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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 42 A City Attacked By The D Reaper

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The D-Reaper appearing shows up on the news, attracting the attention of the Tamers throughout Japan. While in Yokohama, Ruki watches the news in concern, while her mother talks about how they should spend the time they have now as a family. Further off, Jian’s family, staying with Jian’s tai chi teacher Chou, watches the situation unfolding as well.

At the Hypnos headquarters, the Wild Bunch attempts to figure out what’s going on and access the network, and Yamaki gives Dolphin the Hypnos log files. Jiangyu calls Jianliang, telling him to leave the Wild Bunch to take care of what’s going on.


On the train to Zushi, Takato sees a man reading a newspaper detailing the D-Reaper and the Digimon incidents and going to inform the conductor after seeing Guilmon. Hastily, Takato and Guilmon get off at the next stop.

Ryou finds himself pestered by paparazzi wanting to know where he’s been for the past year, and how he feels about all the stuff going on right now. His father fends them off and they depart, and while Ryou introduces Monodramon to him, he finds that his father is still irritated at him for having left and apologizes for doing so. On the radio, Ryou hears about the oncoming crisis with the D-Reaper in Shinjuku.

Impmon finds himself in the house of his former human partners Ai and Makoto, and discovers a framed drawing of him. In Nagano, Culumon plays with Juri’s brother and meets her stepmother, who seems to be kind and affectionate, but Juri herself only pushes her brother down threateningly before giving her stepmother a Slasher Smile.


Takato calls his mother, telling her that he can’t go to Zushi, and makes his way back to Shinjuku. As the self-defense forces attempt to figure out what to do, Renamon tells Ruki that they won’t be able to do anything with human methods. Ruki’s mother can tell that Ruki wants to go out and gives her a shirt to wear before she does. Ruki finds it to be a “mended heart” version of her broken-heart shirt, and, after some awkwardness, dons it before running off with Renamon.

Jiangyu pulls out the log from when Hypnos was hijacked and figures out that the D-Reaper had Realized from there. At his teacher’s house, Jian talks with him about how he was right about the Devas not necessarily being good or evil, and that the Devas were simply believing in their own sense of justice. Chou tells him that things like morality change depending on the situation, and Jian realizes that such a thing is happening now.


Takato and Guilmon arrive in Shinjuku, which is now deserted. As Ruki and Kyuubimon approach, Takato tries to figure out a way to get around the self-defense forces. Jian has issues convincing his mother to let him go as well, pleading with her that he and the others are the only ones who know what the D-Reaper is and can take measures to stop it. His mother continues to insist that she can’t possibly allow him to go off, and Jian takes his leave despite this.

Yamaki is distressed at the D-Reaper attacking Hypnos, realizing that Hypnos may have caused all of this, but Jiangyu comforts him.

Juri suddenly disappears, and her stepmother frantically looks for her. In Tokyo, one of the self-defense force members’ camera is dragged away by an unseen force, while Takato finds the other end of the tunnel where he and the others had often traversed in the hopes of getting to the park in Shinjuku. Before they enter, they’re found by Ruki, Renamon, Jian, and Terriermon, who want to join him.

While Takato, Ruki, Jian, and their Digimon traverse the tunnel. They wonder what they’ll do about the D-Reaper - and meanwhile, as Takato tries to avoid saying anything about Ruki’s new shirt, Ruki gets irritated at Takato trying to avoid it.

As the self-defense forces pursue the camera, they’re suddenly found face-to-face with a bunch of strange agent creatures connected by cords to the D-Reaper, which rise into the sky without warning. As Takato and his friends emerge from the tunnel, they hear the sounds of the self-defense forces trying to shoot the agents down.


  • Conspicuous CG: The D-Reaper agents flying into the sky (identified on Konaka’s website as ADR-02: Searcher) are in this.
  • Keigo: Since Lopmon uses extremely formal Japanese pronouns and speech, Shaochung tries to teach him neutral modern Japanese for a while. It doesn’t stick.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Shaochung effectively reveals Lopmon to be male indirectly by trying to get him to use the male pronoun boku. Unfortunately, it was too late for the dub to go back when it had already referred to Lopmon as female for nine episodes, resulting in continued execution of the She's a Man in Japan trope.

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