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Recap / Digimon Xros Wars E 18 Stingmon The Hero Of The Digimon Jungle

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On the way to the next Zone with six Code Crowns in hand, Taiki wonders whether Nene is alright. Akari says that Nene should be alright since she has a strong Digimon with her, but Taiki sees something sinister in DarkKnightmon. They exit digital space into the next Zone, only to find themselves in an empty sky. Shoutmon and Cutemon exit the Xros Loader in confusion at the apparent lack of surroundings. The only one to see anything is Taiki, who happens to be looking down. They start to fall when everyone realizes that they are in fact thousands of feet in the air above a dense forest. Beelzebumon leaves the Xros Loader and dives to save Akari, Zenjirou, and Cutemon and barely manages to do so before that crash into the trees. Taiki saves himself and Shoutmon by DigiXrosing Dorulumon with Starmon and the Pickmons into an improvised helicopter.


At Bagramon's palace, Tactimon tells Blastmon that one of his underlings is having difficulty in the Zone he was assigned to, for which Tactimon is berated by a small, unnamed metallic Digimon. Lilithmon arrives and reveals that she is keeping the small Digimon as a pet. Tactimon leaves, informing them that he is going to the Forest Zonenote .

Once safely on the ground, Taiki is unable to reach Akari and Zenjirou on his wrist communicator. Dorulumon informs Taiki that they are in the Forest Zone and that the local Digimon have been able to fend off the Bagra Army. Taiki, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon decide to look for Akari and Zenjirou, who were separated from them during the fall. Dorulumon runs off instead to look for them and Cutemon, with Taiki sending Revolmon to help him. Meanwhile, Beelzebumon tries to lead Akari and Zenjirou to safety over the swampy terrain while avoiding the large insect Digimon that live there, but is attacked by Stingmon, the self-proclaimed guardian of the forest. Beelzebumon and Stingmon fight, but neither is able to land a solid hit until Beelzebumon tries to save Akari and Zenjirou from a falling tree knocked loose by their battle. Akari and Zenjirou are saved by Lilamon, who also talks Stingmon down before the fight can continue further. Lilamon believes that Akari and Zenjirou are in love, much to their horror, and reveals that she is Stingmon's girlfriend. Several explosions are heard by both Beelzebumon's ground and Dorulumon, who takes it as a sign to find Akari and Zenjirou quickly. Revolmon finds some of Beelzebumon's feathers, which he directs Dorulumon to follow. Taiki, meanwhile, is surrounded by AtlurKabuterimonnote  led by Kongoumon of the Bagra Army. Taiki DigiXroses Shoutmon and Balistamon into Shoutmon X2 and brings out Knightmon and the PawnShessmons to fight them. The Bagra Army Digimon attacking Dorulumon are defeated by Kiriha and Nene, who tells Dorulumon to warn Taiki not to get in her way. Dorulumon and Revolmon then see Akari and Zenjirou running by and follow them. As Shoutmon X2 fights the AtlurKabuterimon, Taiki sees Tactimon, who says that he'd considered punishing Kongoumon for failing to capture the Forest Zone, but Taiki's presence leads Tactimon to believe that Kongoumon had been having difficulty with Xros Heart rather than Stingmon. Kongoumon lets Tactimon believe this and Tactimon sends him after the Code Crown and the powerful Digimon guarding it before challenging Taiki to battle.


Lilamon brings Akari and Zenjirou to a walled temple and Stingmon tells them that his mission is to defend the place. Dorulumon finds them and tells them to head back and help Taiki. Stingmon tells Akari and Zenjirou that to bring their friends to safety at the temple grounds. Beelzebumon flies Dorulumon and Revolmon back to Taiki. Kiriha and Nene arrive at the temple and tell Stingmon that he has more pressing concerns than the Bagra Army now, with Kiriha DigiXrosing Greymon and MailBirdramon into MetalGreymon. Dorulumon arrives in time to stop Tactimon from killing Shoutmon X2 and Taiki DigiXroses Shoutmon X2 with Dorulumon, Beelzebumon, Starmon, and the Pickmons to form Shoutmon X4B, which is able to face Tactimon on even terms due to Tactimon's sword having been sealed by Bagramon. Tactimon makes his escape and Shoutmon X4B obliterates the remaining AtlurKabuterimon. Meanwhile, Kiriha and Nene have defeated Stingmon and Lilamon with ease. Over Akari and Zenjirou's objections, Nene tells Kiriha to force information on the Forest Zone's guardian out of the two Digimon. Kiriha refuses, saying that he only battles the strong. In response, DarkKnightmon leaves Nene's Xros Loader and defeats MetalGreymon in a show of force to convince Kiriha to go along with Nene's plan. Shoutmon X4B intervenes before DarkKnightmon can land a killing blow. Stingmon regains consciousness and says he needs to protect Lilamon and the others. The Forest Zone's guardian draws him through the temple's barrier to heal him for his love and compassion for others. DarkKnightmon takes the opportunity to enter the barrier while it is open, dragging Nene with him and saying that they are going to claim the powerful Digimon within for Team Twilight.


  • All-Loving Hero: Stingmon. He's in a romantic relationship with Lilamon and so his first thought is to her safety, but he also feels the need to protect the others. The Forest Zone's guarding considers him worthy of protection for both of these traits.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Most of the Digimon of the Forest Zone are these, though a Woodmon can be seen among Stingmon's troops at the temple as well. Tactimon's troops in the Forest Zone are also these.
  • Bubblegloop Swamp: Much of the forest floor is a swamp with bubbles perpetually rising out of it.
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: Gravity gives everyone just enough time to realize that they're thousands of feet in the air before kicking in. Shoutmon even walks in place before he starts to fall.
  • Hailfire Peaks: The Forest Zone is a mix of forest and swamp biomes.
  • Holy Ground: Averted with the area surrounding the temple.
  • Jungle Japes: Downplayed. There are vines in the trees, but the Forest Zone isn't particularly tropical-looking.
  • The Lost Woods: The Forest Zone is a massive, dense rainforest with a swampy floor and random breaks in the canopy to let rays of sunlight through.
  • Only the Pure of Heart: Lilamon seems to thing this about the area around the temple, which leads her to take Akari and Zenjirou's presence there as further proof that they are in love despite Beelzebumon and numerous other characters not having any romantic interests and still being there. It's subverted with the barrier within the temple as the guardian will only allow entrance for those who show love, romantic or otherwise, but it can be entered by anyone, even villains like DarkKnightmon, while it's open.
  • Physical God: The Forest Zone's guardian is stated to be a deity by Stingmon and Lilamon.
  • Power Limiter: Bagramon put one on Tactimon's sword. As a result, he's barely able to fight Shoutmon X4B on even terms.
  • Reflective Eyes: A structure surrounding the Forest Zone's guardian can be seen reflected in its eye.
  • Shipper on Deck: Lilamon is this toward Akari and Zenjirou, much to their annoyance.
  • Southern Belle: Lilamon is voiced as one in the dub.

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