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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 19 I Want To Become Strong Rise Impmon

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Guilmon plays with Hirokazu, Kenta, and Juri, while Takato, Jian, and Ruki debate about what to do about the Devas. Jian departs for his kenpo dojo and Ruki also takes off, and Impmon watches in irritation as Takato joins the others to play.

Impmon soon finds a bunch of girls fawning over Culumon and snaps at him, telling him to have more pride as a Digimon than to hang out with humans. The girls see Impmon and deride him as ugly and annoying, only to be scared away when he attacks them in retribution.


Jian performs unusually poorly at his martial arts dojo, and his teacher Chounote  asks him if something’s wrong. Over tea, Jian asks him if he knows anything about the word “Deva”, and his teacher explains that they’re Hindu holy beings that fought the Asura, beings that brought misfortune. Jian is surprised to hear that the Devas are meant to be good beings, but Jian’s teacher explains that “good” and “evil” depends on perspective, and that the Devas could easily be evil for those who worshipped the Asura.

Culumon begins to follow Impmon around, to the latter’s irritation. Impmon quickly runs into a Digital Field and finds a horse Digimon laughing at him. Hypnos detects another Wild One coming through Shaggai’s hole, and Yamaki gives an order to contact the government bureau. Reika finds that Shaggai has recently been sending a strange pulse code.


The Digimon taunts Impmon, telling him that he’s Not So Different from the human-partnered Digimon he hates, having been once partnered to humans. Impmon remembers his abuse at the hands of Ai and Makoto, and the Digimon continues to taunt him for not having evolved.

Ruki and Renamon appear at the Digital Field, and Ruki’s Digivice takes a while to load the Digimon’s data before identifying him as Indaramonnote . Indramon leaves and Impmon insists that he could have taken him on all by himself, but Renamon tells him that he would have lost easily against the Deva, especially if he can’t evolve. Impmon declares that he’s strong enough without evolving and runs off.

Yamaki finds binary code in Shaggai’s hole and decodes it to read “we are the Devas”. Yamaki begins to throw a fit, upset at being challenged, but soon after regains his composure and ridicules them for being able to communicate only in rudimentary artificial language.


As Takato and his friends play with Guilmon, a strange-looking boy joins them, whom nobody in the group knows. The strange boy leers at the group, laughs at them, and runs off, leaving a very confused Takato and his friends behind.

Impmon causes mayhem in town, stomping on cars, eating a little girl’s ice cream cone, and scaring away the nearby group of civilians by attacking them.

As Takato’s friends go home for the day, Juri tells Takato that he seems worried about something. Takato, however, shrugs it off, and Juri cheerfully takes her leave. Takato thinks about the Devas and whether Guilmon will become stronger and evolve as enemies keep appearing. Culumon arrives, and Takato, remembering that Culumon had triggered Galgomon’s matrix evolution, points out that Culumon’s always mysteriously around whenever anyone evolves. He asks Culumon if there’s a connection, but Culumon knows nothing about it.

Impmon ends up causing such a fuss that he gets the police on him, and he’s about to attack them when Renamon appears and whisks him away. Renamon asks him why he wants power, and when Impmon declares Renamon to be pathetic and unable to evolve without a partner, she asks him if he can evolve without one. Impmon declares that he can become strong without evolving or a partner, and Renamon asks him if he had a partner once. Impmon breaks down, angrily yelling that he just wants to evolve and be strong.

Renamon catches sight of a Digital Field’s fog, and Ruki, Jian, and Takato get alerts on their Digivices. The three of them approach Indaramon with their Digimon partners, and Impmon decides to use the Deva as a demonstration of how strong he is without evolving. Impmon takes on Indaramon himself, but his attacks are woefully pathetic and Indaramon kicks him down with no problem. Jian and Takato arrive and Jian is about to send in Terriermon, but Renamon tells him to wait and not interfere in Impmon’s fight.

Indaramon continues to beat Impmon up, with the latter still weakly insisting that he’ll become stronger. Jian decides that the Deva truly are evil, and when Indaramon is about to load Impmon’s data, Renamon goes to save him, only to be attacked herself. Jian and Ruki decide to have their Digimon evolve, and when Takato sees Culumon’s forehead glowing and confirming his suspicions, Takato follows suit with Guilmon. Unfortunately, the three Adult-level Digimon find their attacks absorbed by Indaramon; Impmon forces himself to get up, declaring that he’ll load Indaramon’s data and evolve, and charges into battle.



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