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Recap / Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mission 07 Desperate Measures

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Mission 7:

Desperate Measures

Adam is walking into TF29 Headquarters when he is stopped by Chang, who asks him if he remembers the station bombing. After this fails to get a reaction out of him, Chang says it was a joke and explains that a woman who worked at Ruzicka Station has been trying to get in touch with Interpol because she has information on the doctored security footage. Chang thinks she might know who the bomber is, and says that only he and Adam know about the source so far.


Chang says that he hasn't told Miller yet, and asks Adam to meet the woman, named Pavla, at Stur Street.

When Adam goes to the meeting spot and sees Pavla, she laments the loss of life. She tells him that she gave the code to the station's server room to a Tarvos Security employee, and that she thinks the footage was doctored. She also admits after some coercion that the Tarvos guard bribed her to keep quiet about the bombing and donate it to the victims. Adam says he'll look into the matter further and for her to contact Chang if she has any more information.

After calling headquarters, Chang expresses his thoughts on Pavla's testimony and suggests that Adam visit the Tarvos regional office. He explains that the only access point, Terminal Station, was shut down, but unlocks the station using some hacking into the subway system.


When Adam arrives at Terminal Station, he's stopped by a pair of guards who tell him that there's a bomb scare outside and that the stairs up are blocked until further notice. He radios back to Chang, who tells him that there's an alternate access route that leads directly into the Tarvos offices. With a bit of sneaking and finesse, Adam uses an air vent to get past the barricade and into the Tarvos office's back door, knocking out several guards on his way.

Inside, he finds Tarvos guards testing out exosuits and a large number of security measures in place due to the lockdown. He disables the exosuit-wearing men and shuts off the security system before sneaking into the main offices through a vent in the infirmary. Upon exiting out, he calls Chang back to relay his position. Chang is glad to hear from him, and says that Pavla called back to give more information. He relays that she told him that the head sergeant has a high-security device on him, that his name is Whitaker, and that he's located somewhere on the mezzanine. Adam promises to make him talk before moving on.


As the intercom plays an announcement from Whitaker where he tells his men to stay vigilant during their lockdown, Adam sneaks past several guards in the break room. He exits out into the main reception area of the office and begins to work his way up. He eventually stumbles across Whitaker's office, which has a number of guns, grenades and a safe that holds a Pocket Secretary, which reveals a conversation between Whitaker and a woman named Melissa Berk. In the audio log, Melissa is panicking and telling Whitaker that his brother-in-law, Ivan Berk, was the one who caused the station bombing. Whitaker tells her that he can take care of things, and says that he knows what to do with the station's Intellicam system.

Adam takes the recording with him as he continues on, and calls Chang to relay that he found incriminating information. He asks Chang to ready a subway car for him in the event that he has to flee from the offices before hanging up. Adam eventually finds Whitaker at a desk and confronts him. Despite Whitaker's insistence that he wasn't involved in the matter, Adam shows the audio recording of him and Melissa talking about Ivan's actions. Ivan realizes that the jig is up, and reveals that it was his doing and no one else's. He tells Adam that he was just trying to protect his sister, and that Ivan was swayed by ARC after losing his job and not being able to earn money due to being an aug. Adam says he believes that ARC wasn't the real motivators behind the attack, then says that he can't do anything until Whitaker gives more information. Whitaker reveals that Ivan was visited by a large Russian man a week earlier, who he believes convinced Ivan to conduct the bombing.

Before leaving, Whitaker asks Adam to leave Melissa's name out of it, saying that she had nothing to do with it. Adam promises to leave their names out of the report, and he thanks him for his forethought. As Adam leaves, Whitaker states on the intercom that he is disappointed with his men for letting Adam slip in unnoticed, but says that the agent is to be let out without incident. He gives Adam a gift of alcohol and a Praxis Kit before he leaves.

Back at TF29, Chang asks for more details about the bomber. True to his word, Adam says that the identity of the bomber doesn't matter, because someone within ARC was acting against Rucker's ideals. They pledge to continue searching for the truth before he leaves...


  • Anti-Villain: Sergeant Whitaker. Despite running Tarvos' regional office, he is generally compassionate towards the victims of the bombing. He bribes Pavla and tells her to distribute it to the employees who were affected, and covers up Ivan Berk's involvement in order to spare his wife (Whitaker's sister) from interrogation and public humiliation. If the player confronts him with the audio recording of Whitaker's call with her, he admits that he didn't have a malicious intent and that this there is no grand conspiracy.
  • As You Know: Played for Laughs, considering that the station bombing was only a day earlier in-universe.
    Chang: Hey, remember that bombing you were in?
    Adam: (Reaction Shot) Are you trying to be funny?
  • Bag of Spilling: Though the mission itself takes place somewhere in the first third of the game, the player doesn't retain any of the augs they unlocked from the main campaign (though you get several Praxis Kits to spend right off the bit, slightly averting this).
  • Corrupt Cop: Subverted. Though Whitaker did hide evidence of the station bombing in order to avoid identifying Berk, he only did so to protect his sister (who is also Berk's wife), and gave money to Pavla to distribute to the bombing victims. When Adam calls him out on his actions, he admits that he was just looking out for the ones he loved and never wanted to be malicious.
  • Driven to Suicide: If the option is chosen to "ruin" Whitaker's reputation at the end of the mission by making Adam promise to name names in his report, Whitaker will shoot himself as soon as the latter leaves his office.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Although the mission takes place comparatively early in the storyline, unlocking any of the TITAN augs doesn't overload the player's system like in the main game.
  • Hypocrite: Whitaker yells at Adam for insinuating that Tarvos "works with terrorists". As anyone who's played Human Revolution knows, Belltower was one of the main antagonists in the game, which knowingly worked with shadowy parties (like the Illuminati) and groups like the Harvesters before reforming as Tarvos.
  • Not Quite Dead: Due to Adam and the Juggernaut Collective's actions at Rifleman Bank Station, Belltower's atrocities were exposed and the company folded. However, the remnants of the organziation reformed and rebranded itself as Tarvos Security, which (while not as out-and-out villainous as its predecessor) still conducts shady acts, including the hiding of information related to police investigations.
  • The Reveal: Tarvos covered up the Prazicka Station bombing because Sergeant Whitaker's brother-in-law, Ivan Berk, was swayed to ARC's side and became a terrorist.
  • Toilet Humour: A Tarvos guard can be seen grunting in pain in the washroom as he tries to urinate, and lamenting that "the bloody thing won't come out!"
  • Tragic Villain: Ivan has shades of this. He was eventually swayed by ARC due to having little money, no job prospects and a stigma against him because he was augmented. His actions cause his wife to panic until his brother offers to hide the evidence because it would bring shame to her, in a subversion of the Corrupt Cop trope.


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