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Recap / Digimon Adventure E 31 Raremon Surprise Attack On Tokyo Bay

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Taichi and Koromon walk towards their home, and Taichi recalls that Hikari had remembered the incident in Hikarigaoka. He wonders whether Hikari could be the eighth child. At home, Hikari feeds her cat, Miko, and is greeted by her parents; when she leaves the room, Miko looks under Hikari's bed... and finds a Digivice.

While Miko plays with its new toy and drops it over a ledge, Hikari's parents check over her; Hikari herself seems to be more cheerful and upbeat, having recovered a little from her cold. Taichi returns home, and seeing his parents again makes him so emotional that he embraces them despite him having seen them earlier only that day from their perspective.


Miko goes outside to chase the Digivice, finds that another cat has stolen it, and chases the thief.

Koushirou's mother talks on the phone with another mother, who tells her about how good of a child Koushirou is compared to her own children. Koushirou's entrance ends up a happy surprise for her, and Koushirou apologizes for worrying her before retreating into his own room. Tentomon comes in through the window, but Koushirou is put in an awkward situation when he has to hide Tentomon in the closet for fear of her finding him and hurriedly runs off to supposedly pick up a reference book from Taichi.

Koushirou returns after a fashion and reluctantly adds an extra lock on his door, not wanting to shut his parents out but also wanting to keep them from finding Tentomon. Tentomon tells Koushirou that he can smell that his mom is making really good food, and says that she must be a good mother. Koushirou agrees, but this leads to him recalling the full version of the flashback of overhearing his parents: one night, he had opened his door and peeked through it to find his parents discussing that he's not their real son, and is adopted.


Koushirou's mom calls him for dinner, and Koushirou is forced to explain the other voice that she'd been hearing in his room as a one-man stand-up comedy act. At dinner, Koushirou ends up acting one out to convince his parents, and awkwardly asks if he can eat the rest of his dinner in his room (so that he can feed some to Tentomon). In the midst of the conversation, Koushirou tells his mother that he loves everything she makes and is grateful for everything she does, making her very happy.

At the Yagami household, Taichi stuffs his face with food, though his constant sneaking of his food to Koromon causes him to ask for three times more of his normal helping than usual.

Koushirou feeds the rest of his food to Tentomon, who can tell that Koushirou is unusually happy. His mother reflects on Koushirou telling her such nice words, and begins to cry.


Miko manages to retrieve the Digivice from the other cat, but in the process ends up locked in the back of a truck.

Taichi questions Hikari about the incident at Hikarigaoka of four years ago, and Hikari confirms that she remembers it. Koromon asks her if she has a Digivice, but Hikari hasn't seen it. With that, Taichi and Koromon turn in to sleep, and Hikari wonders where Miko is.

In the truck, the Digivice begins to beep, reacting with a discarded copy of the eighth child's Crest that happens to be nearby. A Digimon, Raremon, starts roaming around in the area, while PicoDevimon finds his copy of the Crest reacting and believes that the eighth child is nearby.

Koushirou looks through the programs that Gennai installed on his computer, and after going through a few useless ones finds a map of Tokyo pointing out where a hostile Digimon is attacking. Koushirou tries to call the other Chosen, but all of them turn out to be sleeping; as a result, Koushirou and Tentomon decide to take matters into their own hands and sneak out of the house.

Raremon attacks the truck where Miko and the Digivice are in, and the cat barely escapes with its life (and the Digivice). Koushirou's Digivice also begins to react, and Tentomon evolves to Kabuterimon while Koushirou looks for the eighth child, but as Miko flees with the Digivice, PicoDevimon's false Crest fades and Koushirou finds the signal of another Digivice moving.

Taichi's mother wakes him up, telling him that Koushirou called, and calls the Izumi household trying to contact Koushirou. Koushirou's mother answers the phone and tells him Koushirou is out, and meanwhile thanks Taichi for lending Koushirou his reference book — only to be taken back when Taichi says that he never did something like that. She knocks on Koushirou's door, but panics when she finds his door locked. Koushirou's mother worries about Koushirou, wondering why he's changed so much and suddenly become so nice to her after only a half-day at camp.

Miko runs into an angry dog, drops the Digivice, and flees, leaving the Digivice free to be taken away by a bird. Koushirou loses the signal — and promptly runs into PicoDevimon. He's rescued by Kabuterimon, who has just defeated Raremon, and as they fly home Koushirou tells him that while they didn't find the eighth child, the fact that the child definitively isn't in Hikarigaoka is good to know.

Koushirou and Tentomon return home and Koushirou goes out to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get food for Tentomon, but in the process hears his mother worrying about how it feels like he's hiding something from his parents. Koushirou's father tells his mother that, after all, they're hiding something from him too, and Koushirou's mother says that she wishes sometimes Koushirou would be a little more selfish rather than keeping everything repressed to himself and just being a good boy.

Taichi wonders why Koushirou called, and his Digivice begins to react. Realizing that this could mean the presence of the eighth child, he runs off, and Hikari looks to the distance at what looks to her like a shooting star: a bird carrying the glowing Digivice away...


  • Foreshadowing: Kari's introduced into the episode while feeding her housecat, who's also the first one to notice the Digivice under her bed and afterwards plays with it, fights another cat for it and carries it around half of Tokyo, foreshadowing her eventual bond with the catlike Gatomon.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Twice. Hikari loses her Digivice right before Taichi comes home. Later, Izzy arrives just as a crow makes off with her Digivice.
  • Oblivious Adoption: It's revealed that Izzy's an adopted child, and had no idea until he overheard his parents talking about it.
  • Snot Bubble: Tentomon gains one while sleeping in Izzy's room, which incongruously enough comes out of his eye.


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