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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 37 Battle With Zhuqiaomon

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Lopmon directs the group to Zhuqiaomon’s castle, and they head towards the location. Jian’s priority, however, seems to be focused on getting Shaochung back to the real world. Takato and Ruki try to keep Juri pressing on, but she remains unresponsive and depressed over Leomon’s death.

Jian tries to keep Shaochung from going in with them, telling her that it’s too dangerous, and snaps when Shaochung proves stubborn. To help alleviate the situation, Hirokazu offers to stay with Guardromon and Kenta to look after her while the others go in.


Jian continues to fuss about Shaochung being in the Digital World even after they go in, wanting to retrieve Culumon and get out of there as soon as possible. Takato tells Ruki about how he contacted everyone’s parents through email and pretended to be them...and while Ruki is happy to know that Takato covered for her, she gets irritated when she finds out that he threw heart symbols into it.

Takato, Jian, Ruki, their Digimon, and Lopmon arrive at the doors of Zhuqiaomon’s castle, and once they enter all of the Digimon are put on edge by Zhuqiaomon’s presence. Zhuqiaomon declares himself one of the Holy Beasts protecting the Digimon world. Jian demands Culumon back, but Zhuqiamon says that Culumon, the “DigiEntelechianote ”, belongs there.

Jian is focused mainly on saving Culumon so that he can get Shaochung back to the real world, but Takato and Ruki remind him that they’re with him to help. With renewed determination, Jian has Terriermon - who's still suffering from the injury Beelzebumon inflicted - evolve straight to Perfect level via Card Slash, while Ruki and Takato follow suit. However, Zhuqiamon manages to overtake Rapidmon, Taomon, and MegaloGrowmon, and Takato isn’t able to become Dukemon with Guilmon again.


Hirokazu tells Guardromon to watch Shaochung while he checks on the still-depressed Juri...

Zhuqiamon turns out to be invulnerable against Rapidmon, Taomon, and MegaloGrowmon, all while claiming that humans are responsible for putting the Digital World in danger. As Rapidmon’s injuries start to get to him, Zhuqiamon offers Lopmon a chance to return to his duties as a Deva, but Lopmon values Shaochung too much to do that.

Angered, Zhuqiamon attacks Lopmon, and outside Shaochung’s Ark reacts and shows her Lopmon being in danger. Remembering that Jian had told her not to come with them, Shaochung is only able to pray to her Ark for Lopmon not to die, which causes it to lift Shaochung up and carry her to Lopmon’s location. Hirokazu approaches Guardromon and berates him for letting Shaochung off, and Guardromon responds that he did watch watching her fly away.


Despite his injuries, Rapidmon continues to push on against Zhuqiaomon. Realizing that he had been too focused on Shaochung to realize how badly hurt Terriermon was, Jian expresses regret for having let Terriermon fight in that condition. Rapidmon regresses to Terriermon and Jian runs to him, apologizing for what he’s done. Terriermon tells him to stop blaming himself and reminds him that he still has his friends with him.

Shaochung arrives with her Digivice, telling Lopmon that she came for him. Terriermon tells Jian that he wants to return to Jian’s home, and Shaochung tells Lopmon that she wants him to come as well. Everyone present resolves to rescue Culumon and return home, and Jian matrix evolves with Terriermon to become SaintGalgomonnote .

Culumon, escaping from where he’s being held and insisting that he’s a Digimon no matter what anyone else says, sees a light and starts to approach it.

The group marvels at SaintGalgomon’s evolution, while Zhuqiaomon is disgusted at the concept of a human and Digimon evolving together. Taomon uses her power to protect everyone while SaintGalgomon manages to kick Zhuqiaomon down. However, it isn’t over yet; Zhuqiaomon rises again as quickly as he was defeated, having only been agitated by the fight.


  • Go Through Me: Megalogrowmon quickly put himself above Takato, Ruki, Jian, and Taomon to shield them from Zhuqiaomon's blast.

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