, making it look to Robbie like his boss is praising him.


Includes examples of

  • All Animals Are Dogs: Although Robbie saves Sparky from being dissected, she (along with practically all cave people on the show) behaves like a dog.
  • Dinner with the Boss: Earl expects to have dinner with Mr. Richfield. He never shows up.
  • First Appearance: Mr. Pulman, Robbie's science teacher.
  • Foreshadowing: Earl says that humans would be ruling the world if not for dinosaurs.
  • Free the Frogs: Well, Free the Cavepeople, but the principle is the same.

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