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Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 17 Odaiba Memorial

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On July 30, at Fuji TV headquarters, while looking over the footage of a mystery show, the employees are quite shocked to find a mysterious presence on the footage...

During the morning of July 31, the kids return from a successful trip to the Digital World and wonder what the Kaiser is up to. While the kids discuss what to do the next day, Hikari reveals that she has plans with Takeru for the following day, August 1: a celebration of the three-year anniversary of the day the original seven Chosen Children had fallen into the Digital World.


On August 1st, the other six Chosen Children meet with the kids at the park, and the senior Chosen tell the stories of their old adventures to the new kids while the new kids listen in awe - in fact, there’s so much to tell that they’re not able to tell all of it in one day.

Meanwhile, at Fuji TV, the employees stress over the mysterious presence in the tape, which not only seems to change every time they play it but also seems to have invaded the other Fuji TV production tapes as well. The frightened employees realize that the station is haunted, to the frustration of one of the employees, who remarks that the place was just rebuilt (probably from the destruction of three years prior).

The kids are overwhelmed from having heard so many stories of so many adventures, and the older Chosen tell the new kids that it’s their turn to make their own stories now. At night, Takeru pays a visit to the Ishida household for the first time in years, and finds it rather messy from being inhabited solely by two men. Yamato muses that their mother takes good care of Takeru and starts to make dinner, with Takeru claiming that he’ll be fine with anything that’s cooked by his brother...only Yamato to troll him with abnormally spicy food.


Takeru and Yamato’s incredibly stressed father comes home from his work at Fuji TV, telling them that he thinks he saw what he thought was a person disappearing while at work, and that multiple people have been seeing things in editing that weren’t there before...

On August 2nd, the employees at Fuji TV continue to find the mysterious presence in their editing, and when another employee brings up a boombox to play a sutra, the boombox instead plays a mysterious voice...

Mimi, Sora, and Miyako take a visit to Tokyo Tower and reminisce about how it briefly melted, while Yamato and Takeru walk around Shibuya and think about some friends they’d lost. Koushirou, Daisuke, Iori, Hikari, and Taichi hang out at the Yagami household, where Koushirou presents his theory that the D-3 is what opens the Digital Gate and not the computer at school, and that they may be able to open gates elsewhere. Daisuke successfully opens a Digital Gate with the Yagami siblings’ computer, and the five of them are about to enter the Digital World...before they’re given an untimely interruption by Taichi and Hikari’s mother. Still, Koushirou’s theory being proved is a valuable piece of information, although the kids acknowledge that it may be dangerous to use the Digital Gates at home at risk of their parents believing that they’ve disappeared.


On August 3rd, mysterious thunderstorms swarm Odaiba and a thunderbolt strikes the Fuji TV complex. The frightened employees flee the building, while Yamato and Takeru’s father sees what is definitely a shadow on the wall. Tailmon senses something and enters the building, with the rest of the group giving chase. They go to the top dome, where the shadow circles the ceiling and a computer lights up. Tailmon runs to the shadow and tells it that she’s arrived.

Recognizing that the mysterious presence is a Digimon, Chibimon, Upamon, and Poromon evolve to their Child forms, but Tailmon stops them. As Tailmon repeats that she’s here, the computer begins to loop Tailmon’s name on the screen and the voice calls for her. The shadow approaches Tailmon...who identifies it as none other than Wizarmonnote , the Digimon who had sacrificed himself to save Tailmon and Hikari three years earlier.

Wizarmon tells them that not only do they not have enough power to fight the “enemy”, but that the “enemy” is not whom they’re fighting right now and that “there is a far greater darkness”. He tells them that they will need more power if they want to fight off the greater darkness and if they want to “return the one who has fallen to the darkness back to his true self”. After giving Tailmon a last cryptic statement that “kindness will release the golden radiance” and that they will need the golden light on top of “kindness”, he tells them to hurry and to take care of Tailmon. Wizarmon and Tailmon try to touch each other, but are unable to as Wizarmon is an intangible ghost, leaving Wizarmon to only fly off and fade away...

Hikari comforts a crying Tailmon, and Takeru recounts the tale of Wizarmon’s sacrifice. The kids assure Tailmon that they’ll see Wizarmon again someday, while Tailmon thanks Wizarmon for his sacrifice, saying that she will not waste the life that he gave her that day.


  • Call-Back: The entire episode is effectively a half hour-long reminder that this series is, after all, a sequel to Adventure.
  • Continuity Nod: Sutras had previously been used in Adventure in order to drive away Bakemon both inside the Digital World and at Big Sight; presumably the Fuji TV employees had remembered this, though the ghost turns out not to be a Bakemon after all...

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