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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1

  1. Chapter 1: A New Conflict! Return to the Digital World!
  2. Chapter 2: The Dark Invader! NeoDevimon!
  3. Chapter 3: The Digiworld's Strongest Team Unite!
  4. Chapter 4: The Long Road! Two Weeks Time!
  5. Chapter 5: The Wilderness Survival! Prepare for the Invaders!
  6. Chapter 6: The Puppet and the King! Scour Through Megabyte Forest!
  7. Chapter 7: Puppetmon's Deadly Games! Engage the Metal King!
  8. Chapter 8: End of the Road! Puppetmon's Last Act and the King's Final Tour!
  9. Chapter 9: The Digital Invaders Land! The Dreadful Day Arrives!
  10. Chapter 10: The Struggle Begins! The Terrifying Saibamon!
  11. Chapter 11: A Turnabout for the Worst! More Sacrifices!
  12. Chapter 12: Will Tai and Wargreymon Make it? The Three Hour Limit!
  13. Chapter 13: The Rivals Farewell! Wargreymon's Unleashed Fury!
  14. Chapter 14: The Power of Fury Blitz! Wargreymon vs Metalgarurumon!
  15. Chapter 15: The Ultimate Clash! Awakening of the Wolf Beast!
  16. Chapter 16: Tai and Wargreymon in Peril! The Miraculous Life Bomb!
  17. Chapter 17: The Invincible Metalgarurumon Defeated! A Shining New Hope, MagnaAngemon!
  18. Chapter 18: Dawn of a New Journey! Onward to Planet Spira!
  19. Chapter 19: A Terrible New Enemy! Emperor of the Digiverse: Burizalor!
  20. Chapter 20: Fight Against Burizalor! Matt's Burning Ambition!
  21. Chapter 21: Protect the Digicores! Spira's Offensive!
  22. Chapter 22: Machinedramon's Terrifying Pursuit! Unleash Magna Evolution!
  23. Chapter 23: The Skirmishes Abound! Matt Learns a Shocking Truth!
  24. Chapter 24: UmbraDevimon's Horrifying Attack! The Deceitful Phelesmon!
  25. Chapter 25: The Elder's Gift! Burizalor's Writhing Premonition!
  26. Chapter 26: Matt's Counterattack! ZeedGarurumon vs Phelesmon!
  27. Chapter 27: The Chosen in a Tight Pinch! Burizalor's Forces Disperse!
  28. Chapter 28: A Grand Battle Draws Near! Enter the Nightmare Special Squad!
  29. Chapter 29: The First Man Up! Gurdmon's Time Freeze!
  30. Chapter 30: The Hellish Brutemon! Come out and Play, Yamato!
  31. Chapter 31: Tai and VictoryGreymon Finally Arrive! Throwdown the Nightmare Squad!
  32. Chapter 32: The Showstopper Appears! Piedmon vs VictoryGreymon!
  33. Chapter 33: VictoryGreymon's Full Power! Piedmon's Bag of Tricks!
  34. Chapter 34: Piedmon and UmbraDevimon's Assault! Gather the Digicores!
  35. Chapter 35: The Great Turnabout! Finally, the Summoning!
  36. Chapter 36: An Enraged Burizalor Approaches! State Your Wishes!
  37. Chapter 37: A Nightmare Transformation! Burizalor's Battle Power: One Million?
  38. Chapter 38: Burizalor Bares His Grit! Terrible Power Overcomes the Chosen!
  39. Chapter 39: The Grand BanchoLeomon Entry! Burizalor's 2nd Transformation!
  40. Chapter 40: Burizalor's Final Transformation! The Terror Greater than Hell Starts!
  41. Chapter 41: The Moment We've Waited For! Agumon is Revived!
  42. Chapter 42: Defeat Burizalor, Tai! The Fallen Matt Ishida's Proud Tears!
  43. Chapter 43: VictoryGreymon vs Burizalor! The Start of the Decisive Battle!
  44. Chapter 44: The Battle Exceeding Limits! VictoryGreymon, Burizalor, and a Glowing Girl?
  45. Chapter 45: A 20-Fold Fury Blitz, Terra Beam Combo! A Tunnel into a Secret Chamber!
  46. Chapter 46: The Final Trump Card! VictoryGreymon's Ultimate Life Bomb!
  47. Chapter 47: Awaken, Legendary Warrior! Omega X the Ascendant!
  48. Chapter 48: The Angry Ascendant! Omega X Throws Down the Gauntlet!
  49. Chapter 49: Exact Vengeance, Omega X! Countdown to Spira's Collapse!
  50. Chapter 50: Full-Power Burizalor! The Holy Beasts Reawakening!
  51. Chapter 51: Omega X's Furious Roar! A Last-Minute Wish!
  52. Chapter 52: Duel on a Dying Planet! The Final Showdown!
  53. Chapter 53: Omega X's Final Attack! Apocalymon Rising!
  54. Chapter 54: Omega X Vanishes in Space? The Adventure Ends!

Season 2

  1. Chapter 55: That's Earth, Milady! Burizalor and LadyMyotismon Strike Back!
  2. Chapter 56: I'll Defeat Burizalor! A New Ascendant!
  3. Chapter 57: Welcome Back, Tai and Agumon! The Confession of the Mysterious Youth, Dimitri!
  4. Chapter 58: Tai's New Technique, Instant Movement! The 11-Month Interval Period Begins!
  5. Chapter 59: Untraceable Killers! The Artificials Appear!
  6. Chapter 60: Two Sided Battle! Omega X vs Artificial Elfmon!
  7. Chapter 61: No Victory for Elfmon! Super Yamato Arrives!
  8. Chapter 62: BanchoLeomon's Assault! Datamon and a Skewered Future!
  9. Chapter 63: The Hunt for Datamon! Search for the Mysterious Lab!
  10. Chapter 64: J.A.X. and S.O.N.J.A.! The Artificials Awaken!
  11. Chapter 65: Sexy and Strong Power! Sonja vs Metalla X!
  12. Chapter 66: Achieve Burst Limit! BanchoLeomon's Resolve for Ultimate Power!
  13. Chapter 67: Another Time Pod! Izzy Uncovers a Mystery!
  14. Chapter 68: A Monster on the Move! Strike of a Bancho Warrior!
  15. Chapter 69: I Am Your Brother! The Monster with Omega X's Energy!
  16. Chapter 70: Escape Attack, Solar Flash! Pursue Virus the Artificial!
  17. Chapter 71: The Hunt for Virus! Tai and Agumon, Back in Action!
  18. Chapter 72: Breaking the Ascendant Barrier! Into the Room of Time!
  19. Chapter 73: The Bancho Warrior Powers-Up! BanchoLeomon vs Artificial Jax!
  20. Chapter 74: Run, Artificial Jax! BanchoLeomon's All-Out Struggle!
  21. Chapter 75: Unknown Power! BlackWarGreymon Breaks His Silence!
  22. Chapter 76: Tike, Kara, and David's Desperate Attack! Save Your Friends, Tai!
  23. Chapter 77: Beyond Ascendant! Metalla X Confronts Virus!
  24. Chapter 78: Virus on the Verge of Defeat! Davis, Subdue Sonja!
  25. Chapter 79: A Turn For the Worst! Virus Attacks Sonja!
  26. Chapter 80: The Tables Have Turned! The Power of Perfect Virus!
  27. Chapter 81: Metalla X's Final Blast! Stop the Invincible Virus!
  28. Chapter 82: The Strongest Ascendant! Dimitri's Unleashed Power!
  29. Chapter 83: Virus Invades the Airwaves! Announcing 'The War Games!'
  30. Chapter 84: Training Complete! Omega X Faces the Competition!
  31. Chapter 85: An Interrupted Break! Earth's Forces Converge on Virus!
  32. Chapter 86: Celesta X vs Dragomon! Race to the Dark Ocean!
  33. Chapter 87: Mummymon Takes the Spotlight! Commence the War Games!
  34. Chapter 88: Clash! Virus vs Omega X!
  35. Chapter 89: Battle at the Highest Level! Omega X Goes All Out!
  36. Chapter 90: Opening Fight Ends! Omega X's Moment of Decision!
  37. Chapter 91: Get Angry, Celesta X! Release Your Hidden Power!
  38. Chapter 92: Tears For An Artificial! Celesta X's Inner Rage Awakens!
  39. Chapter 93: The Amazing Grace! Celesta X Destroys the Chibi Viruses!
  40. Chapter 94: Perfection's End! A Fury Beyond Ascendant!
  41. Chapter 95: A Hero's Farewell! Last Stand to Save All Worlds!
  42. Chapter 96: Combine DigiPowers! The Final Terra Beam!
  43. Chapter 97: Grand Victory! A New DigiEra Begins!
  44. Chapter 98: Free the Future! Tai's Next Adventure!

Season 2.5

  1. Chapter 99: Into the Other World! Enter Pikkan the Alterian!
  2. Chapter 100: Gathering! The Digiuniversal Tournament Begins!
  3. Chapter 101: Smackdown Brawls! Who is the Best DigiWarrior?
  4. Chapter 102: The Finalists Clash! Omega X vs Pikkan!
  5. Chapter 103: Grace and Beauty, Here's the Kaze Girl! Search for the Love Thief!
  6. Chapter 104: New Chosen? Jun, Mantarou, Momoe, Chizuru, and Jim?
  7. Chapter 105: Tiny Trickster Arrives! Here's Impmon!
  8. Chapter 106: Rise of Wild Ones! Mummymon Answers the Call!
  9. Chapter 107: Return of the Devil Clan? A Swift Attack on Villages?
  10. Chapter 108: Retrieval of the Crest Weapons! Devil Clan's Charge!
  11. Chapter 109: Prevent the Demon's Revival! Summon, Mega Evolution!
  12. Chapter 110: The Juggernaut Unleashed! Tyrantmon's Forces Cometh!
  13. Chapter 111: The Merciless Galactic Pirates Attack! Arise, Dark Mega Beelzebumon!
  14. Chapter 112: Intercept the Galactic Pirates! Tyrantmon's Scheme Unfolds!
  15. Chapter 113: The Coming of Skykos! Warzone Spills Over Tokyo!
  16. Chapter 114: Skykos' Full Power Unleashed! The Climatic Battle Royale!
  17. Chapter 115 (Final Chapter): Path to Power! Legacy of the Ascendant!

Digimon Fusion Movie: Daimaomon’s Conquest Redux

  1. Act I: Return to the Digital World! Coming of the Demon King!
  2. Act II: The Assault of the Devil Clan
  3. Act III: Advance Forth to Devil Castle
  4. Act IV: Big Siege at Devil Castle
  5. Final Act: Daimaomon’s Last Stand

Digimon Fusion Movie: Mutalior’s Vengeance Redux

  1. Act I: The Return of Tai! Mutalior Approaches!
  2. Act II: Mutalior’s Forces Converge
  3. Act III: Staging and Planning Next Steps
  4. Act IV: A Race Against Time and Impending Doom
  5. Act V: Battle of the Strongest
  6. Final Act: The Ascendant Reawakens

Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami the Legendary Ascendant

  1. Act I: The Legendary Ascendant Strikes!
  2. Act II: Arrival on Planet Vergo!
  3. Act III: The Fated Encounter
  4. Act IV: The Legendary Ascendant Awakens
  5. Act V: The Ascendant Gauntlet Thrown
  6. Act VI: Yamato Returns to the Battle
  7. Final Act: The Decisive Clash of Legendary Ascendants

Across Dimensions

  1. Act I: Across Dimensions! The Coming of Paradixalmon!
  2. Act II: The Accel Ascendant, Kensuke Rainer! YYGDM Heroes’ First Stop!
  3. Act III: Clash in a Recovering Future! Protect Sailor Sedna!
  4. Act IV: Newly Established Bonds! Paradixalmon’s Next Move!
  5. Act V: Next Stop, Universe DF-616! War on the Ascendants!
  6. Act VI: ‘Verses Unite! Unleash the Tenchu Requiem!
  7. Act VII: Calling for Retreat! Huh, Delta Xray Whiskey Dash Zero Six?
  8. Act VIII: Xros-over Union! Prelude to the Final Battle!
  9. Act IX: Zone Battles Decided! First, Dragon, Honey, and Gold Land Battles!
  10. Act X: Next, Cyber, Vampire, and Canyon Lands! More Heated Clashes!
  11. Act XI: Second to Last Battles! Celesta X and Seirika Face Adversity!
  12. Act XII: Arise, Gaiamon X! Take the Flight to Paradixalmon!
  13. Final Act: Homeward Bound! The Trinity of Heroes Diverge!

The Siege of GranDracmon

  1. Act I: Prelude to the Siege! The Trinity Unite!
  2. Act II: Enter the Tundra Gate! Dagonmon’s Icy, Treacherous Field!
  3. Act III: Perilous Jungle Gate! Echidnamon and Her Spawn!
  4. Act IV: Through the Hell Gate! Belialmon’s Fury Invoked!
  5. Act V: Diverging Paths! Entering the Castle from Hell!
  6. Act VI: A Great Rebound?! Turning the Tide!
  7. Act VII: Clearing the Dark Castle! GranDracmon’s Final Breakdown!
  8. Final Act: The Final Stand! The Trinity’s Ultimate Victory!

Digimon Fusion Movie: Yagami’s Second Coming

  1. Act I: The Return of a Monster
  2. Act II: A Call to Arms
  3. Act III: Buckling Down and Training Hard
  4. Final Act: The Last Stand Against Yagami

Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Season 3)

  1. Chapter 1 (116): Three Years Later! Welcoming the New Age!
  2. Chapter 2 (117): Tai's Big Announcement! Let's Enter the Digiworld Tournament?!
  3. Chapter 3 (118): Training Days! Preparing for the Digital World Tournament!
  4. Chapter 4 (119): The Trinity Assembled! Here Comes The Heroes!
  5. Chapter 5 (120): Digital World Tournament Begins! David and Tike's Big Fight!
  6. Chapter 6 (121): More Exciting Matches! Fists of Fire, Takato vs. Takuya!
  7. Chapter 7 (122): What's Wrong, BanchoLeomon? A Shocking End to the First Round!
  8. Chapter 8 (123): Quaoar in Peril! The Corrupted Legendary Warriors Emerge!
  9. Chapter 9 (124): Secrets of the Terrible Coven! The Man Behind the Sinister Plot!
  10. Chapter 10 (125): The Insidious DarkMagimon and KingDevimon's Trap!
  11. Chapter 11 (126): Battles in the Ship! Metalla X and Omega X's Full Power Throttle!
  12. Chapter 12 (127): A Battle Royal to Determine All! Who's the Strongest in the Digital World?!
  13. Chapter 13 (128): 10 Warriors vs 10 Warriors! A Spirit Evolution Rumble!
  14. Chapter 14 (129): Defeat the Devimon King! A Wicked Heart Found?
  15. Chapter 15 (130): Arise, Dark Metalla X and Beelzebumon, Agents of Destruction!
  16. Chapter 16 (131): Long-Awaited Clash! Omega X vs. Metalla X!
  17. Chapter 17 (132): Destroy DarkMagimon's Ambitions! Last Chance to Stop D-Reaper's Revival!
  18. Chapter 18 (133): Utter, Total Despair! The Terror of D-Reaper!
  19. Chapter 19 (134): Mounting Losses! An Ascendant's Resolve, Metalla X Step In!
  20. Chapter 20 (135): Farewell, Yamato; A Warrior's Atonement!
  21. Chapter 21 (136): The Nightmare Lives! The Immortal Monster, D-Reaper!
  22. Chapter 22 (137): The Plan to Defeat D-Reaper! It's Called Meta-Fusion!
  23. Chapter 23 (138): DarkMagimon's Revenge Manhunt! Attaining a Legendary Blade!
  24. Chapter 24 (139): Delay the D-Reaper! Ascendant Level 3?!
  25. Chapter 25 (140): Go Ascendant 3! D-Reaper's Rebellion?!
  26. Chapter 26 (141): Learn to Meta-Fuse! Back to Other World!
  27. Chapter 27 (142): Side Adventure in Other World! Out from the Sword!
  28. Chapter 28 (143): Call to Action! WarUltima X and Daike Are Born!
  29. Chapter 29 (144): Who Can Stop the Majin?! A Reluctant Hero and His...Daughter?!
  30. Chapter 30 (145): An Unlikely Friendship?! The Super Meta-Fusion Perfected!
  31. Chapter 31 (146): Conjured From Anger - An Evil D-Reaper Emerges!
  32. Chapter 32 (147): Dee vs Dee - A New D-Reaper Spawns Forth!
  33. Chapter 33 (148): Digital World Falls Into Catastrophe! The One-Hour Limit!
  34. Chapter 34 (149): Super Moves Unleashed! A Suefire Kamikaze Attack!
  35. Chapter 35 (150): A Dimensional Escape! Ascendant 3 Daike and WarUltima X!
  36. Chapter 36 (151): Round Two! Dee-Dee Soccer and Volleyball!
  37. Chapter 37 (152): Time Limit Up?! The Renewed Celesta X Returns to Fight!
  38. Chapter 38 (153): Dee Overwhelmed! Mystic Celesta's Amazing Power!
  39. Chapter 39 (154): Dee's Insidious Trick - Super Warriors Absorbed!
  40. Chapter 40 (155): The Supreme Digi-Deity's Gift! Tai and Takato Join the Battle!
  41. Chapter 41 (156): A Final Miracle! Rise of the Fusesha Warrior!
  42. Chapter 42 (157): Invincible! Super Warrior, Kaiser X!
  43. Chapter 43 (158): Dee's Clever Ace! The Warrior Gets Absorbed!
  44. Chapter 44 (159): Rescuing Our Friends! Omega X and Metalla X Infiltrate Dee!
  45. Chapter 45 (160): Flee From Inside the Body! Dee's Horrifying Regression!
  46. Chapter 46 (161): Two Worlds Vanish?! Teen-Reaper's Single Cruel Blast!
  47. Chapter 47 (162): Battle for the Digiverse! You Are No. 1, Tai!
  48. Chapter 48 (163): A Minute of Desperation! Ultimate Biomerger, Guilkatomon, Emerges!
  49. Chapter 49 (164): Yamato's Secret Strategy! Gather the Miraculous Life Bomb!
  50. Chapter 50 (165): Omega X is the Strongest After All! Teen-Reaper's Final Breath!
  51. Chapter 51 (166): Aftermath, the Trinity's Departure! A Look Into Our Future!
  52. Chapter 52 (167) (Final Chapter): Dee's Reincarnations, Dorothy and Avengemon! The Next Journey!

Digimon Fusion Movie: Battle of Digital Gods

  1. Act I: Beerusmon’s Awakening!
  2. Act II: The Coming of Beerusmon!
  3. Act III: Weathering a Coming Storm
  4. Act IV: The Digital God’s Fury Unleashed
  5. Act V: The Legend of the Ascendant God
  6. Act VI: The Clash Between Gods
  7. Final Act: Omega X the Ascendant God

Digimon Fusion Movie: Resurrection B

  1. Act I: Resurrection of the Evil Emperor Burizalor
  2. Act II: Jacomon's Warning
  3. Act III: Our Monster Friends
  4. Act IV: Across Dimensions Part Deux (or Part Two?)
  5. Act V: A Desperate Situation
  6. Act VI: Omega X vs. Burizalor II - Rematch for the Digiverse
  7. Act VII: The Golden Standard
  8. Act VIII: A Whole Tri World
  9. Final Act: The Decisive Finale

Digimon Fusion Movie: Battle Supremacy

  1. Act I: Tournament Proposal
  2. Act II: Who Are the Last Two Fighters?
  3. Act III: The Event Commences
  4. Act IV: Furizlor's True Colors
  5. Act V: The Heated Inferno, Enter Metalla X
  6. Act VI: Ascendant Pride vs. Assassin's Creed
  7. Final Act: Who Wins - Digiverse 6 or 7?

Cross Generations (Series Finale)

  1. Chapter I: Enter the Cross Era
  2. Chapter II: Prelude - Dimension Missions
  3. Chapter III: The Aligned Triad
  4. Chapter IV: Temporal Companionships
  5. Chapter V: Guilty Dimensions
  6. Chapter VI: Moon Pride
  7. Chapter VII: Hunters x and x Detectives
  8. Chapter VIII: Whismon's Training
  9. Chapter IX: The Daemons Strike Back
  10. Chapter X: Tamers: Legendary Defenders
  11. Chapter XI: Soujourner Travels Part I - Spirit and Specter
  12. Chapter XII: Soujourner Travels Part II - A Better World
  13. Chapter XIII: Soujourner Travels Part III - World's Finest
  14. Intermission: Intermission - Black Ascendant Royale
  15. Chapter XIV: A Dimensional Tourney (Curtain Call Special)
  16. Chapter XV: Advent of the Dark Angels
  17. Chapter XVI: The Dark Angels' Second Advent
  18. Chapter XVII: Separations of Tomorrow
  19. Chapter XVIII: Black Ascendant Royale
  20. Chapter XIX: The Divinity of Justice
  21. Chapter XX: Rebellious Hope vs. Rebellious Despair
  22. Chapter XXI: Paradais Lost
  23. Chapter XXII: The Zero Dawn
  24. Chapter XXIII: Across Dimensions Part Trois
  25. Chapter XXIV: uni: Trigger the Infinite Darkness
  26. Chapter XXV: du: Cosmos vs. Chaos
  27. Chapter XXVI: tri: Digital Ascendancy - Part Alpha(A)
  28. Chapter XXVII: tri: Digital Ascendancy - Part Omega(Ω)
  29. Chapter XXVIII: Omniversal War
  30. Chapter XXIX: A Generation Ends
  31. Chapter XXX (Final Chapter): Forty Years Later -Re: Digitize-

Digimon Fusion Ascendancy (Compilation Series)

  1. Chapter I: A New Beginning
  2. Chapter II: Beerusmon's Awakening
  3. Chapter III: Omega X vs God of Destruction Beerusmon
  4. Chapter IV: Weathering a Coming Storm
  5. Chapter V: The Digital God's Fury Unleashed
  6. Chapter VI: The Legend of the Ascendant God
  7. Chapter VII: The Clash of the Gods
  8. Chapter VIII: Omega X the Ascendant God
  9. Chapter IX: Double Date
  10. Chapter X: Dee's Reincarnations - Dorothy and Avengemon
  11. Chapter XI: A Crossover Gathering
  12. Chapter XII: Prelude - Dimension Missions
  13. Chapter XIII: The Aligned Triad
  14. Chapter XIV: Whismon's Training
  15. Chapter XV: The Daemons Strike Back
  16. Chapter XVI: Our Monster Friends
  17. Chapter XVII: Daemon Battle Royale
  18. Chapter XVIII: Ascendant's Travels Part I - A Better World
  19. Chapter XIX: Ascendant's Travels Part II - World's Finest
  20. Chapter XX: Resurrection of the Evil Emperor, Burizalor
  21. Chapter XXI: Jacomon's Distress
  22. Chapter XXII: Vengeance Begins! The Buriza Forces Strike!
  23. Chapter XXIII: Across Dimensions Part Deux (or Two?)
  24. Chapter XXIV: A Desperate Situation!
  25. Chapter XXV: Clash! The Ascendants vs. The Fiends!
  26. Chapter XXVI: The Golden Standard
  27. Chapter XXVII: A Whole tri. World
  28. Chapter XXVIII: The Decisive Finale
  29. Chapter XXIX: Champamon's Tournament Proposal
  30. Chapter XXX: Who are the Last Two Fighters?
  31. Chapter XXXI: The Event Commences
  32. Chapter XXXII: Furizlor's True Colors
  33. Chapter XXXIII: The Heated Inferno, Enter Metalla X
  34. Chapter XXXIV: Ascendant Pride and Assassin's Creed
  35. Chapter XXXV: Who Wins - Digiverse 6 or 7?
  36. Chapter XXXVI: Numerondramon's Summoning
  37. Chapter XXXVII: Passing Days
  38. Chapter XXXVIII: Invasion of the Digibody Snatchers
  39. Chapter XXXIX: Omega X vs. Copy-Metalla X
  40. Chapter XL: Rise of the Dark HYDRA Network
  41. Chapter XLI: Jurassic Hybrids
  42. Chapter XLII: Searching for BlackWarGreymon
  43. Chapter XLIII: Miranda and Adnarim
  44. Chapter XLIV: Survival of the Fittest
  45. Chapter XLV: Adnarim's Endless Hunger
  46. Chapter XLVI: The Glutton's Achilles Heel
  47. Chapter XLVII: SOS From the Future - Advent of the Dark Angels
  48. Chapter XLVIII: Second Advent - Black Angel Incursion
  49. Chapter XLVIX: To Divide and Conquer
  50. Chapter L: Super Ascendant Rosé
  51. Chapter LI: Separations of Tomorrow
  52. Chapter LII: Black Ascendant Royale
  53. Chapter LIII: Worship Me! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasmon!
  54. Chapter LIV: Clash Inside Yog-Sothoth's Realm
  55. Chapter LV: The Divinity of Justice
  56. Chapter LVI: Rebellious Hope vs. Rebellious Despair
  57. Chapter LVII: The Rebellious Witch's Last Stand
  58. Chapter LVIII: Paradais Lost
  59. Chapter LIX: The Zero Dawn
  60. Chapter LX: Omega X vs. Omega X! Enter DF-616 Prime!
  61. Chapter LXI: The Synisters Rising
  62. Chapter LXII: Rumble in the Synister Domain
  63. Chapter LXIII: Seek and Destroy
  64. Chapter LXIV: The Newest Recruits, Jirenmon and Toppomon
  65. Chapter LXV: Millennia Epilogue, Fade Away
  66. Chapter LXVI: In The End
  67. Chapter LXVII: Ultimate Awakening, Ascendancy Instinct
  68. Chapter LXVIII: Omniversal War Part I
  69. Chapter LXXIX: Omniversal War Part II
  70. Chapter LXX: Farewell, Until We Meet Again

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