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Recap / Dennis The Menace 1986 S 1 E 26

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The twenty-sixth episode of the first season of Dennis the Menace (1986).

Mummy's Little Boy

While Dennis and Margaret are playing doctor and nurse with Joey as their patient, he gets wrapped up in too many bandages and causes the other kids to panic when they think he's a mummy. Joey is spotted by an ambulance and is taken to the hospital, mistakenly believing he's a patient. Dennis and Margaret follow in hopes of helping him escape and cause havoc when they get there.


Horsing Around

While Dennis and Tommy are skateboarding in the countryside, they encounter a horse who takes a liking to Dennis and follows him home. The horse's owner tracks them down and allows Dennis to train him for the upcoming Hometown Derby, where Margaret is racing a horse as well. On the day of the race, it starts to rain, which helps Dennis overcome the odds against him since Horace loves to run in the mud, enabling them to win the derby. Dennis not only gets the championship, but a faceful of mud as well when Margaret throws some at him

Dennis Plasters Pamplona

The Mitchell family visits Pamplona, Spain where Dennis learns about the running of the bulls. He meets a cattle herder who shows him the bullpen where they're being held in preparation for the running the following day. However, Dennis sets them free and they run amok a day early. Henry gets caught in the premature running and finds himself in the role of matador at the arena before Dennis lures them out. To his parents' shock, he's able to calm them down by feeding them desserts from an ice cream cart!


"Mummy's Little Boy" provides examples of:

  • Bandage Mummy: Joey gets wrapped in bandages and ends up looking like a mummy in this episode.
  • Totem Pole Trench: To get Joey out of the hospital, Dennis and Margaret dress as a doctor, with Margaret on top, and Dennis on the bottom. Dennis doesn't blow their cover until they find Joey.
    Dennis: Let's make this fast. You weigh a ton!
    Margaret: I do not!

"Horsing Around" provides examples of:


"Dennis Plasters Pamplona" provides examples of:


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