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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 29 Here Is The Ghost Castle The Great Escape Of Stray Culumon

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Takato’s group finds themselves in another strange place, where everything looks distorted. Guilmon and Terriermon find some strange-looking food, which happens to be rather bitter. They’re found by none other than Hirokazu, Kenta, and Ryou, and Takato is thrilled to be meeting Ryou Akiyama himself. Ryou explains that Cyberdramon’s looking for his arch-enemy, but he doesn’t seem to be around.

Juri asks what happened to Ruki, and Kenta tells her about how she went off on her own. Jian is worried about Ruki, but Juri is sure she’ll be fine if she’s with Renamon.


Ruki continues searching for a way out of the clock area, with Renamon wondering if they should have just gone with Ryou. Ruki, however, stubbornly insists on finding her own way out.

Takato asks Ryou if he’s seen Culumon, but Ryou hasn’t seen him at all. Takato explains that Culumon might be the key to evolution, and tells Ryou about how the Devas kidnapped him. Worried about his family, Ryou asks if anything’s happened to his hometown in Kyushu, and Takato replies that nothing has.

Makuramon remarks that the dog Deva, Caturamon, is trying to find Culumon before they are and that they can’t let this happen. Culumon, wearing the Digimon Tamers flag as a cape, searches for Takato and the others and runs into a Dogmonnote  who chases him around as a Gekomon and Otamamon look on.

The group runs into a castle, which Ryou explains is a good resting spot with bedrooms. The kids find that they’re not really that hungry for some reason, and Ryou tells them that eating isn’t a necessity like it is in the real world. In the middle of the night, a bunch of Knightmon begin patrolling, but Ryou is unfazed and falls asleep easily while the others are surprised at his blasé attitude.


Takato, unable to sleep, looks through his bag and finds a letter from his mother, telling him how he’s grown up and that she’s left a good luck amulet with the letter, and asking him to have a safe trip and return safely. As Takato cries, his mother in the real world meanwhile finds an emotional void in seeing Takato’s empty bed, while his father starts making Guilmon bread.

Juri sees that Takato is upset and guesses what happened. Takato, seeing Juri worried about him, says that they’ll definitely find Culumon and return safety. He tells her that he’s happy that she was able to come along with them.

The next morning, an exhausted Culumon runs into Beelzebumon and his bike, and Culumon asks him if he’s seen Takato and the others. Beelzebumon says nothing and rides off. Culumon, lonely again, continues to wander around and eventually finds a wandering data packet. He begins to follow it playfully as a bunch of Woodmon watch. A bunch of the strange creatures that had freed him from his cage follow him and keep him company. Suddenly, the triangle on his forehead and the path made by his footprints begin to glow, causing all of the nearby Woodmon to evolve to Jureimonnote .


Takato’s group finds a staircase, and Ryou tells them that the way out is downwards. As they reach the large expanse, Makuramon and the dragon Deva catch sight of the light Culumon’s generating, and follow it. Seeing them, Takato recognizes Makuramon, and the group heads to where they’re going in the hopes of finding Culumon. Seeing the Devas arriving, the creatures around Culumon flee, and Culumon ends up falling into a narrow trench when trying to chase them.

Makuramon finds Takato’s group, and Cyberdramon charges after him in the hopes that he’s the strong enemy he’s looking for. Makuramon orders the dragon Deva, Majiramon, to get rid of Cyberdramon. Cyberdramon struggles under Majiramon’s attacks, and as Leomon charges in, Takato and Jian also send in Guilmon and Terriermon and evolve them via Option Card. None of their attacks do anything, however, and Ryou ends up performing a Card Slash that causes Cyberdamon to multiply in size. The gigantic Cyberdramon easily defeats Majiramon, and Makuramon flees.

Cyberdramon reverts to his normal size, while the others marvel at his strength. Ryou explains that the card he used was a “Device Card”, a wild-card that only truly strong Tamers can use. Cyberdramon continues to act violently, forcing Ryou to use his whip again, and since Cyberdramon is dangerous to be around when he’s in his mode of unquenchable thirst for a fight, Ryou and Cyberdramon separate from the group and Ryou wishes them luck in finding Culumon. Before he runs out of sight, he tells them to say hi to Ruki for him if they find her. Leomon remarks that Cyberdramon will keep fighting until he finds and defeats his arch-enemy.



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