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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 39 Whirling Ultimate Flower Sakuyamon Evolves

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Zhuqiaomon senses the appearance of the D-Reaper, and Qinglongmon tells the group that Culumon may need their help and takes them to where Culumon is via a giant flying cloud. Takato tries to tell Juri to cheer up, telling her that she’s a nice girl who was always smiling and happy, but Juri claims herself to be a terrible person, saying that she stopped crying quickly after her real mother died and that she’s not a good enough person to her stepmother. As Ruki and Guilmon look on, Renamon tells them that Juri has shut down her heart over her sorrow about Leomon’s death.


Baihumon emerges from his fight with the D-Reaper and collapses in front of Ryou, Cyberdramon, and Xuanwumon, having used up all his power. Cyberdramon tells Ryou that he no longer feels the enemy presence, and departs with Ryou to go after it.

Qinglongmon takes the group to a deep canyon, where the red blobs appear and delete anything they touch. Zhuqiaomon goes in to fight it, and Qinglongmon tells them that the D-Reaper seeks to obtain Culumon’s power of evolution. Ryou and Cyberdramon arrive, and Ruki treats him with the usual sass.

Zhuqiamon returns from the bottom of the canyon, his wings having been erased by the D-Reaper. Ruki decides to go in with Renamon to check it out, while Ryou and Cyberdramon pursue her. On their way down, Ruki asks Renamon if they can change fate, and Renamon says that they can; while they may not be able to bring Leomon back to Juri, and while they can’t change the past, they can change their ability to accept it...but Juri needs to be able to come to terms with herself on her own.


Ruki and Renamon find Culumon, who’s delighted to see them; however, their celebrations are cut short when one of the blobs catches Ruki’s backpack and destroys it. They’re saved by another blob by Cyberdramon, and Ryou, scolding Ruki for being reckless, pulls her and Culumon to safety. Ryou uses another Device Card to give Cyberdramon power so that he can temporarily block off the bubbles.

Takato, Jian, and Hirokazu attempt to rappel down the canyon using Qinglongmon’s beard, and Renamon suddenly senses an incoming explosion. Ruki decides to go down by herself in the hopes of stopping the bubbles despite Ryou’s protests, and Renamon goes with her to tell her to go back in the fear that she’ll get into danger of death. As the bubbles break from Cyberdramon’s blockage and approach Ruki, Ruki decides that she can change fate and jumps towards it with Renamon. As they approach the bubbles, Ruki matrix evolves with Renamon to Sakuyamon, who manages to break up the bubbles with her power.


Now with Culumon rescued, the group retreats with Qinglongmon and Zhuqiaomon. Juri suddenly expresses intense relief at Ruki’s survival, having worried that she’d lose Ruki too, while Culumon senses that Juri isn’t her normal happy self. Far off in the distance, the red bubbles erupt again, destroying Zhuqiaomon’s castle, and a bubble lands near Juri’s feet. Zhuqiaomon declares that he’ll protect the Digital World.



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