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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 44 The Mysterious Girl Bringer Of Miracles Dobermon

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As the news reports on the expanding D-Reaper, Takato, Jian, and Ruki mull over what they can do now. Takato is bothered by having seen Juri, telling Jian that he’d called Juri’s mother and found that she’s been missing. Takato says that lately, his heart’s been hurting for some reason.

The news continues to report, and meanwhile, a mysterious girl and a doglike Digimon watch over Shinjuku. Dolphin, revealed to be a professor at Palo Alto University with the name Rob McCoy, has an interview with a news station and tells them about how the D-Reaper is different from the Digimon. While doing so, he stops to look at a photo depicting himself...and the mysterious girl. Curly, real name Aishwarya Rai and another professor at Palo Alto University, also comes on and mentions that the D-Reaper had gained its body and nature by absorbing the Digimon that it deleted.


As Takato, Jian, and Ruki explore Shinjuku, they find a note telling them to go to Ruki’s house. Despite the possibility that it could be a trap, they decide to go ahead, though Ruki is a little more distressed at bringing friends home. While they head off, Takato suddenly sees Juri in the distance, musing about how humans are selfish and how the world has no value before disappearing.

Reika talks with Yamaki, saying that there will always be people who will try to control the network and Internet so that it won’t be a free world anymore. Yamaki says that he doesn’t believe in that ideal anymore, and that he won’t do things alone from this point on. Jiangyu arrives with good news: he and the others have managed to get data on the D-Reaper’s first stage.

Takato, Jian, and Ruki are greeted at Ruki’s house by their families, who provide them with food. Takato’s father brings up the finally-completed Guilmon bread, to which Guilmon is overjoyed to see. The children are touched to see their families having cooked for them and enjoy themselves.


Impmon comes upon Culumon and finds out from him that Juri’s disappeared. Remembering that he was responsible for killing her partner, he decides to do something about this.

With Hypnos’s existence revealed, the government is forced to answer questions about whether it threatens the public’s privacy and whether it has anything to do with the D-Reaper. All the while, the mysterious girl and the Digimon with her find themselves fleeing from the D-Reaper’s agents...

The kids and Digimon thank the families for the food, and Jian’s mother reveals that she had always suspected something was up when Jian had snuck parts of his food into his room while Renamon graciously thanks Ruki’s family from her eating place in solitude.

At Hypnos, the Wild Bunch finds that the D-Reaper is avoiding any place with large amounts of plant life, particularly parks.


The kids’ Arks start to react, and they realize that they have to leave. Their families give them their blessing, saying that the only thing left that they can do is help as much as they can. With that, the kids evolve their Digimon to Adult and depart.

Yamaki suddenly gets a message from the Ark that had carried the kids home, while the kids’ Digimon enter battle with the D-Reaper’s agents. The mysterious girl and the Digimon with her run into the battle, still being chased. The girl, named Alice, and the Digimon with her, Dobermon, identify the children as the Tamers and tell them that they’ve been looking for them.

At Hypnos, while Dolphin looks again at the picture of him with Alice, Dolphin tells Yamaki that he only used the core part of the Digimon program to make the Ark. The two realize that the Ark may have become self-aware, and that the development of the Digimon may have gone beyond what the Wild Bunch initially anticipated. Yamaki says that the Ark seems to want to tell them something.

Dobermon, who seems to be close with Alice, tells the Tamers that he’s come to deliver something. Before he can say what, the D-Reaper’s Agents attack again, and even though the Tamers matrix evolve their Digimon to Perfect, they’re not able to do much. Takato realizes that the only way they can defeat them is by getting their Digimon to the Ultimate level, but Jian points out that they’re still not able to do that, being in the real world.

Dobermon reveals that he’s been sent by Zhuqiaomon and Qinglongmon to give them the power to merge with their Digimon again and bring them to the Ultimate level. Knowing what’s about to happen, Alice begins to cry, and Dobermon leaps into the air and dissolves himself into data, telling them that the most evolved part of the D-Reaper is in the real world and that they must defeat it. As the data swirls around them, the Tamers decide that they have to do something and raise their Arks.


  • Balloon Belly: Guilmon gains this after gorging himself on food.
  • Deus ex Machina: Alice and Dobermon’s sole purpose seems to be to give an event that allows the Tamers to merge with their Digimon again. No backstory, foreshadowing, or elaboration whatsoever is ever given for the two.

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