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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 1 Guilmon Is Born The Digimon That I Created

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In another realm, a small white creature flees from an attacker, but when another monster starts a fight with the attacker, a large explosion ensues...and the white creature is sent flying, somehow thrown into the human world.

We then meet our protagonist, Takato Matsuda, an ordinary elementary school studentnote  from Shinjuku who happens to be a very big fan of the Digimon franchise - in fact, it’s very popular among kids his age. Before school, he plays a Digimon card game battle against his friend Hirokazu Shiodanote , using a card reader to calculate points. As time for school approaches and Takato rushes to gather his cards, only to find a mysterious blue card that he doesn’t recognize among them. He decides to try sliding the card through his reader, but to his dismay, it only causes the reader to go crazy. Thinking that it’s broken, Takato realizes that he’ll be Late for School and hastily gathers his stuff, storing his reader and box of cards in his and Hirokazu’s playground hideout.


Takato’s forced to stand outside class for being late, and while he’s waiting, he decides to take some time to design his own fan Digimon, Guilmon. His teacher, Miss Asanumanote , catches him, who sentences him to writing an essay after class. During detention, while he gets distracted by the idea of Guilmon again, he’s approached by his Hand Puppet-wielding classmate Juri Katounote , who picks up a flute she’d forgotten and runs off, having her puppet tell Takato to finish his essay or the teacher will get mad.

Meanwhile, at a mysterious Government Agency of Fiction, two Bridge Bunnies report to their boss that they’ve detected an “irregular packet”, and the boss asks if it’s a “Wild One”.

Takato returns to his playground hideout only to find electrical sparks everywhere. He finds the box holding his cards and reader sparking, and when it opens, his card reader transforms into a small portable device. Takato looks through the functions on the device, but it only reads “no data”.


Takato returns home, where he lives over the bakery his family owns and works in. When he goes to his room and empties the box, he finds that the blue card has disappeared. As lightning strikes outside, he realizes that the blue card was what had transformed his card reader into this new device, which he recognizes through his knowledge of the franchise as a “Digivice”. He takes his notebook with his notes on Guilmon and tries to slide it through the Digivice, but the notebook gets stuck in the scanner portion...but as Takato is about to go down for dinner, he sees the Digivice glowing and scanning the notebook by pulling it page by page through the reader. After scanning all of the pages, the Digivice’s screen shows a DigiEgg...

Takato is so excited at the thought of something big and Digimon-related happening that he goes to bed that night with his Digivice in hand. In his dream, he sees a girl, Ruki Makinonote , facing a Lynxmon and sending a Renamon to fight it, helping Renamon by using Card Slashnote  and giving Renamon enhancements by slashing a Digimon playing card through her Digivice. As Renamon defeats the Lynxmon, Takato recognizes the girl as a “Digimon Tamer”, and all the while Guilmon gets closer and closer to hatching...


Takato wakes up early in the morning, and his dad greets him. Takato asks his dad if Digimon existed when his father was younger, to which his father replies that it didn’t; Takato then goes on to ask what if Digimon were real, but quickly retracts his question, realizing that it’s silly. He then looks back at his Digivice and resolves that Digimon are indeed real.

The small white Digimon from the beginning of the episode, Culumonnote , looks around curiously at humans, wondering various things about them and why they’re not fighting. Takato tries to tell Hirokazu and their other friend Kenta Kitagawa about his dream, but they shrug it off as a dream even though Takato insists that he could feel it was more than that and tease him before running off. Takato, however, is resolute that the girl was a real Tamer and that the Digivice is proof that he’s now one too. Takato checks the Digivice only to find that the DigiEgg has hatched, and the Digivice shows him a compass that leads him somewhere.

At the government agency, the Bridge Bunnies report that “the biggest Wild One they’ve ever seen” is coming in, and their boss tells them to allow it to “Realize”note  before they do anything. As Takato runs where the compass is taking him, the Digimon he created, Guilmon, runs through a digital realm towards the real world…and back in the real world, in another family’s house, a little girl tells her older brother, Jianliang ("Jian") Leenote , to look out the window, while on the street the Ruki senses that “another one” is coming.

Takato follows the Digivice compass to a construction site and sees a hole in the floor with waves rippling from it. As the government agency Bridge Bunnies report that the Wild One has Realized, Takato sees none other than his original Digimon come out of the ripples. Takato is overjoyed as he watches Guilmon curiously inspect his surroundings, and Takato approaches him, telling him that he’s his creator.

Guilmon, however, begins spitting fire and turns towards Takato curiously, and as Takato pleads him to stop, he realizes that he might end up being killed by his own creation...


  • Casting Gag: It’s been speculated by fans that the choice to cast Lara Jill Miller as Miss Asaji for the English dub was a reference to Kari becoming a kindergarten teacher.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compared to the first two series, things start off already rather dark. It starts with the very first scene of two Digimon fighting to the death and ends with Takato afraid his own Digimon is going to attack him after brutally incinerating some vermin.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come / Dreaming Of Things Gone By: Though it's unclear exactly at what point in time it was taking place, Takato sees Ruki and Renamon battling in his dreams.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Jianling and Ruki won't appear in the episodes proper till the next one, but here they make early appearances.
    • Likewise, many of those who will become Tamers in the episodes to come like Juri and Hirokazu make token appearances here.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Takato is terrified when Guilmon incinerates a bunch of rats and then turns on him, afraid he's next. But seeing as how it's the first episode, there's no way he's in danger of being killed.
  • Oh, Crap!: Takato when he realizes that the teacher was in front of him and he insulted her.
  • Reality Ensues: So having a mon as a pet/partner would be super cool, huh? ...that is until you realize they have firepower designed to destroy each other that can easily kill a human being even at Rookie level. Not so much fun when you haven't bonded with them yet and think you might be next on the menu.

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