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Recap / Deus Ex Mission 04 UNATCO Transmitter

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Mission 4:

UNATCO Transmitter

Jock drops JC off on the roof of the 'Ton Hotel. He tells him that Paul is hurt and that they need to get to Battery Park for extraction. JC heads into the hotel and finds his brother, who is reeling from the effects of the killswitch activated by UNATCO.

Paul tells JC that the killswitch's operation and use is restricted to a select few individuals, and laments how much power the heads of UNATCO have. JC says that he's prepared to believe him, but that they both have to leave. Paul says they can't go without sending out a distress signal to warn other groups about UNATCO's true motivations, including the French terrorist group Silhouette. He asks JC to go back to the building where the NSF generator was and use a satellite dish on the roof to transmit the signal.

On his way out of the hotel, JC finds Gilbert and Sandra having an argument about her whereabouts and constant disappearances. Gilbert says that Jojo Fine (her pimp and an NSF commander) is a punk. She comments in exasperation that there's nothing he can do about it. Gilbert asks JC for protection, and the agent gives him his gun to protect himself.

Jojo walks down to the lobby soon afterwards and tries to force Sandra to go hooking, but Gilbert threatens him. The situation escalates into a gun battle, but Gilbert kills Jojo with JC's help. A relieved Gilbert asks Sandra to stay and help out around the hotel, and she wearily accepts.

JC heads to the generator building through a recently-opened tunnel and meets with a UNATCO guard who expresses confusion as to his purpose there. JC lies and says that he came to wrap up a few things, then continues on. Once in the building, he activates the transmitter and sends the distress signal, and Paul reports that it worked.

JC is then contacted by Walton Simons, who comments what a waste of money and resources he is, and that they've activated his killswitch as well. He tells JC that he's given the troops orders to shoot him on sight. JC battles through the now-hostile UNATCO forces and makes his way back to the hotel.

Once there, JC tells Paul that it's time to go. Their conversation is interrupted when MJ12 troops storm the apartment. Both brothers battle the troops and clear out the hotel lobby, and Paul tells JC he'll have Smuggler get him out of New York afterwards. He tells JC to hurry and meet with Jock in Battery Park.

JC battles through more UNATCO troops and security bots outside, and makes his way down to the subway station. Jock relays that he has to take off from his extraction point because UNATCO troops are moving into the park.

Upon arriving at Battery Park and exiting to street level, JC finds Gunther and a large contingent of troops and heavy security bots waiting for him. Gunther says that he will make JC pay for Anna's death, but that he has orders to bring him in alive. JC surrenders...


  • Bash Brothers: JC and Paul during the hotel raid, if the player chooses to stay behind and help.
  • But Thou Must!: Played straight and averted.
    • There is no option to betray Paul and help UNATCO instead, even though it appears that there's a possible way to do this (if the player has been loyal to UNATCO [killed Lebedev themselves], finds the datapad and goes back to Paul, the brothers will have a conversation where JC admits that UNATCO isn't perfect but he'll keep supporting them). This is a remnant of an unused subplot where the player could have remained loyal to UNATCO.
    • Paul tells you to escape from the hotel while he holds off the attacking MJ12 troops. However, there's nothing stopping the player from helping Paul and escaping out the front door. If the player exits out the front door instead of the window, Paul remains alive regardless of whether JC is knocked out anytime between the point he exits the hotel and reaches the Battery Park subway station.
    • This also holds true for Jock, who orders both of you to get to Battery Park so that he can pick both of you up, despite dropping you on top of the hotel at the start of the mission and seemingly having nothing that's stopping you from getting back up the ladder with him immediately (Jock's excuse being that Paul's "hurt pretty bad" and seemingly incapable of climbing). This would have made more sense in the Dummied Out opening, where Jock would have dropped you in Battery Park to begin with and remained while you headed into the city, seemingly because it was a safer option than going into Hell's Kitchen again. In the event that Paul survives the 'Ton Hotel raid and goes to complete his "unfinished business" in the city, there's also nothing stopping Jock from flying back to the hotel and picking up JC again, yet he demands JC head through the subway station, then (when he arrives) claims he has to take off because troopers are moving into the park.
  • Comically Missing the Point: JC can eavesdrop on a pair of UNATCO troopers scrubbing files in the NSF headquarters, who discuss Simons' "altruism":
    Soldier #1: Don't you know what a philanthropist is?
    Soldier #2: Yeah, like Nietzche.
    Soldier #1: No, a philanthropist. Giving to charity.
    Soldier #2: Oh.
  • Developer's Foresight:
    • Jordan Shea will have alternate dialogue if you wait until after the confrontation with Jojo at the 'Ton to speak to her. If the Rentons are still alive and reunited after the confrontation, Jordan will praise JC for "giving a damn" about them.
    • When you go perform the NSF transmitter mission for Paul, it's possible to kill all the friendly UNATCO troops in your way. Doing so will net you different dialogue after you activate the transmitter from Walton Simons, who says he always knew you were a traitor like your brother. If you do only non-lethal takedowns before you activate the transmitter, his dialogue changes very slightly to acknowledge this. Additionally, if you try to send the distress signal without rotating the satellite dish (which shouldn't be possible because the door to the console where you can activate the signal doesn't open until you rotate the dish), Paul tells you to go back to the other room and do it correctly.
    • If the player goes to the Underworld Tavern or Smuggler's after escaping the raid on the 'Ton Hotel (despite having no reason to do so), the characters will have extra dialogue reacting to the raid and telling JC to get out of Hell's Kitchen immediately.
  • Dull Surprise:
    • The prostitute (Sally) standing outside the Hell's Kitchen subway station calmly remarks that "those guys are trying to kill you" after JC fights his way out of the hotel.
    • If Anna was killed in the Airfield, JC brings up Lebedev's Wham Line about both Denton brothers have fake parents. Neither JC nor Paul are surprised at this revelation, with the latter even commenting that he suspected as much.
  • Dummied Out:
    • Enough cut and semi-accessible content exists to suggest that the original plan for the level would have seen JC begin in Battery Park again, as in the previous two missions. Numerous lines are cut in this mission pertaining to UNATCO troops and junkies in the park, with Jock having unique lines where he tells you he can't go anywhere without Paul after dropping you off in the park. Should you use cheats or exploits to get past the Inescapable Ambush in the park at the end of the level and reach his helicopter, Jock will give you the lines he would have had at the beginning of the mission.
    • There's a bit of content referencing the fact that JC could have remained loyal to UNATCO. The game hints at an option to refuse activating the transmitter (which leads to a mournful conversation between Paul and JC about UNATCO, then becomes a But Thou Must! situation).
    • There's also a semi-hidden conversation between a pair of homeless people just outside the station (talking about the effects of the Grey Death) that is only accessible either by using boxes to block off Gunther from interrupting while the two people talk, or using an Invisibility Aug and listening to them. In the GMDX and Shifter mods, the two NPCs are relocated to the alleyway beside the Underworld Tavern during the visit, so the player can listen to them at their leisure.
    • Unused dialogue mentioned in the text files reveals an alternate ending to the JoJo confrontation — if Gilbert is killed and JoJo is alive, Sandra will not run away, but will start crying instead. JoJo awkwardly attempts to console her before asking, and eventually demanding, she go back to work, hitting her as a response. In the final product, Sandra will run away if Gilbert and/or JoJo are killed.
  • Elite Mooks: The MJ12 commandoes. To note, they carry weapons that the player never gets access to in normal gameplay, and can soak up more damage before going down.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: You can never avoid being taken to the MJ12 base after you send the distress signal. Even if you manage to somehow avoid the battle in Battery Park when Gunther tries to pick you up, there are invisible walls preventing you from reaching Jock's helicopter, and if you somehow manage to get past those, Jock still refuses to leave without Paul. Scrambling the brown robot behind Gunther shows that both are also invulnerable.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Jock claims that Paul is "hurt pretty bad", and incapable of climbing up the ladder on the outside of the 'Ton Hotel to his helicopter. Despite that, once the chips are down and MJ12 raids the apartment, Paul turns out to be an absolute beast in combat (notwithstanding the fact that he is immortal in the vanilla version), wiping out everyone in his path before calmly telling JC that he has some business to take care of before leaving the city.
  • Government Conspiracy: UNATCO (and the United Nations in general) is actually a front for Majestic 12, a secret group that is quickly becoming a global shadow government. It is heavily implied that they control the European Union as well. This is all part of the larger Conspiracy Kitchen Sink.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Paul offers to do this to give JC time to escape. It's up to the player whether or not they should take his advice or fight alongside him and escape out the front door.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight:
    • Everything between escaping the hotel and meeting Gunther and his group at Battery Park. The moment you are "killed", you will be imprisoned so the plot can advance. And you can't beat Gunther because he's immortal.
    • In the unused content involving Schick (if he's been rescued), he will comment that "if UNATCO doesn't want you to escape, you won't escape", even Foreshadowing exactly what UNATCO plans to do to JC (capture — but not kill — him, because they want to question him about Paul's activities), which turns out to be completely correct.
  • Hope Spot: If the JoJo confrontation is solved in the opportune fashion (Gilbert is given a gun and lands the killing blow on him), Sandra will offer to stick around the hotel and Gilbert will express optimism that things might start to get better. Then MJ12 shows up minutes later and blasts the place apart during the raid on Paul's apartment.
  • Inescapable Ambush: Both in the 'Ton Hotel and while exiting the Battery Park Subway Station.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Ambient dialogue from UNATCO troops at the NSF headquarters suggests that Walton Simons and/or Bob Page have acted as a benefactor for UNATCO, if not the entirety of the U.S. government.
  • Plausible Deniability: The UNATCO troopers are ostensibly "securing data" from the NSF headquarters to get more intel, but in actuality, are attempting to cover their tracks by scrubbing sensitive data after Paul managed to steal accounting records and details involving Manderley's corruption.
  • Sequence Breaking:
    • When returning to Paul's apartment, the attacking Men in Black troopers are triggered by entering conversation with Paul. Savvy players can lace the hallway (and the hotel lobby) with proximity mines before triggering the sequence. They barely get two words out before being blown to hell.
    • It's also possible to hide in Paul's secret computer room while Paul himself (who is conveniently invincible) will mow down all the MJ12 goons. This makes it much easier to get to the subway station, as a large chunk of the enemy resistance has been taken care of.
  • Trap Is the Only Option: Paul's apartment will always be attacked by MJ12 during the plot — the only variable is whether Paul will live or die (based on the player's actions during the raid).
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: You can either give Gilbert a weapon (and let him be killed by JoJo, should you not intervene) or execute both of them, leaving Sandra equal parts heartbroken at her father's death and angry at JC for letting him die. She then flees the hotel. Of course, there's nothing stopping the player from shooting all three of them and claiming it's an accident later.
  • Villain Respect: In the event that you've killed or knocked-out all the UNATCO troops at the warehouse before activating the transmitter, Simons will comment that "you've won this round", then tells him to enjoy it — because he's just activated his killswitch.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Two of the UNATCO soldiers in the NSF headquarters mention how Walton Simons is a "philanthropist" who did a lot to modernize the force (commenting that they used to be more of a peacekeeping operation).
  • Wakeup Call Boss: Potentially two in quick succession. If you didn't kill her aboard Lebedev's jet, Anna will confront JC in the Battery Park subway station and try to kill him. If the player manages to get past her, they're confronted with Gunther, a platoon of hostile troops and heavy security bots in a Hopeless Boss Fight (if you don't surrender).
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Sandra freaks out at JC if her father is killed by Jojo, and flees to parts unknown.
    • Smuggler bitches at JC about drawing in heat from UNATCO if the latter visits him after the hotel raid.
  • You All Look Familiar: The Men in Black only have one facial type.
  • You Have Failed Me: Simons' response to you sending out the distress signal is basically this.
    Simons: Denton? Walton Simons here. What an expensive mistake you turned out to be. I ordered the troops to kill you, because frankly I don't have the patience for one of those damn kill-switches to work.
  • Zerg Rush: MJ12 rushes Paul's apartment with a squad of commandos and Men in Black, ostensibly for Paul pulling a Heel–Face Turn on UNATCO.