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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 20 This Is The Trump Card Blue Card Of Friendship

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Impmon continues to fail pathetically against Indaramon, and Indaramon is about to load him when suddenly Hypnos generates a light that keeps him frozen in place. However, the light soon shatters, and although Yamaki is initially startled, Indaramon disappears and Yamaki declares that the job was an executed success even if it didn’t work perfectly. The Tamers’ exhausted Digimon rest in a tunnel, and the Tamers themselves are unable to find Impmon.


The next morning, Jian finds that his father has transferred jobs and heads off for the morning. Hirokazu and Kenta ask Takato’s father to make “Guilmon bread”, claiming that bread shaped like Guilmon would be a success, but Takato evacuates them out of his family’s bakery before his dad can ask what Guilmon is and explains that he hasn’t told his parents about Guilmon yet.

Hirokazu presents Takato with a homemade version of the mysterious blue card, saying that because the enemies the Tamers are fighting are getting stronger, they want to help out in the fight and add some more allies. Hirokazu wants to slide the homemade card through Takato’s Digivice, but Takato inspects it and finds that it’s...not quite accurate to the original blue card’s design. Suddenly, the strange-looking boy from before jumps in and attempts to steal Takato’s Digivice before running off, leaving the confused boys behind.


Jiangyu arrives at the place he’s been transferred to, while Jian and Ruki continue to search for Impmon. Ruki wonders why Impmon doesn’t just look for a partner if he wants to be stronger, and Jian notices that Ruki’s actually worried about Impmon...while Yamaki, at the place Jiangyu is, asks his agent if they’ve been able to find Shibumi yet.

Takato, Hirokazu, and Kenta check up on Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon in the tunnel, since they’ve finally reverted to their Child forms, and Takato also happens to find an exhausted Culumon there. They return to Guilmon’s hideout, where they find Jian, Ruki, and Juri. Suddenly, Renamon senses a Digimon presence, and as Ruki finds a Digital Field, Jiangyu wonders why nobody’s coming to his new workplace and sees a bunch of scientists running past. As Reika and Megumi find that the emerging Digimon is actually Indaramon, who’s even larger than before, Yamaki approaches Jiangyu and explains that Digital Field fog is actually a bunch of particles that disperse as an emerging Wild One gains a physical body.


Indaramon causes more mayhem in the city, and the Tamers have their Digimon evolve via Card Slash. An injured Impmon looks on from his hiding place, while a bunch of government helicopters close in. Despite Jian using a speed Option Card on Galgomon, Indramon knocks him down quickly, and Galgomon is out of ammo to use to defend himself. Thinking quickly, Jian uses a reloading Option Card to give Galgomon more ammo, and as Galgomon is able to fight functionally again, Takato uses a power boost Option Card on Growmon while Ruki adds speed to Kyuubimon.

Yamaki leads Jiangyu to a room, where he meets an old acquaintance he addresses as “Dolphin” (and who addresses Jiangyu as “Tao”). With Dolphin are “Curly”, “Babel”, and “Daisy”, fellow members of the “Wild Bunch”note . They ask Yamaki what he wants with them now that they’ve reunited, and where Shibumi is. Yamaki says that Shibumi still hasn’t been found, and Jiangyu remembers that Shibumi had once said that Digimon would enter the real world and replace humans. He then reveals the ongoing situation to them about the emerging Digimon and their “god”.

Growmon, Galgomon, and Kyuubimon continue to struggle against Indaramon, while Hirokazu and Kenta cheer Takato on and Juri wonders if she could do anything to help if she had a Digimon partner. Government planes shoot at Indaramon, but he shrugs off their attacks. Takato wants to use the opportunity as a chance, but Ruki and Jian tell him not to, hoping that the self-defense forces can take care of it. Growmon, however, attacks anyway.

Jiangyu wonders if some kind of power is assisting the Digimon to Realize, and if that’s their “god”. Yamaki shows the Wild Bunch footage of the Indaramon fight, giving them the order to destroy any virtual life that threatens the real world, saying that Shibumi holds the key to all of this. As the Wild Bunch looks closer at the footage, they spot the children, and Jiangyu sees Jianliang in the fight.

As the strange-looking boy watches the battle, Galgomon, Kyuubimon, and Growmon charge in, but are blown back by Indaramon. Takato drops all of his cards in the scuffle, and Hirokazu and Kenta supply him with their own to help. Takato, Jian, and Ruki slash card after card, but none of them are able to have any effect on Indaramon. As Takato realizes that their Digimon need to evolve, Hirokazu remembers his homemade blue card and presents it to Takato, saying that it’ll work if Takato believes in it the same way he created Guilmon. Takato sees Juri holding Culumon, who nods at him. As Culumon’s forehead glows, Takato uses Hirokazu’s blue card, which successfully allows Growmon to evolve to MegaloGrowmon.

MegaloGrowmon successfully blasts Indaramon away and into data, while the exhausted kids look on and Hirokazu rejoices in the victory made with his blue card.


  • Calling Your Attacks: Takato calls MegaloGrowmon’s attacks for this episode, representing his empathic link with him.

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