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Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 30 The Dark Ultimate Black War Greymon

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While taking a bath, an aggravated Archnemon remembers her near-defeat at the hands of the Chosen Children...

The kids continue destroying Dark Towers one after another. As they take a break, Hikari and Takeru go off to get drinks from a vending machine, and Miyako pulls over Daisuke to talk to him about something: even though Ken has joined the others in destroying Dark Towers, Ken and Iori are uncomfortable around each other and largely ignore each other’s presence. Hoping that it’ll help Ken and Iori to get along, Daisuke asks them to go take down a Dark Tower together, but they take it down with no problem and return to their normal uncomfortable states.


Seeing that Armadimon and Wormmon are getting along fine but the problem is Ken and Iori, Daisuke yells at them to at least shake hands, but Ken and Iori see right through Daisuke’s plan and when Miyako and Daisuke begin to harp on Iori about it, Ken leaves the group, saying that he shouldn’t have gotten in the way of the group’s teamwork.

Knowing that she’ll need a more powerful Digimon if she wants to defeat the Chosen Children, Archnemon contemplates making one out of a hundred Dark Towers. Daisuke explains to Hikari and Takeru what had happened, and the kids express frustration that Iori and Ken can’t come to an equal level. They’re interrupted by Archnemon and Mummymon, and Archnemon plants her hairs in a hundred Dark Towers and taunts the kids to follow her. V-mon, Armadimon, and Hawkmon evolve while Patamon and Nefertimon armor evolve, and they pursue her as Archnemon and Mummymon drive up a hill.


Hikari, Takeru, Nefertimon, and Pegasmon get too close to the Digimon that’s forming from the Dark Towers and are knocked aside and injured. The Dark Towers fully form into BlackWarGreymon, the Evil Counterpart to WarGreymon and an Ultimate-levelnote  Digimon. As BlackWarGreymon is incredibly strong, the kids realize that they need Paildramon if they want to defeat him - meaning that they’ll need Ken and Stingmon’s help.

Miyako emails Ken to please help them, but Ken responds that he still doesn’t want to get in the way of their teamwork. Iori insists that they should just take care of it themselves, but Miyako decides to get him herself and goes off to meet Ken with Aquilamon. When Miyako tells Ken that Archnemon has made another strong Digimon and that they need the help of Paildramon, Ken is still hesitant, and an aggravated Miyako calls Ken an idiot and smacks him in the face.


Miyako returns on Aquilamon with Ken and Stingmon accompanying her, with Ken having regained the will to fight with the others. XV-mon and Stingmon Jogress evolve to Paildramon, but while Paildramon stands more of a chance against BlackWarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon still manages to defeat him and creates a large explosion that badly injures all of the kids and causes their Digimon to revert to their weaker forms. Instead of finishing them off, however, BlackWarGreymon declares that he won’t take orders from Archnemon and Mummymon, that he wants to have worthy opponents to fight, and flies off...



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