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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 33 Where Is Terriermon Shaochung Goes To The Digital World

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The ark slowly moves with Takato, Jian, and Terriermon on board, and Takato wonders where it’s taking them. Terriermon wonders how Shaochung is doing.

In the real world, Shaochung is so bored with the absence of Terriermon that she ends up blackmailing Jiangyu to take her out to play. While Shaochung enjoys herself, Yamaki finds them there and asks about Shibumi. As they discuss Shibumi’s odd desire to create life, Shaochung comes upon a mysterious digital area and, seeing the arc flying over with Terriermon in it, follows it and vanishes to Jiangyu’s horror. Yamaki theorizes that the Digital World was calling out to Shaochung, possibly because of her young age.


Shaochung falls into the Digital World, chasing around a nearby Bakumonnote . She finds some DigiGnomes, who lead her away; when she loses sight of them, she finds herself with a hostile Kiwimon. The Kiwimon fortunately runs off, and Shaochung finds herself missing Terriermon. She breaks down and calls for Terriermon and her brother, causing Terriermon, within the ark, to sense Shaochung’s presence.

Shaochung finds herself at a large waterfall, where she meets a large rabbit-like Digimon named Andiramonnote . Shaochung is excited to meet a large bunny, and Andiramon tells Shaochung that they’re at the domain of the Four Holy Beasts, of which henote  is assigned to guard. Shaochung asks Andiramon to search for Terriermon with her, and while he’s initially hesitant to ditch his position as guard of the Southern Gate, gives in and carries Shaochung around in her search.


The ark that Takato, Jian, and Terriermon are in suddenly changes course, and they wonder if it’s responding to their feelings of wanting to find Shaochung.

Terriermon: Shaochung must be crying now.

Unable to find Terriermon, Andiramon wants to take Shaochung back, but Shaochung insists on playing with him. Andiramon tires himself out and rests with Shaochung, and Shaochung goes off to find some food when the two end up hungry. Shaochung runs into Makuramon, who decides to snatch up Shaochung as an offering to his god. Hearing Shaochung in trouble, Andiramon finds them and demands Shaochung’s release. Shaochung manages to break free of Makuramon’s grip as Takato, Jian, and Terriermon’s ark appears and Andiramon begins a fight with Makuramon.


Shaochung is happy to see Terriermon again as Makuramon, upset at Andiramon’s betrayal, fights with him. As Andiramon holds his own, Makuramon declares that he’ll report Andiramon as a traitor and disappears. Jian realizes that Andiramon is the rabbit Deva and tells Shaochung to get away from him - only for an Ark Digivice to appear to Shaochung. A light appears from far away and hits Andiramon, causing him to revert to his lower form Lopmon...who turns out to be a slightly modified Palette Swap of Terriermon.

Now relieved of his duty, Lopmon is promptly forced to look forward to a future of the same treatment Shaochung had previously given Terriermon...


  • Cuteness Proximity: On both ends. Shaochung thinks Andriamon is adorable even as a twenty-foot tall bunny rabbit (and in fact partially because of that fact) and he thinks Shaochung is adorable because of her cheerful, innocent attitude.
  • Head Pet: Shaochung ends up being one for Andiramon (to the latter’s displeasure).
  • She's a Man in Japan: Antylamon is male in the original version but female in the dub. Not that the dub writers can be blamed for making the mistake, since Andiramon has a rather feminine appearance and uses gender-neutral formal pronouns.
  • Token Good Teammate: Out of all the Devas, Andiramon is actually kind and friendly, to the point that he ends up becoming Shaochung's partner.

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