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Recap / Digimon Adventure E 46 The Counterattack Of Metal Etemon

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An explosion occurs as Ogremon fights off a bunch of Woodmon, but, no matter how many he fends off, they keep coming.

Mimi apologizes to Jou for having him indulge in her selfishness, and Jou tells her that she's not being selfish at all and is in fact correct for saying that fighting only leads to more fighting. However, he feels bothered, remembering his brother Shin back in the human world, and when Gomamon asks what's wrong, Jou responds that sometimes there are times when it's better off not to say what you're thinking. Before they can continue to reflect on this, however, they're interrupted by a meteor coming right at them...


The scene cuts back to Ogremon, who's at a cliff ready to fight some more, when the meteor crashes in front of him and he’s sent flying away. The remaining group of Chosen feels the presence of the crashing meteor, but quickly return to the topic at hand: returning to Pinnochimon's house and attacking him there. Sora disagrees, knowing how dangerous it is, and when the kids take a vote on whether they should go or not, they're surprised to see Taichi abstain; he's contemplating what Yamato would do at a time like this and how he would be unable to face Yamato if anything happened to Takeru. Taichi decides on a compromise: they'll check the place out, and if anything happens to them, Taichi and Koromon will hold them off while Sora gets the others to safety.

At the site of the meteor crash, a silver version of Etemon emerges from the smoke...


Jou and Mimi approach the fallen meteor only to find Ogremon lying on the ground, pressed down under the weight of the trees that had fallen as a result of the meteor. Despite knowing that Ogremon had attacked them back on File Island, Mimi can't stand to see Ogremon injured and has the others help her, with Jou using his knowledge as a doctor's son to help. Ogremon is confused as to why Chosen Children are helping him when he'd tried to kill them, but Mimi refuses to abide by things like killing and not killing, causing Ogremon to cry.

Pinnochimon approaches them soon after, interrogating them as to what he's missing with the threat of killing them if they don't tell him. Mimi refuses to let Palmon evolve and fight them out of fear for Palmon's safety, and Jou has Gomamon super-evolve to Zudomon to fight Pinnochimon off. However, Zudomon is quickly defeated and reverted to Gomamon, and Pinnochimon continues to demand his answer.


They're interrupted by the dramatic (and Tarzan-pastiche) entrance of the metallic version of Etemon, MetalEtemon, who Came Back Strong by managing to survive the black hole he was sucked into with the sheer willpower of wanting revenge on the Chosen Children. MetalEtemon quickly antagonizes Pinnochimon and the two get in a fight, which Mimi, Jou, Palmon, and Gomamon exploit as an opportunity to escape.

Taichi's group arrives at Pinnochimon’s mansion to find it guarded by Floramon and Deramon. Despite Taichi's misgivings, the group decides to go in all together. Pinnochimon and MetalEtemon notice that the Chosen Children are missing, and while Pinnochimon decides to call it quits and go home, MetalEtemon chooses to use this as an opportunity to chase the Chosen.

The Chosen attack Floramon and Deramon, but the two of them reveal that even though Pinnochimon treats them as his 'playmates', in reality they hate them (and for good reason) and have no attachment to him, a claim that Takeru finds is reasonable due to his assertion Pinnochimon has no friends. Under the condition that the kids keep it a secret from Pinnochimon, Floramon and Deramon agree to lead them into Pinnochimon’s house, where the children find all of the toys to be dangerous and have to be warned by Floramon and Deramon to keep away from them.

Ogremon tells Mimi and Jou that he and Leomon are eternally destined to be rivals, to the point where fighting with Leomon is Ogremon's only meaning in life and he can't think of what to do after beating Leomon. Soon after, they're found by MetalEtemon and scamper away. Taichi's group sees Pinnochimon arriving and, with the help of Floramon and Deramon, begin to attack him with a cannon in his house, while Pinnochimon prepares to fight them.

As Mimi's group is chased by MetalEtemon, they're saved by a lion-like quadruped Digimon...


  • And Then What?: When Ogremon explains how his entire life revolves around fighting his rival Leomon and trying to defeat him, Mimi asks what he would do with himself if he actually succeeded and he no longer had Leomon around to oppose. Ogremon admits that he never thought about that, but then rejects the idea that his fight with Leomon will ever end.
  • Bowdlerise: In the English dub, Etemon having been banished into Hell after his first defeat is changed to his data having been scattered across the universe.
  • The Bus Came Back: Ogremon and Etemon (now MetalEtemon) return after having been absent for a few arcs each.
  • Came Back Strong: Etemon returns as MetalEtemon, one step further up the evolutionary chain after enduring harrowing suffering after his defeat.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Floramon and Deramon's job was to always be available for Puppetmon to hurt and terrify whenever he was bored. When the Digidestined show up to take him down, they betray him in a heartbeat, let them into his mansion and volunteer to take potshots at him with his own cannon when he returns home.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Since Pinnochimon and MetalEtemon both want to kill the DigiDestined themselves, they quickly start fighting each other. However, because the former has the maturity of a child and the latter is just as ridiculous as he was as Etemon, their fight ends up being much sillier-looking than a clash between two Mega-level Digimon should be.


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