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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 43 Connected Minds Resurrected Beelzebumon

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Takato, Jian, and Ruki approach the D-Reaper and find themselves face-to-face with more of its agents. They make a run for it, but the agents don’t follow them.

Takato takes the group to his school, where they sleep for the night. In the morning, they find themselves hungry, and they stop by the deserted Matsuda Bakery to make some bread from the materials left behind.

At Hypnos, Jiangyu notices that the D-Reaper seems to be avoiding the park in Shinjuku, and wonders why. Yamaki decides to get more information from the military headquarters.


Impmon tries to go around town, but ends up unintentionally scaring everyone he meets. He eventually runs into Jian’s teacher Chou and shows him a placard that he found, asking to have it read. Chou tells him that it’s a note from Ai and Makoto, written for Impmon and saying that they’re going to their grandma’s place in Hongo. He gives Impmon directions to Hongo, which Impmon gratefully accepts before asking why Chou isn’t afraid of him. Chou responds that he doesn’t sense any evil in Impmon’s heart.

The self-defense forces try to shoot a surveillance missile into the D-Reaper in the hopes of getting a look at its appearance from the inside. However, they’re only able to see the distorted ruins of the Tokyo government building before the camera is eaten up by the D-Reaper and dissolved.


As the kids enjoy the bread they’ve made at the Matsuda Bakery, they’re visited by Yamaki, Reika, and Megumi. At Hypnos, the members of the Wild Bunch are startled by the appearance of Shibumi, who’s arrived to inform them about the D-Reaper - it's a program that was intended to delete memory when it exceeded its quota, but when the Digital World and the Digimon came into being, the D-Reaper started to eat them as well and, having concluded that it needed to delete things in the Real World as well, overstepped its bounds in order to do so.

The military starts attacking the D-Reaper again, and as Takato’s group watches with Yamaki, Reika, and Megumi, Yamaki becomes exasperated at the futility of it all. The agents fend off all of the attacks, and Takato, Jian, and Ruki matrix evolve their Digimon using their Blue Cards in response. Despite their best efforts, however, MegaloGrowmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon aren’t able to have much effect and are mostly able to defend only themselves. Takato, Ruki, and Jian also find out the hard way that to their shock, they're experiencing whatever pain their respective partners endure in the fight.


Impmon arrives at where Ai and Makoto are staying and finds the two children delighted to see him again. They promptly pamper him with food and drinks, telling him that they got their mom to fix the teddy bear they tore, and that, after they’d realized Impmon had left them because of their selfishness, they had agreed to share everything from then on.

Together, they watch television, where Impmon sees MegaloGrowmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon fighting the D-Reaper on the news. Realizing that he has to do something to help, he decides to leave Ai and Makoto for the time being so that he can do what he can. Ai and Makoto are distressed to see him leave, but Impmon promises to return and Makoto entrusts him with a toy gun, telling him to “beat the bad guys with it”, while Ai gives him a good luck kiss. Running off to help the others, Impmon evolves back into Beelzebumon, and the toy gun Makoto gave him transforms him into his Blast Mode.

Out of options, Takato tries to use matrix evolution to bring MegaloGrowmon to the Ultimate level, but nothing happens and Jian realizes that they can’t do this in the real world because, as humans, they aren’t data. Beelzebumon Blast Mode arrives to assist, and, while the others are doubtful of his intentions, Beelzebumon decides to do it for Ai and Makoto’s sake and manages to incapacitate one of the D-Reaper’s agents by disconnecting it from the main body.

MegaloGrowmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon finish off the agent, and, realizing that he has better intentions now, resort to some light-hearted banter with Beelzebumon. Takato, however, suddenly sees what he believes to be Juri disappearing behind a tree...


  • Synchronization: Comes back into full play when the D-Reaper attacks MegaloGrowmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon, with Takato, Jian, and Ruki being visibly pushed back as well.

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