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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 18 Beautiful Evolution Taomon Dances In The Moonlight

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Ruki’s mother takes Ruki to her modeling studio, but Ruki is less than enthusiastic about the whole ordeal, including the dress that her mom’s put on her. Ruki’s mother and her manager subject Ruki to a photo test, but the photo shoot becomes so uncomfortable for her that she pushes away the camera and runs out of the studio.

At Jian’s house, Takato and Jian wonder why Renamon’s gone off with Vajramon and what she wants with him. Ruki, meanwhile, goes out on the street looking for Renamon with her Digivice, but isn’t able to pick up anything. Ruki’s mother returns home and fusses about what Ruki had done at the photo test, but Ruki’s grandmother tells her not to worry so much about her.


Yamaki’s Bridge Bunny Reikanote  goes off for a walk before work, passing by Ruki and buying some bread at the Matsuda bakery. Takato happens to be worrying about what he would do if Guilmon disappeared when he’s called downstairs to get some change, where Reika sees him. Ruki returns home and runs into her angry mother, but brushes her off.

Terriermon senses a Digimon presence and figures that it may be Vajramon. Jian calls Takato and Ruki about it, and Ruki heads off against the protests of her mother.

Reika arrives at work and meets up with Megumi, and Hypnos is suddenly put on alert due to the appearance of a Wild One. Reika and Megumi recognize it as the one from Akihabara, and both Vajramon and Renamon manifest. Jian, Terriermon, Takato, Guilmon, and Ruki head over to the site as quickly as they can.


Vajramon tries to convince Renamon to join forces with him and serve his “god”, and as Renamon demands to know who his god is, Jian, Takato, and Ruki arrive. Vajramon tells Renamon that his god is one that rules over all Digimon, who have no need to serve the humans that “abandoned” them. Guilmon and Terriermon know nothing of this “god”, and Culumon, entering the scene, approaches Renamon. Vajramon begins to attack Culumon, and in order to intervene, Takato and Jian have Guilmon and Terriermon evolve to Growmon and Galgomon via Card Slash. Renamon takes the opportunity to attack in turn, declaring herself to a be a Digimon who evolves with her partner.

Ruki has Renamon evolve to Kyuubimon via Card Slash, and Vajramon, deciding that Kyuubimon is “too beautiful” to leave like that, declares he’s going to take her along with him to serve his god. Kyuubimon struggles against Vajramon, even after Ruki and Jian use power boost cards and Takato gives Growmon a speed boost, and Galgomon doesn’t have the energy to evolve any further. Takato tries using another speed card, but Growmon is also too exhausted to do anything.


Vajramon continues to try and convince Kyuubimon to abandon humans, and Ruki finds another mysterious blue card inside her deck. Knowing that this will allow Kyuubimon to evolve further, Ruki uses the blue card, and as Culumon’s forehead lights up, Kyuubimon matrix evolves to Taomon.

As Hypnos detects Taomon’s evolution, Vajramon attacks her in anger, upset by her humanlike appearance. Taomon easily fends off Vajramon’s attack and easily defeats him.

Reika reports to Yamaki that a Wild One has been destroyed, and Yamaki wonders if the kids are the only ones who can destroy Wild Ones. Takato and Jian return home, and Ruki, realizing that evolution must mean fighting alongside one’s partner, remarks that Renamon has become strong - and that she’s beautiful under the moonlight.


  • Dub-Induced Plot Hole: The dub has Riley turn down a date, with the implication that she's single. She's later revealed to be dating Yamaki, so...
  • Recycled Soundtrack: Reika’s ringtone is Adventure’s “Bolero”, most prominently used in the Adventure-verse movies.

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