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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 50 Crimson Warrior Save Those You Love

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Takato matrix evolves with Guilmon to become Dukemon, joining up with Grani and going off to rescue Juri. Juri reaches out to Culumon, and as she does so, her Ark falls off from her waist.

Dukemon is joined by Sakuyamon, where they meet Jian and Terriermon in a large floating bubble and revert to their Child forms. Jian shows them the red card, which will give them the ability to go inside the D-Reaper. They’re joined by Ryou and Cyberdramon, and Takato, Jian, Ruki, and Ryou take turns slashing the red card through their Arks.


They matrix evolve with their Digimon and enter the D-Reaper, and as Hypnos and the Wild Bunch observe, Jiangyu still seems troubled about something.

The D-Reaper comes after Dukemon, SaintGalgomon, Sakuyamon, and Justimon, and the Wild Bunch continues work on Operation: Doodlebug.

Juri breaks free of the D-Reaper’s bindings and retrieves Culumon, but he seems to have fallen unconscious. Having had enough of all of this, she picks up her Ark and wonders if this is fate as well.

Grani gets blown away, and Dukemon promises to come back for him. As a D-Reaper agent starts to terrorize what’s left of the city, Hirokazu and Guardromon take care of it, but before they can do anything else they’re found by a police helicopter and are told they’re being searched for.

Takato realizes that he and his friends haven’t really changed much, while far off Ai and Makoto tend to Impmon. Impmon still believes himself to be useless, but Ai and Makoto’s insistence that he’s not causes an Ark to appear to them.


Juri, wanting Culumon to wake up, faces the D-Reaper with renewed resolve and yells that she’d twisted Leomon’s last words about “fate”, that she can live her life happily again, and that even humans can evolve as well. As she does so, Leomon’s spirit appears in her Ark. The D-Reaper, not liking this development, ties Juri up again. It begins to analyze humans and Digimon as being intrinsically destructive. Hearing this as they approach, Dukemon, SaintGalgomon, Sakuyamon declare this to be wrong, having attained their evolution through cooperation with humans.

Hypnos and the Wild Bunch prepares to unleash Operation: Doodlebug, and Yamaki instructs Reika to start up something that turns out to be a new version of Shaggai. However, a bunch of cables suddenly rise up in the middle of the D-Reaper and form into another agent. Dukemon goes in to attack it, but nothing happens and the agent prepares to destroy Dukemon.


Juri, now certain that she and humans can change fate, hears Takato’s voice. Dukemon recovers from the attack and everyone else goes in to stop the agent. However, the place Juri is being held is in danger of falling apart, and Dukemon goes off to find her after Takato hears Juri screaming.

Before Dukemon can go in, however, a giant head shaped like Juri’s emerges from the D-Reaper and blows him back. As Dukemon falls, Grani appears and tells him that he’ll give him the ability to fly, and, thanking Guilmon and Takato for befriending him, uses up the last of his strength to change Dukemon to Dukemon Crimson Mode. Now with the ability to fly, Dukemon destroys the giant head and goes in to save Juri.



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