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Recap / Digimon Adventure E 43 The Dangerous Game Pinnochimon

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The kids, regaining a little hope after defeating their first Dark Master and seeing the sea portion of Spiral Mountain vanish, decide to push on. Mimi, however, stops to make some graves for the Digimon who had died to protect them, and while Taichi believes this to be a reason they have to keep fighting for their sakes, Mimi is unsure. Yamato yells at Taichi, telling him that while he is right and they have to keep fighting, they do need to take the time to remember the ones they've lost.


The kids move on, with Taichi and Yamato wondering if it's okay for things to stay like this and the others worried about the stability of the group. Hikari, however, hears a voice that nobody else does...

Pinnochimon watches over them and, impatient for them to get to his lair, manipulates a strip of ground to move like a conveyor belt so that they'll reach his lair faster. He then thinks about how to kill the kids, including with a gun. He loses track of the kids after they jump onto a tree, and while Taichi insists they should just play right into their hands, the Chosen start to be teleported away one by one. Takeru asks Yamato why Yamato gives him preferential treatment to the other Chosen when they’ve worked as a team, asking if it's because Takeru is weak.

Pinnochimon plays with the Chosen's locations with toys representing them, make them teleport back and forth to each other's locations. Mimi, unable to take it anymore, decides not to get herself involved when the Digimon go off to look for their human partners, and Koushirou stays with her. Pinnochimon decides Takeru, being a child, will be a fun one to pick on, and goes off to retrieve him.


Yamato fusses over Takeru, who lashes that he can take care of himself now, and Pinnochimon arrives and threatens Takeru with Yamato's safety if Takeru won’t "play" with him. Takeru goes with him and Pinnochimon taunts and threatens Takeru with real guns.

As Pinnochimon chases Takeru around, killing two of his own minions whom he believes to be supporting Takeru, Takeru steps on the remote control Pinnochimon had used to control the land, causing the land to bring all of the teleported Chosen back together again. Yamato tells them that Takeru has been taken away, and before the Chosen can get to Pinnochimon, they're stopped by his minion Kiwimon, whom the Digimon take on.

Patamon enters Pinnochimon's house and finds the dolls Pinnochimon had used to teleport them over along with the remote control used to move the land. He decides to tell Takeru about it.


Pinnochimon continues to shoot at Takeru with the gun, but runs out of bullets before he can kill Takeru. While he's reloading, Takeru gets an idea and calls Pinnochimon boring, claiming that he's not having any fun and attributing it to Pinnochimon not having any friends. Pinnochimon is taken aback by this statement and goes off to fetch a "friend" to prove him wrong. While Pinnochimon's distracted fashioning his "friend" from a bunch of scraps, Patamon finds Takeru and leads him to the room with the remote control and dolls; Takeru promptly destroys the remote and the materials used to manipulate the Chosen.

Yamato argues with Taichi, attempting to get the answer to where Takeru is out of Kiwimon while Taichi thinks it's better to defeat Kiwimon first, and as a result his Crest doesn't glow and Gabumon is unable to warp-evolve.

Takeru escapes from Pinnochimon's house and, after Birdramon defeats Kiwimon (to the ire of Yamato, who still wanted his answer to where Takeru was first), Takeru arrives and tells the others he was able to protect himself on his own. Seeing Takeru talk about his accomplishments in Pinnochimon's house and the other Chosen congratulating him, Yamato walks slowly away in anguish, followed by a concerned Gabumon.

After a while, the other Chosen notice Yamato is gone, while Pinnochimon looks at the broken remote and ruminates on how Takeru had called him boring...


  • Bowdlerise: Pinnochimon having guns is completely edited out of the dub, which includes him killing his servants Mushmon and Blossomon with one.


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