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Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 11 Blue Lightning Lighdramon

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Tentomon arrives to help the kids, and Yamato asks him to go fetch Garurumon to see if he can help. Daisuke is unsure whether he can bring himself to fight Taichi’s Digimon, but Takeru tells him that they have no choice. Daisuke and Takeru get into a fight over what fighting Taichi’s Digimon entails and the brawl threatens to turn physical, but when Miyako and Hikari try to stop them, Taichi and Yamato tell them to let them at it, saying that they used to get into a lot of fights too and that they wouldn’t have been friends otherwise. The kids are confused, but Yamato tells them that they’ll understand later.


While searching for Garurumon, Tentomon sees the large number of Dark Towers popping up and also catches some Pagumon with Evil Rings on them. He realizes that he has to tell Garurumon about this.

Iori’s Digivice picks up the signal of a Digimental, and they find a Digimental bearing the Crest of Friendship. Seeing the Crest, Taichi gets nostalgic about all of the fights he and Yamato used to have and calls it proof of their friendship, while Daisuke is still confused about how having fights entails being friends.

Yamato tries to lift the Digimental but fails, and one by one more of the kids fail to raise it. Taichi tells Daisuke to try, but Daisuke says that he doesn’t have much of an idea what friendship is, having been unable to understand all of this about Agumon and fighting between friends. Taichi and Yamato pressure him to try it anyway, but he’s unable to pick it up.


The kids are promptly attacked by a bunch of Flymon, and Patamon is injured. V-mon and Hawkmon armor evolve but are unable to fight off the Flymon, and before long they find that the Flymon are taking Patamon away. Everyone gives chase, but they’re interrupted by the Kaiser and MetalGreymon. The Kaiser attempts to put an Evil Spiral on Patamon, and Daisuke is hesitant to make any attacks in fear of putting Patamon in danger, but Takeru urges Daisuke to do something. As Takeru and Daisuke get on the brim of another attack, the Kaiser taunts them, saying that this is what their friendship amounts to.

Takeru goes forward to save Patamon, but is put in danger by one of MetalGreymon’s claws. Fortunately, Takeru is pushed aside by Taichi and Patamon is saved from brainwashing in the nick of time by Garurumon, who returns Patamon to Takeru. Daisuke sees that Takeru had put himself in danger for Patamon, and Fladramon asks Daisuke if he would do the same for him, but Daisuke can only manage a weak “maybe”.


Garurumon prepares to attack MetalGreymon, while Armadimon and Tailmon armor evolve to help out. Daisuke remains hesitant, and a disappointed Fladramon reverts to V-mon. Taichi urges him to believe in them, and Daisuke realizes that Taichi and Takeru have such strong bonds with their Digimon, that it must have taken them a lot to decide to attack Taichi’s Agumon, and that he hadn’t been able to understand how Takeru felt. With this, the Digimental of Friendship begins to glow and floats over to Daisuke, who uses it to armor evolve V-mon to Lighdramonnote  in the spirit of Gabumon's evolutions.

Lighdramon attacks the Evil Spiral, but is unable to attack it. Takeru tells Daisuke to fight alongside Lighdramon, and, with Daisuke on his back and giving moral support, Lighdramon uses his speed and power to successfully break the Evil Spiral, and the shocked and agitated Kaiser flees.

Agumon and Taichi have a proper reunion, and a dazed Daisuke isn’t entirely aware of everything that just happened. As the Kaiser vents out his anger, Wormmon notes that the kids have a really tight friendship and that must have helped them win, while the Kaiser finds this ridiculous.

Koushirou has Tentomon gather more information and tells the other to remain careful, while Daisuke looks at the two Digimentals in his D-Terminal. Taichi congratulates Daisuke, accompanied by Yamato, who’s happy to see Daisuke associated with the Crest of Friendship, while Daisuke still isn’t entirely aware of what he accomplished. When Chibimon tells Daisuke that he could feel everyone’s strength, Daisuke insists that it was all just himself, and the kids realize Daisuke still has a long way to go.



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