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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 21 Juris Partner My Leomon

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Juri picks up some bread at the Matsuda bakery and finds that Takato is out. She walks out and runs into Hirokazu and Kenta, who decide to lead her over to where Takato is.

Yamaki has the Wild Bunch bring up the base program data of the Digimon, but they struggle to decode Shibumi’s code. Yamaki tells Jiangyu that the existence of Digimon is threatening his children, and urges him to find the data.


Hirokazu, Kenta, and Juri sneak into the bushes near Guilmon’s hideout and watch Takato, Jian, and Ruki discuss the Devas and what Jian’s kenpo teacher had told him. Hirokazu and Kenta, worrying about them, wish that they were Tamers so they could help and ask Juri what she thinks. Juri claims that she’s not even involved in the Digimon card game...only for a ton of cards to fall out of her pocket.

Hirokazu and Kenta awkwardly look back at Guilmon’s hideout to find Takato, Jian, and Ruki gone. They conclude that they must have gone after an evil Digimon and run off to look for them, while Juri decides to go home. On the way, she finds Culumon and gives him some bread...while the mysterious, strange-looking kid looks on.

Juri bonds with Culumon over the bread and wonders if Culumon is her partner, since they’re good friends. She declares herself to be Culumon’s Tamer, while Culumon is flustered. They’re approached by a hostile Digimon called Kumbhiramon, a Deva who quickly declines Juri’s fearful suggestion that he might be her partner. Still believing herself to be Culumon’s Tamer, Juri tries to get Culumon to fight against Kumbhiramon, but Culumon is too afraid and the two run for it.


Kumbhiramon corners Juri and Culumon, but they’re saved by the emergence of a Digimon that Juri uses her cards to identify as Leomon. Juri is charmed and wonders if Leomon is her partner. Leomon, declaring himself to be a fighter against injustice, takes on Kumbhiramon and sends him flying. Juri immediately latches onto Leomon, who’s rather put off by her rather abrupt assertion that she’s his Tamer. As Juri gets progressively more and more clingy, Leomon runs off to prevent the situation from getting any more awkward, while Juri chases him.

The chase gets to Guilmon’s hideout, and when Culumon’s about to point out to Juri where he is, Leomon pulls him in to keep him quiet. Takato and Guilmon find him and assume that Leomon’s attacking Culumon, and an exasperated Leomon decides he’ll fight if he has to. Juri, however, quickly appears and tells Takato that Leomon is her partner. Leomon is completely confused by this entire situation, not really understanding what a Tamer is and why Juri is latching onto him, and when Juri continues to be unsettlingly clingy he runs off again.


Takato calls Jian for advice, and Jian suggests that it might be something different...

Takato: Katou!
Juri: What?
Takato: Have you ever fallen in love?
Juri: Yeah!
Takato: When?
Juri: Kindergarten!
Takato: Thanks! (to Jian) It’s not her first love.

Jian tells Takato he’s coming over to check it out, and Takato calls Ruki to get her opinion on things. Ruki says that Juri can’t be a Tamer if she doesn’t have a Digivice, and also decides to come over to talk to Juri about it. In the middle of the chase, Kumbhiramon appears and begins a fight with Leomon, and Jian, arriving, identifies Kumbhiramon as a Deva. As the kids watch Leomon fight, Juri takes Takato’s Digivice and tries to perform a Card Slash, but nothing happens. Juri is distraught at the realization that she’s not Leomon’s Tamer after all.

Jian sends Terriermon in, evolving him to Galgomon via Option Card. The strange-looking boy, watches the battle, sees Culumon’s forehead glowing and laughs while running off, while Renamon and Ruki arrive and Renamon chases after the boy. Galgomon and Leomon continue to fight Kumbhiramon, and Leomon, seeing Juri miserable, decides to fight for her sake as well.

Leomon and Galgomon defeat Kumbhiramon, and Leomon takes his leave. Juri asks to be left alone and continues crying, while all of the others awkwardly leave.

At Hypnos headquarters, Dolphin alerts Jiangyu and shows him a picture he’d found: a picture of children playing with Digivices, which Jiangyu identifies as “Arks”note . While the Wild Bunch nostalgically checks out the picture, the ground begins to shake...



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