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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 11 Shinjuku Railroad Bridge Duel For A Minute And A Half

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Ruki returns home and throws her Digivice and Digimon cards into the trash can, declaring that she doesn’t need Digimon.

The next morning, Takato uses the combination of Option Cards he’d used on Guilmon against Hirokazu in a card battle and wins with it. Takato asserts that he’s gained experience in real battles before he catches himself and quickly takes his leave, shrugging off Hirokazu’s suspicions (and desire for a rematch). Takato visits Guilmon shortly afterwards and tells him that they make a great team.


Jian walks home with Terriermon, commenting about the awkwardness of having him as a Head Pet, to which Terriermon responds that “stuff like that and this happens” if he stays home. They’re distracted by a sudden appearance of mist, which both Jian and Terriermon identify as signaling the presence of a Digimon.

At Hypnos, the Bridge Bunnies find that a Digimon is Realizing, and Yamaki commands them to launch Yuggoth to prevent it. One of the Bridge Bunnies warns him that launching Yuggoth might affect the Real World at this point, but Yamaki insists that it’ll only cause more damage if they allow it to Realize.

Terriermon wants to join the battle, but Jian doesn’t want any part of it and tells Terriermon to go home with him. The fog suddenly disappears as Yamaki launches Yuggoth, but as he’s gloating that something that tried to “become real” was reduced to junk in the network, a voice says that it’ll have its revenge...


On their way home, Terriermon asks Jian why he doesn’t want him to fight, and Jian says that just because Digimon fight in the world of the Net doesn’t mean that they should fight in the real world. Terriermon, remembering that Jian once said that Digimon presence in the real world is abnormal, asks Jian if he’s an annoyance, but Jian reassures him that it’s not like that.

In the bath at home, Jian mulls over Terriermon’s desire to fight, and Terriermon finds himself at the mercy of Shaochung’s overenthusiastic playing with him under the impression that he’s a plush toy (“stuff like that and this”). Jian finds Renamon approaching him at his balcony and follows her.

Culumon finds Ruki in her room, fishes out her Digivice and cards from the trash, and tries to cheer her up. Ruki is initially irritated, but warms up to it a little.


Jian tells Renamon that he only wants to be Terriermon’s friend, and that he doesn’t want to see his friend fighting. Renamon says that until recently, she had thought that her sole goal was to become stronger and that Ruki only existed to help her achieve that goal, but that she’s now unsure. Jian says that there must be a reason that the Tamers and their Digimon met.

Meanwhile, Terriermon tucks Shaochung into bed, and as Culumon spends time outside, Ruki looks at the Digivice that Culumon had pulled out.

The next day, Jian finds Takato hoping that another Digimon will appear so he can try his combo out again. Hirokazu pulls Takato over, having gotten some new cards and wanting to get revenge for his loss to Takato in their last card battle. Takato is enthusiastic about it up until Juri overhears them and walks away laughing...and Takato himself loses to Hirokazu in the resulting battle. Irritated, Takato tells Hirokazu and Kenta to see if they can do as well in a “real Digimon battle” and leads them to Guilmon’s hideout, only for them to run away screaming only from hearing Guilmon sneeze. With Takato alone, Guilmon approaches Takato and tells him that he can sense a Digimon nearby.

Terriermon accompanies Jian out shopping again, still worried about “stuff like that and this”, while Hypnos detects another Wild One. To their horror, the Wild One destroys Yuggoth, and the voice returns, saying that it’ll get its revenge on humans.

Takato and Guilmon arrive at the site of the Realized Digimon, Musyamon, and Takato eagerly tries a combo again. Musyamon demands to know why Guilmon is cooperating with a human, while Jian and Terriermon catch sight of the Digital Field and one of Yamaki’s Bridge Bunnies directs him to the location of the Realized Digimon.

Jian chases a girl who’s gone after her balloon towards the Digital Field and finds Takato, who’s slashing card after card through his Digivice. The combined effects of the cards send Guilmon spiraling out of control, and Jian, with no other choice, sends Terriermon into battle with an acceleration Option Card. As Culumon watches over them, Terriermon evolves to Galgomon, defeats Musyamon and loads his data, and shows much better self-control than he did the last time.

Guilmon returns the balloon to the girl, and the Digital Field disappears. Takato, Jian, Guilmon, and Galgomon flee the scene. As they walk home, Jian tells Galgomon that he’s realized that holding off Realizing Digimon is something only the Tamers can do, and that this may be the reason why he met Terriermon. Takato apologizes to Guilmon for thoughtlessly slashing card after card, and everyone walks off cheerfully...while being watched by Yamaki.



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