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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 2 Youre My Friend Introducing Terriermon

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Fortunately, Guilmon doesn’t seem interested in killing Takato, and opts to inspect him curiously instead. Takato is happy to see that Guilmon seems to recognize him, and attempts to take him home in a cardboard box. Guilmon is unfamiliar with all the things around Takato’s room, not knowing how to act in the human world, and is unsure even about his own name and whether Takato is “Takatomon”. Hoping to get Guilmon to recognize him as a human Tamer, Takato dons a pair of goggles, the symbol of a certain series and its sequel.


At the mysterious Government Agency of Fiction, the Bridge Bunnies detect another “Wild One” - a Goblimon - about to Realize...

At night, Takato’s father catches him sleeping in bed with Guilmon, and tries to ask his mother if it’s okay for Takato to have a pet. Takato’s mother is flatly against it, since it’ll endanger their bakery business, and asks him to tell Takato tomorrow that he can’t have any pets.

The Goblimon emerges in the real world, and Ruki sets her Renamon on him. While Renamon fights off the Goblimon, the white Digimon from before, Culumonnote , barges into a couple having their PDA and scares them away. He soon catches sight of the fight between Renamon and Goblimon, and Ruki slashes one of her cards along her Digivice and adds extra power to Renamon. The Goblimon responds by evolvingnote  to Fuugamonnote , and Ruki is perplexed because, according to her, he shouldn’t be able to evolve.


Guilmon senses the presence of the Goblimon and wants to go outside to fight it, while Ruki tells Renamon that she won’t allow her to lose. Renamon, despite being a Child-levelnote  Digimon against an Adult-levelnote , wins easily, and Renamon absorbs Goblimon’s data as Ruki tells her to get stronger.

In the morning, Takato’s mother, believing that he’s picked up a cat, tells him that he can’t keep one, and Takato shrugs it off and attempts to have Guilmon escape out the window. Takato makes a shelter for Guilmon to stay in while he goes to school and provides him with food from his family’s bakery, telling him to stay there until he returns.

Takato meets up with Hirokazu and Kenta, who comment on his goggles, and find that the blue card has disappeared from his card box. He, Hirokazu, and Kenta head to school, and during gym class, Takato sees a cardboard box walking around and sees that Guilmon had disregarded his request to stay in one place. Guilmon, lonely and looking for Takato, wanders around the school, scratching one of the doors and briefly getting the attention of a teacher. He then runs into the principal of the school, who mistakes him for a kid under a box, and when Guilmon emerges from the box, the principal ends up in a panic and sets off the school’s fire alarm.


As Miss Asanuma goes off to check why the fire alarm went off, Takato runs off to find Guilmon, while the kids at the school pass off the principal’s insistence that he saw a monster as drunken ramblings. Takato sees the empty cardboard box in the hallway and goes outside to look for Guilmon, and when he reaches the school’s cafeteria, he finds that all of the bread has suddenly disappeared.

Takato puts two and two together and walks around, wondering why Guilmon had to come to his school. He’s approached by fellow student Jian and his partner Terriermon, who’d heard Takato say “Guilmon” and recognize Takato as a Tamer. Terriermon tells Takato that he’s not qualified to be a Tamer if he can’t take care of his own Digimon partner, and this, combined with Takato seeing Terriermon’s close relationship with Jian, runs away crying.

Takato finds Guilmon at the school’s roof, and the two are happy to see each other again. Takato, still crying, tells Guilmon to stay there, promising to come back and play with him.

After school, Takato and Guilmon search for a place for him to stay while Takato goes to school - but when they enter the park, Guilmon is attacked by Renamon. Ruki, identifying Takato as a Tamer, tells him to stay away, as it’s a Digimon battle. Takato remembers her from his dream, and Ruki declares that Renamon is ready to fight.


  • A Boy and His X: Takato and Guilmon have this relationship, in contrast to the equality Jian and Terriermon and the master/servant dynamic Ruki and Renamon have.
  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends with Guilmon and Renamon about to get into a fight.
  • Humans Through Alien Eyes: A couple of examples.
    • Guilmon doesn't understand most of the things in Takato's room and initially thinks Takato is a Digimon as well.
    • Culumon, used to a world where Digmon simply kill each other, mistakes a man and woman making out as them trying to devour each other.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Despite being a lower level then Fuugamon, Renamon easily beats him.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Terriermon might be a little too blunt in the way he says it, but Takato does need to grow up a little, and realize having Guilmon is a lot more complex then having a dog or cat as a pet.
  • Lethal Chef: Apparently, the school cafeteria workers deliberately make the food as terrible as possible.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Guilmon can sense when other Digimon are close, complete with his eyes shrinking down into Hellish Pupils.
  • Tender Tears: The interpretation we're supposed to have of Takato crying over Guilmon, though some still think he's just being consumed in wangst.

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