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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 40 Evolutions Radiance Shining Evolution

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As the D-Reaper continues to manifest, Juri plays with her Hand Puppet in a lonely manner, still going on about how everything is fate. In the meantime, earthquakes begin to erupt in Shinjuku, and the Wild Bunch gets closer and closer to finishing their Ark. Beelzebumon, wandering in the Digital World, is haunted by the look on Juri’s face that appeared when he killed Leomon. When he’s attacked by a bunch of Chrysalimon, he yells that he doesn’t need power, and is easily dominated by them.


As the D-Reaper continues to approach and recede, Xuanwumon and Baihumon appear so that the four Holy Beasts can make their “resolution”. Qinglongmon addresses Culumon, telling him of how he’s actually the DigiEntelechia turned into a Digimon and asks him what he wishes to do. Culumon decides that he wants to help, and the DigiGnomes grant his wish by causing him to release the power of Shining Evolutionnote . The power causes every Digimon in the Digital World bar the Tamers’ Digimon to evolve to their Ultimate levels, while meanwhile Beelzebmon, back in the form of Impmon, is released by his attackers.

The evolved Ultimate-level Digimon gather around Culumon so that they can help fight the D-Reaper, and Culumon returns to the group. The DigiGnomes disappear, having used their bodies to fuel the power to grant Culumon’s wish. Kenta is approached by a extremely tiny and cute Ultimate-level Digimon called MarineAngemon, who immediately latches himself onto Kenta until Kenta sends him over to the other Ultimate-level Digimon. Juri, meanwhile, wanders off with her hand puppet in tow.


In the real world, the Wild Bunch finishes the Ark, and Takato receives an email on his communicator about it. The group is happy to finally be able to go home, but Hirokazu is unable to find Juri. Guardromon quickly finds her, and she returns, acting more listless than usual.

After Reika contacts the children’s families, she asks Jiangyu about what the Ark is. Jiangyu explains that it’s an interface that connects humans and the network that’s now been repurposed to bring the children home. Yamaki sends Takato a program that gives him 40 minutes to find a trail of light that’ll lead them to the Ark that can take them home.

Qinglongmon sends the children off, promising to take care of the Digital World with the other Digimon, and Zhuqiaomon acknowledges them even if he’s still not happy with the idea of Digimon evolving with humans. Before the group departs to find the place where they first entered the Digital World, Qinglongmon tells Culumon that he’s now free to live his life as a Digimon.


As they head off, however, the D-Reaper suddenly emerges and heads into the real world. Hypnos finds a malicious presence eating up its data, and Jiangyu is unable to send the Ark despite there being only thirty minutes left on the counter. Renamon reveals that she’s found Impmon’s discarded scarf and asks Ruki if she’ll accompany her in looking for him, promising to return before the Ark arrives.

Renamon tells Ruki that she’d heard Beelzebumon’s scream, and says that after becoming Sakuyamon with Ruki she’d learned of the importance of protecting others. They decide to find Impmon and take him back to the real world with them.

With Hypnos having lost all of the memory it needs to send the Ark, the Wild Bunch contacts the computers all over the world to ask them to contribute memory through the Internet. People around the world begin to receive emails asking for help to save a group of children, and the Wild Bunch successfully garners enough support from them to get the memory they need.

With ten minutes left on the clock, the stream of light appears in front of Takato’s group. Ruki and Renamon find Impmon, and Ruki returns Impmon’s scarf to him and tells him to come home with them despite his misgivings. Night approaches, and Ruki realizes she doesn’t have much time; the Ark appears when the clock hits zero as planned, but Ruki and Renamon haven’t returned to board it...



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