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Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 50 Our Digital World

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Taichi leads the other elder Chosen, their families, and Noriko to a familiar campsite...

As the Chosen Children’s Digimon hold off BelialVamdemon, the Dark Seed-implanted children lament that BelialVamdemon is going to win and all is lost. As they fall further and further into despair, saying that all of it is useless and the Chosen will be defeated, Daisuke yells at them, telling them not to have that attitude because there’s nothing they can’t do if they keep believing in it.


Hoping to reach the Digital World, Taichi and the other elder Chosen arrive at the camp, knowing that they may be able to get there if they return to Where It All Began. As Koushirou tries to find a way to open the gate, Noriko’s parents ask the Chosen what will happen to her, and they reassure them that they will find a solution. Taichi holds up his Digivice and asks for the gate to open, and while nothing happens initially, gates from all over the world begin to react as the Chosen Children all over the world hold up their shining Digivices in unison.

The Chosen’s Digimon prove ineffective against BelialVamdemon, while the Dark Seed children continue to believe it’s impossible and that there’s nothing they can do to help, since they’re not Chosen Children. However, the light from the international Chosen’s Digivices leads all of the Digimon who are partnered to them inside the Digital World to the fight, who gather in order to help in the struggle against BelialVamdemon. The light from all of the Digivices enters the Digital World and reaches the Digimon, causing the darkness to begin to subside. A gate appears at the campsite, and the elder Chosen, taking Noriko with them, hold up their Digivices and enter the Digital World. Noriko’s father is worried, but the Chosen Children’s parents say that the only thing they can do is believe in their children.


With all of the Digital Gates around the world opening at the same time, the elder Chosen, accompanied by Noriko and all of the Chosen Children around the world, arrive in the Digital World to provide their support. The kids declare that the bond between the Chosen Children and their Digimon have opened the gates, but this upsets Noriko, who takes this to mean that the Chosen Children are special and that she and the other “normal” children will be condemned to living pitiful lives forever, unable to do anything about the situation without the powers that the Chosen Children have. The combined feelings of anguish end up taking a physical form and making BelialVamdemon stronger.

Daisuke tells them that being a Chosen Child means nothing, saying that there’s nothing special about himself. One of the children retorts that they have the Digimon, but Takeru tells them that the Digimon will exist if they wish it to be so, because every child has the power to make their dreams come true. Daisuke insists that the children must have some kind of dream they're aspiring for, and when one of them asks Daisuke in turn what his dream is, he replies that he just wants to run a ramen shop, because he loves ramen and wants to be the best ramen maker in the world.


Noriko admits that she once wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, and Hikari responds that she wants to as well. Daisuke asks the other Dark Seed children what their dreams are, and they respond in turn: to be a baseball player, to be a pastry chef, to be a comic artist - they'd all been told that their dreams were childish and silly, but they realize that no matter what others say, they should be free to dream what they like. With every personal dream that every child admits, and as the Chosen Children tell them that they can achieve their dreams if they work hard enough, BelialVamdemon begins to become weaker.

The children resolve to make their own dreams come true, and as a result, each child has a Digimon and Digivice appear in front of them. BelialVamdemon dissolves completely and turns into a wave of darkness, and in response all of the Chosen Children - now including the young children - hold their Digivices up in the air, providing a light that turns into a large gun that Imperialdramon Fighter Mode blasts BelialVamdemon with and destroying him once and for all.

With the long battle finally over, the Chosen Children celebrate and their Digimon revert to their normal forms. Tailmon is greeted by Gennai, who reveals that he has the Holy Ring that Tailmon lost; it had been used to control the power of darkness in the Kaiser’s base, and after the base had been destroyed, Gennai had recovered it and used it to power Jogress Evolution. Now that Jogress is no longer needed, he returns the ring to Tailmon.

Gennai also reveals that the illusory world that they were in is one that transforms emotions into power, and that the Digital World is founded on that power, meaning that it has the ability to combine emotions and data. Ken also realizes that Dagomon’s ocean is the materialization of dark emotions, and when Miyako asks him what they should do about the Dark Seeds, Ken says that the seeds won’t sprout as long as the children continue to believe in the power to realize their dreams.

Iori has one more thing left to do, however: he decides to go back and retrieve Oikawa from the illusory world and allow him to see the Digital World like he wanted to. As they reach the border between the two worlds, a Digimon called Pipimonnote  appears in front of them, calling himself Oikawa’s Digimon partner. Oikawa remembers having met Pipimon a long, long time ago, when he and Hiroki Hida had contacted the Digital World through their video games, and Pipimon invites him to join him in the Digital World.

However, Oikawa is very weak from BelialVamdemon having left his body, and, seeing that the Digital World is in a damaged state from what BelialVamdemon has done to it, decides to use the power of the illusory world in order to materialize his emotions and sacrifice his body to restore the Digital World. As Oikawa’s body dissolves, Oikawa expresses his regret that he wasn’t able to realize his dream of going on adventures in the Digital World like the Chosen did, while an anguished Iori responds that he managed to achieve his dream of seeing the Digital World at last and Pipimon sadly watches as the partner he just met disappears. However, Oikawa’s voice reassures him that he’ll always be here with him in the Digital World as his body transforms into butterflies as the Chosen look on.

Takeru’s voice narrates that the sacrifice of Oikawa’s body restored the Digital World to its normal state, and as his voice overlaps with the narrator’s, we jump to 25 years in the future and find that an adult Takeru was the Narrator All Along who writes novels of his adventures in the Digital World. As Takeru narrates that every child in the world now has a Digimon partner and that the Digital World has now been recognized by people all over the world, Takeru and his son, who’s partnered to a Tokomon, arrive in the Digital World for a large meet-up of the now-adult Chosen and their children.

We get to see how the Chosen have grown up:

  • Taichi becomes an ambassador who mediates relationships between the Real and Digital Worlds, with Agumon by his side. He has one son with a Koromon.
  • Yamato and Gabumon become the first Human-Digimon astronaut team. He marries Sora, who becomes a fashion designer who specializes in Japanese style. note  The two have two children, a boy with a Tsunomon and a girl with a Pyocomonnote .
  • Jou becomes the Digital World’s first doctor, with Gomamon as his assistant, and has a son with a Pukamonnote .
  • Mimi becomes a culinary specialist, and holds a cooking TV show with Palmon. She has a son with a Tanemon.
  • Koushirou becomes a researcher of the Digital World with Tentomon’s assistance. He has a daughter with a Motimon.
  • Hikari achieves her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher, and has a son with a Plotmon. Her son also seems to have inherited Hikari’s whistle.
  • Miyako (who seems to not have lost her panic-prone disposition) becomes a housewife, married to Ken, who becomes a police officernote , working alongside Stingmon. The two of them have three children: a girl with a Poromon, a boy with a Minomon, and a baby (of indeterminate sex) with a Leafmon.
  • Iori becomes a criminal defense attorney, and has a daughter with an Upamon.
  • Daisuke - who seems to not have changed much as he arrives late to the meeting - achieves his dream and creates a chain of ramen carts all around the world, even managing to get himself and V-mon on TIME Magazine. He has a son, who’s inherited Taichi’s goggles, with a Chibimon.

As the new generation of Chosen Children run together, and a flock of butterflies flies over them, Takeru narrates the light and darkness in both people's hearts and in the world will always be in turmoil - but as long as one keeps the light in their heart and continues to hold the power to realize their dreams, all will be fine.

Takeru: You are the ones who will turn the pages of new adventures.


  • All There in the Manual: Supplementary materials give full names to a few of the Dark Seed children.
    • According to the Digimon Animation Chronicle, Yamato and Gabumon apparently became astronauts with the intent of investigating “enemies” in outer space. Seems the Digimon have gone galactic.
    • While it’s never explicitly stated in the anime that Yamato and Sora are married, it's still obvious from their children - Yamato's son resembles Sora, and Sora's daughter resembles Yamato. Producer Hiromi Seki confirmed their marriage in an article of V Jump, and various staff have referred to the two as married whenever the subject comes up.
  • Dub-Induced Plot Hole: The dub chose to combine Jou’s brothers Shin and Shuu into one character of “Jim Kido”. However, the dub writers probably hadn’t anticipated this episode, in which both “Jim”s are seen very clearly right next to each other. Oops?
  • Larynx Dissonance: The Japanese version has some voice-overs of the adult Chosen during some parts of the montage where we see their jobs. Ken and Daisuke, who have Cross-Dressing Voices, are still voiced by their normal voice actresses in the finale. This gives the odd feeling that neither of them have gotten past puberty.
  • Narrator All Along: Prior to the full reveal near the end of the episode, we get one clue in the Japanese version that Takeru is the one who’s narrating: when he recaps the previous episode, the narrator says that everything was engulfed in darkness “before our eyes”.
  • Our Doors Are Different: According to the epilogue, in addition to having holographic computer screens that neatly retract into desks, we’ll also have futuristic high-tech doors that disappear when people walk through them.
  • Ridiculously Successful Future Self: One can imagine that being the pioneer Chosen Children in a world that begins to integrate Digimon as part of normal life probably did them some favors in terms of making them famous, but it’s still worth noting that a number of them end up growing up into some pretty prominent positions. Even Miyako, the housewife, gets to have a large family with three children.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: All of the Chosen's kids look like clones of their parents, with the exception of some gender swaps. This goes right down to hairstyle (although Ken and Miyako's daughter and son have the hair colors of their father and mother, respectively).

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