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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 7 Crisis For Guilmon The Adventure In My Town

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Takato stops by Guilmon’s hideout in the morning, and as they go out together, Guilmon talks about a dream he had and Takato is a little surprised to know that Digimon can have dreams. Suddenly, Guilmon’s bottom half begins to fade away, and when Takato pulls him out of where he’s standing, he goes back to normal.

Takato tells Jian about the situation later at school, worried that Guilmon might disappear. Jian says that it’s an anomaly in the first place for Digimon to be in the real world, while Terriermon says that one shouldn’t make differences between the real world and the Digimon world. Jian isn’t so sure, saying that things don’t always tend to last forever. Takato refuses to hear it and runs off.


The boss of the mysterious Government Agency of Fiction, Yamaki, receives a call from one of his Bridge Bunnies to return as soon as possible because the inspector is asking for some explanations. Yamaki is exasperated, saying that the inspector won’t understand what’s going on, and hears a noise behind him before he departs.

Takato worries about Guilmon all throughout class and about what might happen if Guilmon evolved, momentarily catching the attention of Juri. After the lecture in class about a tunnel is being dug under the park to contain water Takato rushes to the park after school to meet with Guilmon. Guilmon happens to be playing with Culumon, who happens to be enjoying himself as a free spirit.

Yamaki explains to the inspector the purpose of his agency, Hypnos, in monitoring a “Digital World” network. The inspector tells Yamaki that this Government Conspiracy cannot be allowed to reach the ears of the public, and that the only reason the facility exists at all is to prevent the emergence of Wild Ones.


As Takato and Guilmon look for Ruki, Takato asks Guilmon if he wants to evolve, but Guilmon isn’t very familiar with the concept. Guilmon ends up distracted and runs off, and as Takato chases him, they find themselves faced with Renamon. Guilmon and Takato aren’t interested in fighting, and Ruki comes from behind to berate Takato for being so unwilling and for casually walking around the street together in public with Guilmon.

Takato introduces himself and tells Ruki about the dream he saw with her in it. Ruki’s grandmother interrupts them, happy to see that Ruki has a friend home, and when she departs, Takato finally gets to the question he wanted to ask: why did Renamon come from the Digital World to the real world, and is it possible for her to become data again? Ruki says that since Digimon are originally data, it’s something that could be possible, and Takato is saddened by this idea. Takato thanks Ruki and takes his leave with Guilmon.


At Hypnos, one of Yamaki’s Bridge Bunnies finds a mysterious packet of data that isn’t a Wild One...

Takato continues to be troubled over why Guilmon came to him, and Guilmon ends up accidentally stepping into the area where his lower half started to disappear. As the same thing happens, Guilmon senses that “something bad is happening” and that he’s going away. Takato clutches onto Guilmon, not wanting him to disappear, and Guilmon suddenly vanishes completely. Takato cries, wondering if Guilmon was even there at all, but his Digivice acts up and shows him a compass. Knowing that Guilmon’s still there, Takato immediately calls Jian.

Ruki notices the door ringing and finds none other than Jian and Takato at her door. Hypnos happens to be busy trying to figure out what to do about the mysterious packet of data that’s disturbing the Net, and Yamaki decides to use Yuggoth, an “unauthorized” program, despite it not being allowed.

Takato leads Jian and Ruki to the place where Guilmon disappeared, and Renamon and Terriermon also find parts of themselves entering the area threatening to disappear. Renamon withdraws and Terriermon decides to wait on the other side of the street; Ruki wants to leave, saying that all they have to do is just avoid the area, but Takato insists on looking for Guilmon because, contrary to Ruki’s beliefs, Digimon are their friends. Jian sees the compass on his Digivice and follows it with Takato, with a reluctant Ruki tagging along.

Yamaki’s Bridge Bunny warns Yamaki that he could potentially destroy the network itself, but Yamaki pushes on and has her execute Yuggoth. Takato, Jian, and Ruki explore the tunnel under the park until they find the large mass of data in front of them, and their Digivices light up. Led by Takato, they charge into it, only to fall into a strange space where Guilmon happens to be trapped. As Yuggoth starts to delete the data around them, Jian and Ruki throw Takato at Guilmon, and their reunion creates a red light that leads them out before Yuggoth destroys them all as well.

Takato thanks Jian and Ruki for their help, and Ruki departs with Renamon. Takato hears his worried parents call for him, and Jian also takes his leave. Takato tells Guilmon that he’ll see him tomorrow and goes off to meet his parents.


  • Foreshadowing: This episode deals with a Tamer potentially having to leave his Digimon forever. Guess what happens at the end of the series?
  • Goggles Do Nothing: As it turns out, goggles happen to be very useful for charging into a mysterious packet of data. Jian and Ruki use their sunglasses for similar effect.
  • Karma Houdini: Yamaki rudely mouths off to his boss and doesn't get punished for it.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Yamaki's blunt rudeness to his boss, and later to Reika, when he normally tries to be polite.


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