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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 26 Small World Jijimon And Babamon In The Gale Valley

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Ruki, Renamon, Hirokazu, and Kenta fall into the light and are transported to another area, where Ruki finds a bunch of strange houses. Annoyed at seeing Hirokazu and Kenta sleeping comfortably, she kicks them...causing Hirokazu to slam into Kenta and give him an Accidental Kiss. Ruki yells at them to go back to Shinjuku, but they continue fooling around.

The wind picks up, and the group takes shelter behind a rock. After fleeing from some furniture getting tossed around in the wind, they end up flying right into a house inhabited by a married Babamon and Jijimon. Babamon and Jijimon order the group to lock the door behind them...and then promptly start a duel with each other. Ruki asks them if they’re having a couple’s quarrel, but they respond that they’re just doing it out of boredom to pass time while the wind outside is strong.


Since the group can provide entertainment for them as guests, Babamon and Jijimon decide to cook a feast for them. Hirokazu and Kenta are thrilled, and Renamon deems Babamon and Jijimon to be trustworthy. As the group helps themselves to the food, Babamon and Jijimon tell them that they’re also free to use the baths.

Ruki decides to enjoy herself a little, and Babamon informs her that they can rest in their beds to wait off the wind if they like. Hirokazu and Kenta have a happy singing session in the bath, to Jijimon’s amusement.

As Culumon hops around the Digital World, he gets sucked up by one of the lights...

In the beds, Hirokazu asks Kenta what he thinks about if Babamon and Jijimon were their partners. After they go to sleep, they’re woken up by a clatter upstairs. They start to fear that Babamon and Jijimon are actually evil Digimon with malicious intentions and sneak up to the living room to see what’s going on...only to find that Jijimon is feeding the fireplace noisily and that he’s having a discussion with Babamon about how entertaining their guests are. Hirokazu and Kenta realize that they were wrong and feel bad for having doubted them.


The wind stops the next morning, and Ruki thanks Babamon and Jijimon for their hospitality. Babamon and Jijimon are sad to see their guests leave, and Hirokazu and Kenta decide to stay behind for a little to talk to them while Ruki and Renamon take their leave to search for Culumon.

While Ruki and Renamon find a cliff that they might be able to see where Takato and Jian are from, Hirokazu and Kenta ask Babamon and Jijimon to become their Digimon partners. They start to play-act the parts of Tamers and Digimon with Babamon and Jijimon, and Hirokazu and Kenta end up pretending to be Digimon in a duel while Babamon and Jijimon cheer them on.

Ruki and Renamon pull the cloth on top of Babamon and Jijimon’s house to use as a kite glider to get onto the cliff, and go to retrieve Hirokazu and Kenta only to find them in the silly fight. Ruki yells at them for getting distracted from the search from Culumon and gets them back on track despite Babamon and Jijimon’s dismay.


As Ruki, Renamon, Hirokazu, and Kenta take off on the glider, Babamon and Jijimon, distressed at their guests leaving, try to tag along but end up falling off. Hirokazu and Kenta manage to say a farewell before they fly completely out of sight, and they wonder when they’ll finally become real Tamers.

Now bored once again, Babamon and Jijimon decide to pass the time by singing the song that Hirokazu and Kenta had sung in the bath...before getting into another fight. As the wind blows in the valley, Culumon flies past...



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