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Recap / Digimon Xros Wars E 5 Digi Memory Shine

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At Neptunemon's command, a Gizamon gets Archelomon drunk to get him to reveal the Code Crown's location, ultimately getting him to give them a hint. On the island, Taiki resolves to rescue Archelomon as several large containers of DigiNoir fly through the air and a Pukamon alerts Xros Heart to another attack. The island starts to rise as a large whale-like Digimon called KingWhamonnote , which supports the island on its back, awakens to eat the DigiNoir. The DigiNoir gives it the energy to protect the Island Zone's Code Crown and supports the island itself on its back. The DigiNoir is being flown in by a group of Flymon who have mixed bombs into the DigiNoir to stun KingWhamon. Shoutmon triggers one of the bombs while attempting to eat the falling DigiNoir. With the deception revealed, Shakomon starts deflecting the bombs and Shoutmon attempts to block the bombs it misses with his own body. Taiki jumps into the water after Shoutmon, who has been weakened by the blasts. The Flymon decide to attack them first, but KingWhamon opens its mouth and pulls them in and the Flymon follow them inside.


Taiki and Shoutmon head further in from KingWhamon's stomach and encounter a maze of tunnels. Taiki sends out a yellow Pickmon and a group of Chibickmon to scout the tunnels for the Code Crown. Taiki and Shoutmon follow Pickmon to the Chibickmon to the Code Crown's shrine, only to find that the Chibickmon who found it have been attacked by the Flymon. Taiki recalls Pickmon and the Chibickmon, but the Flymon paralyze him and Shoutmon with a sound attack and one poisons Shoutmon with its stinger. The Flymon attempt to retrieve the Code Crown, but are stopped by a barrier. On the surface, ChibiKamemon prays to KingWhamon to protect Taiki and Shoutmon and the others join him. At KingWhamon's instructions, Taiki holds on to Shoutmon and grabs onto a pillar as Whamon fills with water and expels the Flymon through through the top of the island. Taiki asks KingWhamon to heal Shoutmon in return for Shoutmon's attempts at stopping the Flymons' bombing raid. KingWhamon gives Taiki some of his ambergris to save Shoutmon's life. Shoutmon recovers from the poisoning and KingWhamon asks Taiki why he wants the Code Crown. Taiki and Shoutmon say that they want to protect the zone and the Digimon who live in it from the Bagra Army. Pleased with their answer, KingWhamon grants them the Code Crown.


Neptunemon decides to take the Code Crown by force now that KingWhamon no longer guards it. Taiki and Shoutmon are ambushed by an Ebidramon as they leave through KingWhamon's mouth. Taiki DigiXroses Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon X2 with the Star Axe, but Shoutmon proves to be no match for Ebidramon. KingWhamon instructs ChibiKamemon to obtain a treasure containing the memories of legendary heroes from an underwater temple. Shakomon and Pukamon attempt to help Shoutmon X2 to no avail, but ChibiKamemon returns with the treasure, five electronic cards called DigiMemoriesnote . Taiki activates the one containing Leviamon, who stops Ebidramon with two attacks, allowing Shoutmon X2 to finish it off. Neptunemon orders a small army of Seadramon to carry out an all-out attack.



  • An Arm and a Leg: Leviamon severs the claw Ebidramon trapped Shoutmon X2 with via an energy blast.
  • Diagonal Cut: How Shoutmon X2 finishes off Ebidramon.
  • Elite Mooks: Ebidramon this time.
  • Eye Catch: A card with Starmon and two Pickmon variants.
  • Fun Size: Chibickmon to Pickmon.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: Ebidramon is a giant shrimp.
  • Go Through Me: Shoutmon tanks several explosions to protect KingWhamon.
  • Magic Antidote: KingWhamon's ambergris heals Shoutmon instantly after being applied to where he was stung.
  • Making a Splash/Tornado Move: Leviamon uses a waterspout to immobilize Ebidramon.
  • Poisonous Person: The Flymon. Their stings are lethal if not treated quickly.
  • Pokémon Speak: Except for one line, Pickmon and the Chibickmon only say their own names.
  • Sea Monster: Neptunemon has a small army of Seadramon at his disposal.
  • Summon Magic: DigiMemories are a version that perform only one or two attacks before leaving.
  • Turtle Island: The island is on KingWhamon's back, with two of the plateaus acting as its blowholes.
  • Verbal Tic: "-puka" for Pukamon in addition to the ones used by the other local Digimon.
  • Womb Level: Actually averted. KingWhamon's interior is mechanical.

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