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Recap / Digimon Adventure E 29 Mammon The Great Clash At Hikarigaoka

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Koushirou confirms that the Digital World indeed runs on a schedule of Year Inside, Hour Outside, and that barely a minute should have passed between Vamdemon's arrival in the human world and the Chosen's. The kids meet with their teacher, Mr. Fujiyama, who informs them that due to the snow, camp has been cancelled and the kids should be packing for home. With that, Taichi begins to form a plan on how to get to Hikarigaoka...


As Vamdemon, as per most vampires, is Weakened by the Light, he hands Tailmon a Crest and tells her to search for the eighth child.

After being reminded that they shouldn't talk in front of other humans and need to pretend to be stuffed animals, the Digimon are shocked to find that there are so many other kinds of humans other than the Chosen. Mimi finds two of her other friends and starts fussing over them with comments like "I missed you", while her friends are utterly confused over why Mimi is being so clingy when they had just seen each other minutes ago.

Taichi asks Mr. Fujiyama and the officer in charge to drop the kids off in Hikarigaoka instead of at home; Yamato and Takeru manage to convince him with a sob story that it was the last place their family lived together before their parents divorced, and Mr. Fujiyama is fully convinced once Jou promises to take responsibility for the others.


On the way to Hikarigaoka, Koushirou confirms that his laptop is once again working properly, and that the Digivices are now operating in the human world.

Tailmon looks around the area, trying to find the child to whom the Crest she is wearing will react to. She reports to Vamdemon that she believes that the eighth child is no longer in Hikarigaoka. Vamdemon reveals that the Crest he had given Tailmon is not the real Crest but a fake that will merely react with the presence of the eighth child, and that he has the real one. Vamdemon hands out copies for all of his other minions and orders them and Tailmon to find the eighth child under any means necessary.

The kids reach Hikarigaoka, and the kids find out that, in addition to Taichi and Sora having lived there once and gone to the same school, Yamato and Takeru hadn't been lying after all about them having lived there before their parents had divorced — in fact, all seven of the kids there had attended schools in the district and lived in Hikarigaoka at one point!


The kids wonder why Koushirou, who had lived in Hikarigaoka for only a few months, had moved away, and Jou remembers that there was a "terrorist bombing" that had occurred at Hikarigaoka four years prior, after which many families had moved away. The kids recall that something of that sort had happened, but are interrupted by a Mammonnote , one of Vamdemon's minions, who is causing chaos while roaming around Hikarigaoka.

Piyomon evolves to Birdramon and attacks Mammon, and the destruction of the battle surfaces latent memories of the "terrorist bombing" that had occurred. The sight of Birdramon super-evolving to Garudamon and defeating Mammon finally makes them realize the truth of the incident four years ago: Taichi had found a Koromon, watched it evolve to Agumon and then to Greymon, and watched it fight with another Digimon.

Taichi realizes why Hikari had known about Koromon during his brief return to the human world, and Taichi's Koromon says that while it must have been a different Koromon, he did have a faint feeling of having already known Taichi when he had first met him in the Digital World.

The kids evacuate from the area to avoid being interrogated by any police, and Koushirou theorizes that all seven of them having been present for the incident four years prior was how they were selected as Chosen Children. The kids realize that this means it's very likely that the eighth child also witnessed the incident at Hikarigaoka. Now with a new clue about the eighth child, the kids resolve to find the eighth child before Vamdemon does.


  • Apathetic Citizens: The first humans to witness Mammothmon rampaging through Tokyo react to the rampaging cyborg pachyderm by complaining about people not following leash laws and idly wondering if someone's shooting a movie.
  • Commonality Connection: The Chosen Children realize that they have one thing in common — that they witnessed the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon four years ago. Therefore, the Eighth Child must have seen it as well.
  • Horse of a Different Color: During their fight, Garudamon briefly rides Mammothmon like an oversized horse.


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