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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 45 Stand Up To The D Reaper Charge Into The Zone

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The Tamers reflect on themselves: Jian about how he’s been restraining himself too much but knows that there are things he has to do, Ruki about how she’s becoming a different person by having friends, and Takato about his feeling of togetherness of being with Guilmon.

As Takato, Jian, and Ruki matrix evolve with their partners to Dukemon, SaintGalgomon, and Sakuyamon, what’s left of Dobermon nuzzles a distressed Alice before vanishing. Dukemon, SaintGalgomon, and Sakuyamon fight off the D-Reaper’s Agents, while at Hypnos the agents worry about whether they have to leave it up to the children like this and Dolphin looks again at his picture of him and Alice.


As Alice sadly leaves the scene, the Wild Bunch and Hypnos watch the battle in distress. Yamaki tells Jiangyu to believe in the children, and Jiangyu mobilizes the other members of the Wild Bunch to find a way to get rid of the D-Reaper.

Although the Digimon manage to fend them off, more and more of the D-Reaper’s Agents appear. Yamaki approaches Daisy and tells him about how the Ark had communicated with him, and asks her to give power to the Ark.

Watching from home, Hirokazu, Kenta, and Shaochung watch the battle unfolding on TV and decide that they need to help too. Lopmon asks for help from Shaochung, and she opens her bag to get her Ark.

The D-Reaper snatches up Dukemon and brings him into its bubble. Kenta and Hirokazu head to Shinjuku with their partners, while Shaochung has Lopmon evolve to Andiramon and sends him off. Within the D-Reaper, Dukemon sees the destroyed remains of the city, and the D-Reaper forces him to regress into Guilmon and Takato as they flee to the park, the only area that hasn’t been destroyed. Takato is approached by none other than Juri, who tells him that the D-Reaper hasn’t been able to destroy the trees because it hasn’t been able to analyze organic lifeforms yet.


While Impmon and Culumon pass by, Culumon senses something near the park and points it out to Impmon. Despite Culumon’s lack of powers, he tells Impmon that he wants to go in to check it out.

Juri reveals herself to be a fake, with the real Juri being used as a “sample” for the D-Reaper. Because of Juri’s “irrational” and “destructive” thought processes coming from her loss of Leomon, the D-Reaper deemed her to be something similar to itself and is using her in order to analyze humans and organic life forms.

Takato, however, refuses to believe that it isn’t the real Juri, even after Guilmon tells Takato that it’s not her. “Juri” suddenly takes on a monstrous form and tells Takato that humans are not worthy of existing from being irrational creatures. As the trees around them begin to wither and die, Takato demands to know where the real Juri is, but the Agent only tells him that the D-Reaper will soon delete her.


Hirokazu arrives with Guardromon, and suddenly they’re joined by another Digimon who looks suspiciously similar to something else...



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