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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 8 Guilmon Evolves Decisive Battle In West Shinjuku

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Takato continues to design a potential Guilmon evolution, wondering what he should name it. Meanwhile, Impmon scares a human couple at the park and laughs at them. Guilmon, at his hideout, finds Impmon stealing one of his rolls of bread and demanding more. Guilmon hands his bread over without question, pointing out that it’s Takato’s, and Impmon laughs at his constant references to Takato and calls him pathetic for his closeness with a human. Guilmon says that Takato is his friend, and Impmon finds this disgusting and walks off while Guilmon naïvely moves on with his life.


At Takato’s school, Miss Asanuma informs the class of a prankster at Shinjuku’s park, which startles Takato a little. After class, a girl informs her friends about rumors of a kid scaring couples at the park at night, and while the girls suspect the boys in the class, Takato begins to worry despite Juri’s reassurances that it’s just a joke. Takato asks Jian about it afterwards, who says that the prankster is said to be a child, and Takato reasons that Guilmon doesn’t really look like a child while Terriermon is still suspicious. Jian brings up the fact that the teachers are going to start patrolling the park, and Takato realizes that they could find Guilmon.

At Hypnos, one of the Bridge Bunnies finds another Wild One and reports that it’s untraceable...

Takato visits Guilmon at the park and tells him not to come out for a while. Miss Asanuma and Mr. Mori, a teacher with a very obvious crush on her patrol the park, finding some couples with some very intense PDA along the way until Miss Asanuma gets fed up and decides to go off herself. Impmon drops by Guilmon’s hideout again, inviting to come out and have fun, and Guilmon is excited by the idea of playing even after considering Takato’s order for him to stay there.


Takato gets interrogated by an officer for being out late only to be found by Miss Asanuma, who bails him out by claiming to be in charge of him. Guilmon follows Impmon around, wondering what Impmon means by having fun, and Impmon plays a prank on a passing couple and scares them away. Guilmon doesn’t find it funny and decides to go home.

Takato walks back with Miss Asanuma, who’s sure that Takato isn’t the prankster, but Takato is too occupied thinking about what’ll happen if the officer finds Guilmon. He goes over to the hideout only to find Guilmon missing, but Guilmon appears behind him and tells him that “we were scaring people in the park”. Takato, frustrated over the thought that Guilmon was the prankster and the fact he was worried sick about Guilmon, yells at him for making him worry and claims that he hates him before running off. Guilmon sulks, knowing that he’s made Takato angry.


Impmon, bored from scaring all of the humans in the park, runs into a Devidramon about to Realize and provokes him, making him emerge. Guilmon senses the presence of the Devidramon, which flies around and terrorizes Shinjuku. Seeing the Devidramon, Takato goes to fetch Guilmon, as meanwhile Renamon alerts Ruki at her home that a Digimon has just appeared.

Guilmon goes on the hunt for Devidramon, while Yamaki notices the Devidramon flying outside his window and recognizes it as the Wild One that just Realized. Takato finds Guilmon and the Devidramon, but Guilmon is already invested in beginning the fight. Renamon stops Ruki on their way there, saying that this fight belongs to Guilmon. They’re met up by Jian and Terriermon shortly after, the latter of whom is eager to see the fight start.

Takato tries using various Option Cards to help Guilmon in the fight, but none of them do much help. Ruki comments that he’s using the cards completely wrong, and Jian decides to interfere in the fight despite his initial reluctance. Devidramon manages to knock Guilmon down and begin bashing him in, and Impmon is pleased to see the spectacle from afar. As he gloats about having released the Devidramon and scaring humans in the park, Terriermon catches sight of him and realizes that Impmon was the prankster, while Impmon wishes that he could be as “big and strong” as Devidramon.

Takato doesn’t have any usable cards left, and Jian and Terriermon arrive with Terriermon informing Takato that Impmon was the actual prankster. As Devidramon is about to strangle Guilmon, Takato urges Guilmon not to give up and to hang in there, apologizing for doubting him. As Culumon appears on the scene to check out what’s going on, Takato yells for Guilmon, triggering Guilmon’s evolution into, incidentally, Takato’s design for a Guilmon evolution. Seeing that Guilmon is evolving, Takato dubs him “Growmon”note .

Growmon’s battle with Devidramon happens to have reached the attention of Hypnos, and Yamaki orders that this be kept from the media. Meanwhile, Growmon manages to defeat Devidramon and load his data, and roars into the sky.



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