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Recap / Dennis The Menace 1986 S 1 E 63

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The sixty-third episode of the first season of Dennis the Menace (1986).

Heroes Unwelcome

While Dennis is shopping at a grocery store, a purse snatcher strikes. But Ruff is able to collar the criminal and is awarded a medal for heroism. The fame goes to the dog's head as he prefers to eat Henry's steak instead of his own dog food and changes the TV channel to watch his favorite dog show. But the following day, another dog gets awarded a hero's medal for rescuing kids from a building fire. A dejected Ruff buries his medal and brings Henry his slippers in the morning, once again becoming the dog the Mitchells know and love.


The Martians Are Coming

PeeBee's uncle Frank allows Dennis and friends to record a show at his radio station. But they unwittingly activate the radio broadcast, leading the town to believe they're being invaded by space aliens. Among the panicked town folk is Mr. Wilson, whom upon running out into the woods, encounter real aliens marching toward invasion. The two sides scare each other off, with the aliens retreating back to their UFO's, returning to their home planet. A triumphant Mr. Wilson returns home telling Dennis and friends of his success, leaving them wondering how he makes up some grand tales.

Ancient Olympics

Dennis' Grandpa Johnson, a former Olympic athlete, brags that he's still in good shape and challenges Mr. Wilson to a series of events in the neighborhood. The end results are disappointing for both as neither man is able to win, with the kids deciding an overall draw. The two men shake hands, but while the Mitchells await for Grandpa Johnson to arrive for dinner, he and Wilson are still in their handshake waiting for one to tell the other he's the better athlete.


"Heroes Unwelcome" provides examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: The name of the thief that Ruff catches is Supermarket Sam.
  • Acquired Situational Narcissism: When Ruff is awarded a medal for heroism, he lets fame go to his head, preferring to eat Henry's steak instead of his own dog food and changing the channel to his favorite dog show, Bow Wow Rides Again. He also turns down the chance to star in a commercial for his once-favorite dog food brand for $3,000.00. Ruff thankfully goes back to his normal self when he sees a news report where another dog gets awarded an even bigger medal for rescuing kids from a burning building.
  • Iris Out: This episode ends with one on Ruff licking Dennis when the latter assures the former that he'll always be a hero to him.
  • Stock "Yuck!": When Dennis has to shop for Alice, he is not happy when he finds out that she wants him to buy turnips, spinach, and broccoli.

"The Martians Are Coming" provides examples of:

"Ancient Olympics" provides examples of:


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